My holidays

At the first day of school holidays which was Monday I woke up early for some reason. I didn’t want to go back to sleep so I just turned on the T.V and played my phone, sometimes I turn on the T.V and don’t watch it for some reason. After 1 hour my mum woke up. She wasn’t surprised and started to cook breakfast. Then the rest of my family woke up and started to eat with me. After we played outside and we always get hurt because we don’t have grass, so my dad decided we should go to the park. We agreed and my mum stayed so when we get back we will eat lunch. Once we went back my mum cooked some food and we ate it. It was delicious. After we watched played our phones and laptops until we ate dinner which was chicken. Then I was sleepy but we still watched a movie, then we all went to sleep. Through the week nothing happened much.ON Friday we were going to our friends house at night so we just had a normal day and then we had to rush to go there because we forgot about it, I had a match the next day and I didn’t even sleep early. But on Saturday we had a match it was a hard team I think it was the challenge cup but I couldn’t remember we won and we were tired. ON Sunday that was the day that we always wake up early for church but then my parents and I accidentally slept in and we just ate food and watched T.V. In the second week I can’t remember that much but I do remember when I watched Cars 3 for my baby sister in Elizabeth , it was boring but my mum said we could go to the arcade. We played all lot of games and we won 260 tickets. ON Saturday we had another game and we won the team was Salisbury east and they were easy. After we went to eat lunch and we went to the a restaurant, it was tiny but also the food was good. Then we went home stayed up for a long time. On Sunday we were late for church and we didn’t have time to go to our usual church. So we went to a church called victory church it was giant. After we ate at the same restaurant because the food was delicious and we ate the same things we ate before. After we went home and played for the last time, and then we went to sleep.

Camp reflection

The best part of Camp ?

The best part of camp is when we went into the gym and when we did the activities in the gym. My favourite parts of the gym was when we tried to do the uneven bars. The uneven bars is when a person swings on a bar and swings again to hang on another bar. Also my favourite activity in the gym is when the kids had to get all the foam out of the pit, and then we had to put the foam back in. My other favourite part of the gym is when we played hide and seek on the last day. I won the first round of the game but in the second round Nam won. My other favourite in the camp is the cave expedition. Before we went to the cave the Man who was taking us to the cave was telling us about the river and whats good for the animals. Also he said that the river used to have different animals in the past. In the cave we had to take our  jackets off because the cave was hot inside and it was kind of  hard to breath. In the cave we got to find fossils and I found one near the walls, the walls were looking like bigger fossils but we weren’t allowed to touch them. Once we were getting out there were ways to get out of the cave. A hard way or a easy way, I took the hard way and it was pretty hard because we had to crawl though on our chest and we got dusty. Once we got out of the boat I dropped my fossil into the river. I was sad but not that much, we followed the man into some trees and told us to make a house made out of sticks. I don’t know what it was called but it was fun, My job was to break sticks and give it to the people who were making the stick house. After we went back to the camp and took a picture of us. Finally we got on the bus and ate lunch in a park in a small town.


What I’m doing on the weekends and today

Today after school I am going home and after that I am going to the cinemas to watch transformers with my family and friends.

On Saturday, First I have to wake up early for my match against ingle farm, there team has never been defeated. The team is going to be hard. Then I will buy the groceries with my mu m and family, after that We will got to the city but I think we won’t buy anything. Next we are staying home and going to eat lunch and dinner.

On Sunday I have to wake up really early for church like always. Next when church is done we might eat lunch at McDonalds or eat at a restaurant. Then we will stay home and might watch a movie that my dad downloaded from his phone or tablet. After we will eat dinner with chicken or something else that includes cooked meat.

What I did on the weekend

In the weekend I woke up early but not that early for my game against Tee tree gully. When the match was finished we won eleven Neal. The team was easy, then we stopped at hungry jacks to eat lunch but we ate it really quickly. We went to my brothers game against a team that I don’t know. But my brothers team won eight Neal, after we went home and relaxed and I went on my laptop, until we went to the cinemas with our friends to watch Despicable me 3. The movie was funny and was about them losing and getting there jobs back.

On Sunday I didn’t wake up early for church because we accidentally slept in. We were late and was also late for breakfast so we had to eat brunch. After I stayed in eating popcorn and watching movies while eating more popcorn. I played on my laptop and played all day. I ate dinner early and sat down for a while. After our dad left to go work and was going to come back at 5:00.

My plans for the weekends and The assembly

In Saturday I a have to wake up early as usual for my soccer match against Tee tree gully. Then I would go to the shops to buy the groceries with my mum. Later I might be staying home and just watching TV or my friends might invite us to there house and stay there until night. Then after that it might be 10:00 to 12:00 so we might be going home and sleep.

ON Sunday I have to wake up early like always for church. In church I have to write about what I liked about the camp I went to with my church. After church we might be going to the city and might by clothes or more groceries. At the city we might eat lunch there and go home. Then we would eat dinner and like to hours later we might sleep.

I. think the assembly was great because it was about fish and to care about them, and to not litter in the ocean. My favourite part is when they showed there favourite type of  fish and when they showed there research with the buddies. I also liked how they did a dance about the ocean, mostly I like the  songs in the assembly.


My Weekend

In my weekend I went camping with my church to Mylor baptist camp which was really far away from my house. In the camp we went night hiking and singing songs at night, and eat yummy food which was based on Thailand because the camp theme was About Thailand. We had chicken wraps for lunch and toast bread for breakfast, we had meatballs for dinner as well. At the camp there was an indoor pool that was really good because it is heated and not dirty. At the camp we got to play capture the flag and we got to play sports like basketball and soccer. The camp was great and once we went home we passed the tree in Bolivar road that a man smashed into with his car. Next to the tree there was flowers from friends and family to remember him. The crash was on the news and was pretty serious. Once we got home we went to sleep because it was night.

What Im doing on the weekend and Assembly

On Saturday I’m waking up really early for camp which I’m going to with my church. We stay there from Saturday to Monday and while were in the camp we write what we like and what camp is all about. We are going to Mylar baptist camp. All the baptist churches in South Australia is going there. In the camp there is all lot of activities and stuff to do in the camp.

I think the assembly was great and was a bit funny. My favourite part is when they said the Kaurna words to the school and when the school tried to say the words back. My other favourite part was when the did the dance with the school and when they read the story about the bird. I liked how they read some part of the book and show videos related to it. I  really like this assembly because it is related to the language of the fortnight.


Weekend blog

On the weekend I didn’t wake up early for my game because I didn’t have a game, only my brother had a game but it was in the afternoon. We ate lunch and breakfast at the same time because we were late even though the game was at noon, The team was undefeated and they were hard. The other team scored and them my brothers team scored two goals back. After the game we went to the shops to buy our dinner and eat it early. At six o clock  we ate dinner and went to the movies to watch Wonder Woman. It was funny and really exciting. When we ere done watching it was already midnight. We didn’t sleep we went to the original pancake kitchen. After that we went home and slept.

On Sunday we went to church but we went early as always. After we ate lunch at our house and went to our friends house, we stayed there for a while and ate dinner and played. Somebody vomited in the house but felt better anyway, I went to my friends room and started playing mini basketball with a mini hoop. AT the house we ate a lot of gummies and couldn’t sleep when we got home.

Weekend blog

On the Saturday I woke up at 8:00 Am for my soccer game, this game I had to win because it was the game that make us go to round 2. Once I go dressed and took a shower we went straight away. Once we got there we warmed up and started to get in our positions and started to play. Once the whistle blew we won 9 Neal, it was great because we were onto the next round. After we went home and stayed there until and watched six movies. Then we ate dinner and went to sleep.

On Sunday I woke really early like always because we went to church. Once we got there we were late. After that we went shopping at Marion shopping centre and we were there until 3:45. After we went harbour town and bought a lot of stuff. But my mum was buying and the rest of our family were at the playground. Then we went home and it was 7:12 and we decided to eat at a restaurant. The food was good and there were a lot of police eating there, and then we went home and watched movies until 9:00. We brushed our teeth and went to sleep. At night I was listening to the radio and I didn’t sleep for a while, I was rolling and rolling until I went to sleep.