Saturday, on Saturday I woke up late because we got knocked out in the cup so we missed out on the grand final. But my brother still had to go because he was runner up division 2 so he had to take pictures or something like that, once we got there we sat down watching peoples games because we were really early. I saw Jonas, Nati and ┬ámore people from school. 30 minutes before my brother was going to take photos or win a medal my baby sister and I played at the playground. She only wanted to play on the tunnel for 10 minutes because she didn’t find out the climbing thing, then she played there until my brother finished. After my brother was done we bought a sausage and a drink because we were hungry and we didn’t eat anything there. Once we were done eating and drinking we we went home and stayed there for the rest of the day, but we also ate pizza for dinner.

Sunday, on Sunday we didn’t really wake up early because we were already late for church so we went to another church were we have been for a few times. When church was done we went to Hollywood plaza and bought groceries, then we went to my favourite restaurant and ate our lunch there. After that we went home but my dad and mum went to get a massage and Adrian, Angela and I stayed home but my sister slept all day. Once they came back it was 7:00 pm and they left at 3 to 4 o’clock. Finally we ate noodles for dinner and went to sleep a few minutes later.

Outdoor education day blog

The outdoor education day was fun because we learned new things and tried new things. My least favourite part about the day was when we did the playground warrior, it was the best thing because we went outside of school but there was better things what I did inside of school. The second least favourite part is making the tents, the making tents was really good but unfortunately I was the one blind folded and I still had to make a tent blind folded. But luckily I still had fun with my group. My second favourite part is the Scavenger hunt, when I found everything on the list, this friend of mine went with me and started looking at trees. We kept on pulling the hard parts of the tree and we saw something crawling and we thought it was a lizard or something else but I didn’t know what to call it, then we found a spider I slightly touched it but my friend just put it in the bag and a few minutes later he put it back in the wild. My favourite part is the AFL 9s because it was a fun game and that was my first game of AFL. I got to play as a forward, centre and a back. I liked the rules about you have to get a mark to score. Overall it was great and I enjoyed the activities while learning something.

Guided reading interesting facts about Japan

  1. The biggest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji, it is 100 kilometres away from Tokyo.
  2. Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world with hotels, tall buildings and more in it, it holds around 12 million people.
  3. Martial arts is in Japan for centuries, some martial arts don’t use weapons such as Judo when you have to push them out or pin them to the ground. Also Karate it actually means empty hands.

My weekend

Saturday, on Saturday it was our last game of the season since we got knocked out of the challenge cup. IN our last game we drew 1-1 against ingle farm and they were happy about it because last time we bet them 3-2. After the game my coach told us we were going to the park with the rest of the team tomorrow, so I bought a hotdog and went to my brothers game. After my brothers game we went to a birthday party at inflatable world with my brother, it was fun and then we went to a playground at semaphore. WE stayed at semaphore with our friends until night and went Home at around 8:00 and played a little until we went to sleep.

Sunday, on Sunday we woke up late and quickly went to church, church was finishing early on that Sunday so we went to KFC and bought some chicken. Then we went to the park with our team and ate lunch there but we played soccer until 3:00. Since it was so hot we went home so did the other team and stayed there until we ate dinner. After we ate dinner we played and stayed up a bit more and then went to sleep at 10:00.


I wonder

I wonder if the world will end in a few years or longer ?

I wonder why the world created school ?

I wonder if my friends are really my friends ??

I wonder why some people re robbers ?

I wonder laptops could be made out of other stuff ?

I wonder if normal objects have a life ?

I wonder why the world got created ?

I wonder why God couldn’t have made us animals not humans ?

Who is my neighbour ?

My neighbour is everyone one in the entire world. People like old people,smalll people, tall people, and more people in other countries. MY neighbours are my relatives my friends, my school friends and the guy that usually rides his bike near my house. But I never even say hi.


The assembly was great because I was based on a book that got turned into an assembly, it talked about the Good Samaritan story and how we could be like him. My first favourite part is the introduction because it was a dog that hated the robot cleaning thing, and then he wanted to play with him. My second favourite part is the Good Samaritan clip when the ids told the story about him. My third favourite part is when they showed there self portrait of there buddies that they drew, my least favourite part is the dance, I didn’t like the dance because it was bad and embarrassing when people do that type of stuff like dancing singing and doing those things ant the same time.

Weekend blog

Saturday, on Saturday I woke up late and had to hurry up for my game and the team we were versing was easy because last time we bet them 11 Neal, so after the game we bet them 5 Neal. Then we ate at my favourite restaurant, then we went looking for a new house. After we had to choices and we still had to think about it as well. We were also getting a new car but that was coming on Thursday, and then we got some ice cream in Semaphore beach and played on the park and playground. After we went to the playground I eyes and legs were itchy from the grass and I washed myself but then we just went to our friends house until 11 o’ clock. Then we went home and slept

Sunday, on Sunday we went to church early and we had to stay there another hour because my dad had a meeting about something, so while we were there we ate Mc Donald. Then we went looking for another house with our family friends but the houses were bad. After we were going to clean the house but we had to go to a party. At the party we were planning the surprise so when they were about to go to the house we were going to sing them a song, a few hours later we were still and the party and we were playing the Ps3 and I bet my brother on Fifa by annoying him. After we had to go home so my brother quickly stole a chicken when we were coming out of the house. After we still got to pay our laptops for 30 minutes, then we went to sleep but we still stayed up until 11 o’, clock or maybe more then that.


Todays assembly was good because it was about the future and jobs in the future, my first favourite part about the assembly was then part when the students folded the school there future job and how they wanted the job in primary school. My second favourite part was when they did the dance in the start about growing or something like that, but the song was pretty catchy. My third favourite part is the running part of the assembly and the work about it with the pop sticks and stuff. My last favourite part is the line art because it started of good and then two people bumped into each other which made it worse. Overall the assembly was great this year.


Weekend blog

On the weekend I woke up early but I didn’t have game because we got knocked out of the challenge cup by a division one team. So I watched T.V until we ate breakfast, after that I played my laptop until 5 to 5 30 to go to a babies party. The baby was turning two and it was held in Crocs play centre. Which was for babies. Once we got there we went on the playground and act mature. But after one minute we started playing around like little kids. After the party we planned to go to the Adelaide show the next day, so we went home and went to sleep.

On Sunday, on Sunday I went to church early and we had to stay there another forty minutes because of a meeting. After we went to Mc Donald for lunch and I ate some nuggets. After we spent 5 minutes trying to find some parking so we could go to the Adelaide show. Then it started to rain and my sister was getting a face paint so once she was done we went to the show bags but we wasted another 5 minutes finding my brother because he was lost. After we got him we went to buy show bags, I bought a giant lollypop show bag with a inflated base ball bat. Also a FC Barcelona jacket with Lionel mess’s signature on the back of it. After we went to the rides which were the best parts. I went on the thunder bolt, the crazy coaster, big dipper and a haunted house. After it was pretty dark and we ate some food. I think it was our dinner because the food we ate was big but I don’t think we ate dinner at all. After we bought some popcorn and drinks for the fire works and stunts, but it started tor ain again so we missed out on the drone racing and the motorbike stunts. Finally we saw the fire works and went home because it was raining even more.

Assembly blog

Todays assembly was good because it was about steam but tit stranded for Support, teamwork, engagement, active and mate ship. My favourite part about the assembly was the introduction because they were in the green screen doing whatever they did. My second favourite part was when they showed the six letter stories, it was creepy and confusing and I liked it when they said the school was big and old. My third favourite part about the assembly was when mr white talked about the assembly and the NAPLAN. My least favourite part was there virtual reality. Th mr white talk was better than virtual reality because the VR set didn’t look anything like a normal one, and the TV didn’t show what the people the three people were doing in real life. But my even most least favourite part was the Aerobics because it was tight and squishy for people to actually stretch or something.