My weekend

Friday, after school we had to do a lot of chores since we were going to victor harbour to visit my dad because he was on long work, and also my baby sisters birthday. Once we go there it was already night time and we ate dinner which was fish. After dinner I met some of my friends who visited there dad as well.  We did truth or dare and we went to sleep after.

Saturday, on Saturday I woke up early to watch Australia vs Honduras but I didn’t watch all of it since I was playing with my friends out side. We ate breakfast really late and then we played some more on the jumping pillow. After a while we planned on going to the pool but the problem was we didn’t know the water was cold. Once we got in I jumped but the rest didn’t I was freezing and once my baby sister went in the water she didn’t want to swim anymore. It was remembrance day but also my baby sisters birthday. When we were done I got ready to go to the restaurant for my baby sisters birthday. When we got there it took for ever for the food to come but when it did we were hungry. After that we went outside to the park and did some races and I kept on coming fourth out of my friends. After we stayed up late I watched 22 jump street.

Sunday, on Sunday we missed out on church since we weren’t at our house right now. We woke up early as well and we went to the pool agains Ince we couldn’t go to the beach. We stayed there of r a long time and we played last man standing. After we ate lunch and we played but we were really bored so we went to my friends cabin. After that we went to the playground and played sharks and it was nearly night so we went to eat dinner. Dinner was really yummy but unfortunately we had to leave. Once we got home it was late and we had to sleep and it took me forever since I already slept in the squishy car.

Assembly blog

The assembly today was pretty good because it was from 5/6 DE and the idea was great. My favourite part is the part when they did the Photo shop and the fist thing because it was really creative and really interesting. My second favourite part I the soccer because they showed team work and hard work while having fun. The holy family tube was good but it didn’t look that real. My third favourite is the dance, it was only good because I saw everyone in front of me doing it either wrong or in a weird way. My least favourite part is the puns. Once I saw they were doing puns I was getting ready but when I heard them say it I didn’t ant to hear it, especially the second part of the puns. Overall the assembly was great and it was really creative but mostly it was a bit better than other assembly’s.

My weekend

Saturday, on Saturday I was sick and I normally woke up in the morning and started to watch T.V the only person that had work in my family was my dad since he always has work. I watched T.V until it was breakfast which was pretty tasty but I don’t know what it was. I watched T.V  until it was lunch then my mum told my brother and I that visitors were coming so we went to our rooms and played our laptops. Then we had to move to the play  room since our friends were coming to our house as well. Once they left we moved back into the living room and our dad came back. When it was dinner I only ate a little bit because I didn’t feel well. Then we played some more and went to sleep.

Sunday, on Sunday I woke up early for church because church always started early. After church we went to pepper lunch which was in the city, and you had to cook your own. So they made the plate super hot then you had to cook the meat and rice on it to eat it since it was still raw. After that we got groceries and went home. Once we were home it was dark and I played my laptops. Once we ate dinner I ate a little bit as well since I didn’t feel to good at that time. After we played a little more and then we went to sleep.

Assembly blog

Today’s assembly was really fun because it was about character strengths and talents. My favourite part is the jokes, mostly because it was about skeletons which was pretty funny. My favourite Joke was what doesn’t a ghost need in his house…… a LIVING room. My second favourite part was the Rubric’s cube but I already knew was going to win because they just said William was the champion in the class. My third favourite part was the perseverance thing when they showed there talents and got better at it. My least favourite part is the ukulele song because they didn’t sing at the beat and I didn’t even hear the song at all. Overall the assembly was great but it was kind of like the little big shots assembly from last week because they were showing there talents but in a different way. I also liked the animation since it was also funny.

Weekend blog

Friday, on Friday after school I went home and waited for my parents to come. Once they came they told me the we were going to watch Thor Ragnarok. All of my family friends were coming. We got ready to go to the cinema and it was at Parabanks. Once we got there all our friends were early and they were already inside cinema 1. When we were done buying tickets, popcorn and drinks we went to inside. The cinema was much bigger and the seats were reclines and the screen was even bigger than usual. I think our parents bought the expensive cinema for a reason because last time we went to the cinema it was really squishy. Once the movie started it was really funny and the whole movie was funny. But in the middle of the movie I had to go toilet but I didn’t know which room was the toilet, so I checked every room for the toilet and some rooms were other cinema’s which I didn’t notice but I avoided the ones that had a weird sign. Once I found it, it was at the end of the building and then I went back to the cinema. Once the movie was done it was 12:00 am and we quickly went home.

Saturday, on Saturday I woke up late which was weird for me and I heard my parents over talking about going to our friends house for lunch. Then I quickly got up because I liked going to my friends house all the time. After we got ready to go there and we quickly ate some breakfast. Before we go there we bought some frozen mountain dews, a frozen coke and a chicken box from KFC to share. When we got there we waited for the food to be ready. Once the food was ready we ate a lot of food and us kids watched some scary stories and some were actually true, which I hate. In the middle of a scary episode my parents called us and told us were going to look at houses. It took a couple of minutes for us to get there but when we did the houses from the inside and outside looked really good. I looked at half the houses and then our family friends came to look at houses as well. But the kids went to the playground and so did I. Once my parents were done we went to a birthday party with some friends of my parents and our family friends came as well. Once the party was done we were tired out from playing chase in the dark. Once we went home we went to sleep.

Sunday, on Sunday we woke up early and went to church. We went to church early since my mum and dad had to help with the church. But when the church was done we stayed a little because we ate lunch there. After that my mum and I went groceries together and the rest of the family stayed in the car. After we went to hungry jacks and ordered some food but only for us. My brother and I ordered the new frozen Jumbo which is much bigger than the large frozen coke. It was big but we managed to drink it all up. Then we went to our friends house again and watched the scary episodes. Then we got bored and played soccer on the roads, but that didn’t’t last long since I kicked the ball high and landed on a neighbours car so that was that. After my brother and I payed FIFA but he won all the games. Once we got tired and then went home.

Assembly blog

Today’s assembly was great and it was all about the show little big shots which is a show for little kids who have cool talents. With no judge or competition just them. So the assembly was basically the show but only kids from the classes. My favourite act was the dance because it wasn’t good but it was funny. My second favourite is the soccer because it was cool and they showed some tricks. My third favourite act is the class dance because it was pretty simple and also because I saw some people at the bar who were acting lazy which was pretty funny. My least favourite is the skipping ropes because they were just skipping and then shaking the rope but the next part when they did the big skipping rope was nice because I can’t even do that myself. But the rest of the little big shots assembly was good.


Saturday, on Saturday I woke up late because we got knocked out in the cup so we missed out on the grand final. But my brother still had to go because he was runner up division 2 so he had to take pictures or something like that, once we got there we sat down watching peoples games because we were really early. I saw Jonas, Nati and  more people from school. 30 minutes before my brother was going to take photos or win a medal my baby sister and I played at the playground. She only wanted to play on the tunnel for 10 minutes because she didn’t find out the climbing thing, then she played there until my brother finished. After my brother was done we bought a sausage and a drink because we were hungry and we didn’t eat anything there. Once we were done eating and drinking we we went home and stayed there for the rest of the day, but we also ate pizza for dinner.

Sunday, on Sunday we didn’t really wake up early because we were already late for church so we went to another church were we have been for a few times. When church was done we went to Hollywood plaza and bought groceries, then we went to my favourite restaurant and ate our lunch there. After that we went home but my dad and mum went to get a massage and Adrian, Angela and I stayed home but my sister slept all day. Once they came back it was 7:00 pm and they left at 3 to 4 o’clock. Finally we ate noodles for dinner and went to sleep a few minutes later.

Outdoor education day blog

The outdoor education day was fun because we learned new things and tried new things. My least favourite part about the day was when we did the playground warrior, it was the best thing because we went outside of school but there was better things what I did inside of school. The second least favourite part is making the tents, the making tents was really good but unfortunately I was the one blind folded and I still had to make a tent blind folded. But luckily I still had fun with my group. My second favourite part is the Scavenger hunt, when I found everything on the list, this friend of mine went with me and started looking at trees. We kept on pulling the hard parts of the tree and we saw something crawling and we thought it was a lizard or something else but I didn’t know what to call it, then we found a spider I slightly touched it but my friend just put it in the bag and a few minutes later he put it back in the wild. My favourite part is the AFL 9s because it was a fun game and that was my first game of AFL. I got to play as a forward, centre and a back. I liked the rules about you have to get a mark to score. Overall it was great and I enjoyed the activities while learning something.

Guided reading interesting facts about Japan

  1. The biggest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji, it is 100 kilometres away from Tokyo.
  2. Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world with hotels, tall buildings and more in it, it holds around 12 million people.
  3. Martial arts is in Japan for centuries, some martial arts don’t use weapons such as Judo when you have to push them out or pin them to the ground. Also Karate it actually means empty hands.