BTN Response: Electric Cars

What was the main point of the electric cars story?

The main point of the electric car story is that, people make electric cars to save the world from pollution, they also make electric cars because, petrol cars are very expensive because you would have to buy petrol for the car but the engines are very cheap, in electric cars, the car is fair more expensive than the petrol car, its because you dont need to worry about petrol and other things.

BTN Response

This story is about a girl named Mallory and she is 13, she wanted to write her own book and she did, her book is approximately 32,000 words long and the novel’s name is called “Behind The Wall”. Her story is about a country girl named Ella, Ella just had an incident at her home and she had to move to the city, first Ella was very shy and she had no friends there and she went to the library and she found a secret passage at the library and she made new friends and met a lot of new people.

Mallory got her idea when she was just sitting down on a bench and she saw a pigeon and a bike, her story was like a pigeon who was trying to ride a bike, but she changed the idea of the pigeon and bike to the country girl and the city.

The challenge Mallory faced across when she was writing her book is that she spent 2 years writing and editing her own book and she had to publish her own book which took Mallory a while.

BTN Response: Week 6

What is inclusivity? What do you think some of the features of an inclusive policy might be?

I think that inclusivity means that stuff are included in something. I think in an inclusive policy is laws that you follow.

What is equality?

Equality is when you share things out equally to other people properly, so everyone has a fair amount of things

What is equity?

Equity means that when everyone of you would have to get the same thing. Like in the picture the equity is everyone get to have the same thing. In the picture the dad didn’t need anything to stand on and he already could see the view. While the baby wanted to see the view with two crates, so everyone got to see the baseball/cricket game.

What is the difference between equality and equity and how do each contribute to inclusion (or exclusion)?

The difference between equality and equity is equality is when you guys share the same amount of things but one of you might not be able to have much rights even though you guys share the thing. And equity is when you guys are all equal and no one has more powers than the other one even though one of you might not get it.

Does including all people equally necessarily mean including all people equitably?

Yes, because everyone should have equal amount of rights as  other people because people are the same species as you.

What is an example of a practice you could employ in the school to increase inclusivity?

I don’t really know but when my friends and I play handball people come up to us and ask if they could play, and we always let them play when though they are tough to win against.

BTN Response Week; 9

The US ambassador is begging Kim Jong Un for a war because the US ambassador is wanting to bomb North Korea but North Korea is a a very powerful place because it has all the bombs nukes and missiles, overall North Korea is one of the most powerful nation in the world.

The sanctions of North Korea and US is making a promise that they will not send things to each other because they are both threatened by each other so they made a promise to not send each other things, but the US still want to destroy North Korea’s nation.

A sanction is a penalty levied on another country, or on individual citizens of another country. It is an instrument of foreign policy and economic pressure that can be described as a sort of carrot and stick approach to dealing with international trade and politics.

The advantages of the thing is that North Korea won’t bomb America because they made a deal and

BTN Response Week; 8

The main point of the story is about new different space suits, during the past years nasa has created very good space suits but they weren’t very that beautiful. Elon Musk is a guy who created a very beautiful space suit but nasa doesn’t really know if it actually works, so they are making a replica of the suit and testing to see if it works in 2019.

The spacesuit is made with about 11 layers of protection, so no air would travel into our lungs and die, for more detail, the space suit in the most important because it protects you from dying.

The spacesuit Elon Musk made is a very stylish space suit but people are figuring if the spacesuit actually work and has enough layers to protect us from dying.

I’ve learnt that spacesuits have to have over 10 layers of protection from them to not die, I already knew all the other facts.

20 Years of Harry Potter- BTN response

What year was the first Harry Potter book published?

The first Harry Potter book was published in 26 of June 1997, in the Harry potter series there are 7 books, 8 movies, 1 play and 2 theme parks.

Who is the author of Harry Potter?

The author of Harry Potter is J.K Rowling, J.K Rowling had a really rough time trying to write her books, because when she was writing her books her mother died from a swerve disease and it really affected her writing of books and most of her books of rejected but she would never give up and she became author of the year, with over 6.6 million copies of her first book sold.

Do you have a favorite Harry Potter character, Who? and Why?

I really liked Harry Potter because he never gives up to save anyone getting harassed or getting attack by any other person or a group of people, he saved Ginny from Tom Riddle, Tom Riddle stole Ginny and froze her with his powerful spell book, and Tom Riddle had a giant snake that was in the secret chamber and if you could see in the movie that if you stab the book the curse would break and everything would be freed from curse.

Why do you think the Harry potter series has been so successful?

Because the Author J.K Rowling kept trying to write her book because every time she wrote a book she would get rejected by the publisher and she would keep trying and trying to get the right and perfect book and… It finally happened.

Investigation Reflection week 7

Today I investigated t-shirt printing designs, today I didnt actually make the t-shirt, Ive designed the t-shirt first, for the t-shirt design I made a NIKE tick and the NIKE letters, i had to retry about three times because the first one was too big, the second one had touching letter and the final and last one was the perfect one, the letters weren’t touching, the NIKE was fitting inside the small circle, and it was neat, after 3o minutes i think ive achieved the perfect one, here are some photos of my NIKE work, in the same order as what ive told you…

Guided reading week 5

Today I did reading with the little kids, I read with a small student named Sienna, Sienna was a really good reader she had no mistakes and she was very confident to read with me, when she read she read in an average speed she had some mistakes but not a lot, when she was reading she kept on getting distracted, so she started to play on the playground, and when she did I always had to bring her back to reading with me, it wasnt easy but I achieved making her read.

Blogging Week; 5

How do you control your own learning?

I control my learning by trying to not getting distracted by nearby objects like friends, fidget tools…etc, I always try to be on task by focusing on the task I am doing and aiming for good grades, but… I normally get distracted, I have really good hearing and everything is really clear but really loud thats why im really good at being distracted.

What goals have you reached in this semester?

In this semester ive reached these small little goals of mine like, learning how to focus on work more and not getting distracted, well you can still distract me but its gonna be more harder because ive been practicing more and more of trying to not get distracted

BTN Response Week 3

1. O, A, B, AB

2. IDK how to make a graph but here are the answers O = 43% A = 40% B = 10% AB = 3%

3. The only blood type can be given in operation is the blood type that is in group “O”

4. So… If you have the blood type “O” you can only give the blood type to a person that has the blood type “O”. But if you have the blood type “AB” you can give the blood type to someone that has a blood type of “A” and “B”.

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