Investigation Reflection week 7

Today I investigated t-shirt printing designs, today I didnt actually make the t-shirt, Ive designed the t-shirt first, for the t-shirt design I made a NIKE tick and the NIKE letters, i had to retry about three times because the first one was too big, the second one had touching letter and the final and last one was the perfect one, the letters weren’t touching, the NIKE was fitting inside the small circle, and it was neat, after 3o minutes i think ive achieved the perfect one, here are some photos of my NIKE work, in the same order as what ive told you…

Guided reading week 5

Today I did reading with the little kids, I read with a small student named Sienna, Sienna was a really good reader she had no mistakes and she was very confident to read with me, when she read she read in an average speed she had some mistakes but not a lot, when she was reading she kept on getting distracted, so she started to play on the playground, and when she did I always had to bring her back to reading with me, it wasnt easy but I achieved making her read.

Blogging Week; 5

How do you control your own learning?

I control my learning by trying to not getting distracted by nearby objects like friends, fidget tools…etc, I always try to be on task by focusing on the task I am doing and aiming for good grades, but… I normally get distracted, I have really good hearing and everything is really clear but really loud thats why im really good at being distracted.

What goals have you reached in this semester?

In this semester ive reached these small little goals of mine like, learning how to focus on work more and not getting distracted, well you can still distract me but its gonna be more harder because ive been practicing more and more of trying to not get distracted

BTN Response Week 3

1. O, A, B, AB

2. IDK how to make a graph but here are the answers O = 43% A = 40% B = 10% AB = 3%

3. The only blood type can be given in operation is the blood type that is in group “O”

4. So… If you have the blood type “O” you can only give the blood type to a person that has the blood type “O”. But if you have the blood type “AB” you can give the blood type to someone that has a blood type of “A” and “B”.

Numeracy Blog (Early)

What does working in a group help you in numeracy?

Working in a group helps me with numeracy because, the people in the group helps me finish the work easier and help me solve problems. We do this by collaborating together to try and figure out the answer.

When have you used problem solving?

Many times since year 3, I used adding, subtracting, multiplying and division. I’ve used problem solving in fractions this year, also I’ve used problem solving in the number line during numeracy, I tried many different ways to try and lay down the fractions on the number line by trying dividing the number line into different seperate parts.

Blogging Week 4

What do you want to find out more about?

I want to find more about critical and creative by finding new ways to make things with recycled materials and more things with other things like making a tiny house with using popsticks and hot glue, I just want to learn about how to make things with left over cardboard and stuff.

How do you creativity?

I use creativity when making things with cardboard like I mentioned before, I use creativity by solving new ways of making new things like maths, I find new ways to solve fractions today.

Investigation Reflection; Week 2

I investigated sewing again until the next week, I made a new pillow but its not finished yet, but I can still show you the photos after a few more words, I discovered that when you finish the sewing you have to knot it but I forgot to knot it because I sewed it too much and I had no space for the string to be knotted, next time ill promise that ill leave some space so I can knot the string properly. Now for the photos

Blogging week 2

What helps you learn to write, read and speak?

Number 1 is my teachers, my teachers help me guide my way through learning new things that i’ve never learnt before, example, I never knew how to make a hard cover for my book before, but I was lucky that I has Mrs. Giannakakis to help me make a hard cover for my writers notebook, book. I’ve also got learnt how to edit my writing by my teachers, by having different resources to show how to edit our work.

What do you think about the way you learn?

The way I think when I learn is trying to focus on my work instead of my friends,  but it usally doesn’t work out very well, but time after time I focus on my work more, because I know that I have to get this work done before its due, I also think about my learning is, that school is very important for everyone, our parents only paid us for school because, we need to know things, school is not just about seeing your friends everyday.

BTN response (late)

This story made me wonder why we should change the Australian citizenship test because some people migrated from different countries and places and they are not quite good at English so when they do the test they would get confused of all these English related questions.

I think we should change the Australian citizen test because (paragraph 1) and also, for the test the government should change each test into another language so its easier for the person to do the test easier instead of looking at the English questions and being like “huh?”.