How have you used Creativity this Semester?

In my Houseplan as I tried to make my significantly smaller than other people’s house plans who had giant 3 story houses with Giant rooms while mine was smaller and the entrance was on the second story not the first.  Another time I used creativity was my two writers notebook the first which was about Street Racing and the second about Modern Warfare.


When have you used your critical thinking skills?
In Maths when problem solving and learning new things and when learning something I find hard to understand.


When have you used problem solving skills?

When I’m counting money and buying things, when when in Maths.


BTN Kokoda

What did the BTN story explain?
The role Australia had defending against the Japanese and that mine companies are trying to turn it into a mine and that the track is a popular place for hikers and the locals.
During which war was the Kokoda campaign?
The Second World War 1939-1945 was the bloodiest war in History and involved over a 100 nations with two sides the Axis which included Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy and the Allied Superpowers including the USSR, USA, UK and many more countries, commonwealth nations and Colonies. The war ended in the demise of Hitler’s Germany, Japan’s empire being reformed to a more democratic nation and Russia being left in ruins and the Cold war between the USA and the USSR.  World War 2 to this day is the most bloody war with so much new technology like Tanks and Improved Planes and was the only time a nuke was used.
Why were Australian soldiers sent to New
Because New Guinea was under heavy attack by the Japanese and if they lost New Guinea the Japanese would come for Australia so the USA, some British Colonies in India and Asia and Australia sent troops into New Guinea to defend Australia.  Although it wasn’t as bloody as other Campaigns and Asia and no where close to the Campaigns in Europe many Australians lost their lives in the Battle in New Guinea
New Guinea was a territory of Australia. True
or false?
Territory of New Guinea which had a small region in Guinea was owned by Australia from 1920 to 1970 but the Battles mostly took place on West New Guinea which was Dutch.
Why were reserve forces sent to New Guinea?
Because it was so close to Australia if their lost New Guinea Australia would be next on Japans list so many young and old soldiers were sent to New Guinea and many states set up State Militia incase of an Invasion by the Empire of Japan and all the Elite troops were in Africa and Europe.
Why were the soldiers poorly prepared for
Australia soldiers were in North Africa during the first years of the war and after a Important victory against Germany Japan invaded New Guinea.  The elites couldn’t make it home in time so the Australian Military forced Conscription and many young inexperienced boys were sent to battle while the old veterans from the Boer War and World War 1 begged to be sent there.  Despite that they fought hard against the Japanese which later resulted in a Japanese retreat.
Describe the conditions on the Kokoda track
Wet, Hot, Muddy and Sticky.  The Kokoda Track was fought in a Forrest trail full of  Japanese Guerillas and was a crucial moment in the war in the Pacific.  Many men were carrying over 20kg of equipment and weapons and if they got into a fire fight there wouldn’t be many places to hide.
Image result for Leslie bull
Leslie ‘Bull’ Allen in Mount Tambu saving a US Marine.
Image result for Kokoda Trail ww2
Australians on the Kokoda Trail.
Image result for Kokoda Trail ww2 USA
Natives Rescuing a Injured Soldier.
Image result for Kokoda WW2
The 39th with Two Light Tanks.
Image result for Kokoda WW2 PTSD
 Kokoda was no place for vehicles so many Horses were used to transport weapons and supplies.
Image result for Kokoda wuzzy angels
The Locals were nicknamed Wuzzy Angles because of their hair and their comradeship with Australia Soldiers.



During term 3 we were introduced to house plans where we were told to make a realistic house plan of our dream houses.  We had to learn how to use protractors to measure degrees and determine what angle it was.  We had to break off into mini lessons as well to learn about scaling and angles.  It wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be and we had to have at least three triangles in the house plan.  There were Four stages.  The first was design a house, the second was to plan it, the third was to put it on a proper paper and the fourth was to design the house digitally.  It has to be as accurate as you can get.  I used a 3d house planner website to create mine and tried to make it as accurate as possible.  With the exact measurements, angles, size and rooms.  This term we’re learning about chances and worded problems and so far I’ve learned alot.


In term 3 we had to make a digital writers notebook on a digital story website.  It’s a major assignment every term and my book I wrote was about street races.  Another major assignment was Poems.  The first one we did was six word stories and my favorite one I made was ‘We are all just prisoners here’ it had to mean something powerful and could be funny, dark or anything else.  After that we did limericks which were funny poems.  This was the limerick I chose to publish.

There once was a man who was very lazy

He was also Very Crazy

One Day he went away

He was found Faraway

Laying down feeling Hazy

After that we were introduced to Haiku which was a Japanese Poem that was very popular around the world.  After that the last poem we had to make was imagery.

Under fire from left and right, loud explosions, the smell of gunpowder was everywhere, screams roared as the enemy fired on.  Bodies, guns and blown tanks were all we saw.  The plane engines roared past us shaking the earth.  A giant bomb hit the ground hard blowing dirt and blood into the air and breaking the ground.  The field was once rich with flowers before being reduced to dirt and mud.



BTN Response

History of Video Games
What were the early video games like?
Simple, Black and white and very simplistic.
Why did arcade games become less popular?
Because of the invention the home console.  One of the first was the Atari 2600 which boomed in America with games like Pacman, Pitfall and Space invaders.  Than came the Nintendo NES which handled games much better than it’s Arcade counterparts and is perhaps the most famous retro console because of games like Legend of Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong and Metal Gear.  By the end of the 20th century there were consoles on the market that was able to handle 3d graphics and many arcade makers focused on the Console market such as Sega.  The N64, PS1, Sega Dreamcast were exploding in homes and with the invention of newer colored game boys people could bring their gaming wherever they want.  Many famous games boasted the consoles market like Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Sonic and GTA III.  It was also the era to introduce more realistic simulator games such as Gran Turismo a racing sim.  In the 2000s PC Gaming entered the market with many serious games and games involving strategy to challenge it’s console rivals like Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Ghost Recon and total war.  By the end of the 2000s the arcade machines were behind in everything including technology, graphics, game play and ease of play.
Image result for 5DX machine
Wangan Midnight 5DX is an Arcade series that is still fairly popular today and is always full
Related image
Battlefield 1 one of the best looking games
Image result for ARMA 3
 Arma 3 one of the most realistic military games ever created and was used by a Regiment in the USA to train Troops on basic Commands
Image result for Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley a Indie Farming RPG Game. It’s an example of popular Pixel Games that are still in fashion
Give examples of video games that are back in fashion.
Many Pixel games from the 1990s have been back in demand to the extent where Nintendo and Atari decided to re release a mini version of their classic consoles.  Many games from the 1980s and 90s have been rediscovered  in recent years and many modern games have heavy retro style roots and game play such as Undertale.  Many Arcade games from the 1980s and 1990s have been ported to PC, consoles and phones and a demand for them has risen.
Image result for Legend OF Zelda 1
The Legend of Zelda on the NES
What do you think is the future of video games?
Games in 20 years time will look exactly like reality and Virtual reality will be the new generation of gaming with games being more realistic and immersive.  Games will never die out as even the oldest of games will be revisited and as games get better looking more people will invest in gaming.
Image result for Dirt rally vr setup
 Dirt Rally is a a rally simulator and was one of the first racing games to incorporate real VR into the game. It required a real Racing wheel, Brake, Throttle and Clutch pedals, a gear box, a handbrake and a racing seat.  It was used in rally schools to train young rally drivers not ready for the real thing yet.
Image result for colin mcrae rally 1Image result for dirt 4
Colin Mcrae Dirt Rally (Left) released in 1998 and Dirt 4 2017 (Successor to Colin Mcrae Rally).
Related image
Gran Turismo (left) released in 1997 and Gran Turismo Sport (Right) released in 2017
Image result for Ghost recon 1Image result for ghost recon wildlands
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (top) released in 2001 and Ghost Recon Wildlands (Bottom) released in 2017
Related imageImage result for legend of zelda breath of the wild
Legend Of Zelda (Left) released in 1986 and Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Right) released in 2017
5. Which is your favourite video game? Why?

My favourite games are Games are Forza Horizon 3,  Forza Horizon 3 because it simulates extreme racing and beautiful cars with thrilling activities that would be too dangerous or expensive to do in real life and with all the options and customization it’s like the real world.

What did you like about the BTN story
That it was about Video Games and it taught us about why arcades were dying out but went back in fashion.


What goals have you reached this semester?

To get better at maths which has become more easy as the year goes on and being able to have friendly terms with everyone in class.  To make my writers notebook more detailed and interesting to read for the viewer and to make the books more original and creative.  Another goal was writing a better bibliography for my researched based projects.  Also I’ve been able to make some poems that was I was proud of without making it sound Cheesy.  I’m on good terms with everyone and I’ve been able to avoid arguments and fights.  There’s still some goals I’d like to reach like handing up work on time but apart from that I’ve think I’ve reached most of my goals. One of the goals I still want to reach is get better at all the subjects.


My five Top Character Strengths.





Appreciation beauty and excellence

BTN Response

Why is it important to get the right amount of sleep?
It is important because it get help you regain your energy you lost from the day and can improve your mood and health in general
The BTN Happiness Survey found that kids who got the right amount of sleep
were twice as likely to feel happy.
About how much sleep should you be getting every night?
Around 7 to 9 hours
What percentage of kids surveyed sleep with a phone or tablet near their bed?
Studies have found that the light devices emit can make it hard to fall asleep.
What are some
reasons why kids aren’t getting enough sleep?
Phones, Devices are one of the many reasons as notifications.  Also many problems from school can cause this or feeling unsafe and depressed.
How much sleep do you get each night?
Depends.  On week days I go to bed at nine but by the time I finish brushing my teeth and changing my clothes it’s nearly 9:30.  I always turn of my devices before sleep but some days I still struggle to sleep and can stay up to 1 o clock because I’m hungry.
How do you feel when you don’t get enough sleep?
Tired, Stressed, mad and hungry
What can you do to get a better night sleep?
Don’t eat before you eat but eat enough so you don’t wake up starving, turn off notification on phones or tell someone or a professional that  you have sleeping problems.

History of the Alphabet

What did the BTN story explain?
How the Alphabet was created, when it was created and who created the Modern Alphabet which was originally created by the Phoenicians and edited by Greeks and Romans which turned it into Latin a base for most languages like Spanish or English.
When and where did the Phoenicians live?
In Syria and Lebanon since the 14th century BC until 539 BC after being conquered by Cyrus the Great which spread it’s language even more.
What did their alphabet look like?
Image result for phoenicians alphabet
It’s was one of the first structured Alphabets ever created and it was the base of many languages in the Mediterranean
What did the Greeks add to the alphabet?
They improved it by adding vowels and changing some of the shapes and formats of the letters.
Who spread the alphabet around Europe and England?
Originally the Romans conquered European lands and England and even after they left the natives kept the alphabet the Romans introduced, the Anglo Saxons invented old english which later became the language we use today.
Name three things you learnt about the alphabet watching the BTN story?
What the Alphabet looked like, which nation created the alphabet and that the Greeks invented Vowels.

Equality vs Equity

What is inclusivity? What do you think some of the features of an inclusive policy
might be? Inclusivity means including people who are disadvantaged, disabled, LGBT, ethic minorities and Religious minorities.
What is equality? Being Equal to everyone, having equal rights, being treated equally, living equally and being able to do what other people are doing.
What is equity? Being Fair and giving certain people more things such as disabled people not able to work more money are or if one person has problems at school they get special education.
What is the difference between equality and equity and how do each contribute to
inclusion (or exclusion)?  Equality is different to Equity because it means being Equal not fair and everyone has the same thing for example everyone gets the same amount of money to start with but those who are disabled or unable to work will not receive any extras while equity will give normal people the same amount of money while the disabled and those unable to work will be given more.
Equality means everyone is equal which only works  if everyone starts the same place while equity aims to make everyone successful which could mean giving certain people more.
What is an example of a practice you could employ in the school to increase
I think we should have a equity style school where all students in a year level are given the same education and those who do education out of school should be given harder work while those who are new to these subjects should be given alot of help.

North Korea

BEFORE you watch the BTN story, record what you already know about North Korea.

North Korea is a country in East Asia.  During the Second World War Korea was controlled by Japan.  The USA gave supplies to southern rebels and Russia gave supplies to Northen Rebels.  After the end of World War 2 the Cold War started which was a tension between capitalism and communism.  Many countries were split in half which included Korea.  North was occupied by the communist nations because it bordered Russia and China while the South was occupied by the New Japan and the USA.  They went to war in the 1950s before signing a treaty but they never ended the war.  North Korea is now a very isolated country.  Even when the cold war ended North Korea stayed in the era and never left.



Who has North Korea threatened with war?

Former capitalist nations including USA, South Korea, Japan, Australia, non communist Asian countries and other Pacific Ocean Countries.


What are the sanctions?

Textile and the amount of oil they can buy.


What impact can trade sanctions have on a country?

The impact that sanctions have on the country can vary.  The current sanctions placed include food, seafood, materials, oil and cars.  Unfortunately this greatly affects the people which are innocent and don’t even know whats happening in the world.  The effects include starvation, poverty and death.  The sanctions also effect the country’s economy but it many times in the past North Korea bounced back.  They believe that the sanctions will effect their economy so much that they’ll talk again but it hasn’t worked.  They also believe that this can stop their nuclear program.


What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages are with enough sanctions North Korea could start to enter talks and could hopefully re enter the world.  Like I said before the people will suffer more than the leaders and the people pulling the strings.  People could starve go into poverty and die.

Image result for north korea poverty

Poverty in North Korea

Image result for north korea un

UN Sanctions


Image result for North Korea

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un celebrating the success of a nuclear test.

Image result for DMZ

Korean De Militarized Zone where the two Korea’s meet

Image result for thaad missile

USA’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missiles stationed in South Korea to shoot down North Korean Nukes.


Image result for Korean WarSouth Korean Military Training for a Second Korean War.

Image result for Korean War North Korea

Korean War.  Us Soldier walks around Hamhung North Korea after a US bombing.


Image result for north korean military

North Korean Military Parade

Image result for USA south korea wargame

US Marines and South Korean Marines take part in a annually held joint war-game to display it’s power to North Korea.

Electric Cars

What was the main point of the Electric Cars story?
To Prove that Electric Cars are cheaper, sustainable, Eco-friendly and could benefit us
Why did the internal combustion engine take over?
Because it was easier to produce, Cheap and could be produced and mass numbers (and sounds way nicer then battery cars) and were way faster then more electric cars.
What are some disadvantages of petrol engines?
Petrol Engines tend to use a lot of patrol and need to be refueled frequently wasting alot of money.
How has battery technology changed?
Vehicle Batteries now will last 400 Km unlike the first batteries and are more reliable and easy to charge.
What other energy sources are used to power cars?
Apart from Petrol, Hybrid engines which is a combination of Electric and Fuel are also commonly used in race cars and Civilians Cars alike.  The BMW I8 is an example of high performance hybrid engines while the Toyota Prius is an example of civilian cars.
What do you think is the future of electric cars? Explain your answer.
They’ll probably be around for awhile but will never beat the good old Petrol Engines because (most electric cars are made for civilians but are expensive as anything) they are way slower, don’t sound nice and are disliked by car lovers.  I think Hybrids are the future as they are cheaper and although they still require fuel they last longer then petrol cars and goes to electric mode.  Plus Electric cars do only 2-4 percent less damaged to the earth then Petrol and gas powered cars.
Image result for BMW I8
BMW I8 Hybrid Supercar
Image result for tesla car
Tesla Model S which is dominating the electric car industry
Image result for Fairlady Z
Fairlady Datsun (Devil) Z An Example of petrol powered cars that are now cult classics.