Blogging Reflection

How do you control your own learning?

By focusing on my work, trying to block out distractions and trying to finish work.

What goals have you reached this semester?

I think I reached my goal of improving in math and that I no longer need teachers help, also I achieved my goal of making a really long writers notebook that was long then last year.


Media Response Week 8

What is the conservation status of koalas?
a. Threatened b. Vulnerable c. Endangered
Koalas since 2012 have been placed as vulnerable.
Approximately how many koalas are left in the wild?
About 100 thousand to as few as 43 thousand are left in the wild as of today.
What are some threats to koalas?
Some of them are habitat destruction, domestic dogs attacks road accidents and bush fires.
How is climate change affecting the gum leaves that koalas eat?
As sea levels rise the salt from the water starts to kill the soil and toxins the trees aswell and can also make the leaves die or become inedible.
What are some ways that we can protect koalas and their habitats?
We should preserve their habitats, do more on climate change and prohibit cutting trees that Koala’s live on.

BTN Response Coding

What are the kids in the BTN story learning?
In this BTN story the kids are learning about game coding
Explain one of the apps the kids designed in the BTN story.
One of the apps created was called Goblin Rush.  The objective of the game was to build cannons to shoot at passing goblins before they reached your base.  If too many of them reach it you lose
What is code? Describe using one sentence.
A computer language used to program, games, websites, apps, hard drives and the computer itself
What coding language do the kids use to design their apps?
The coding language they used is called Python a text based coding language, they also used the app pythonista to make their apps on the ipad
How many games does the school have registered on the app store?
About 7 their also a registered app creator on the app store

Hindu Excursion


On Tuesday 13th of June 6/7JW, RG and NB went on a excursion t0 the Baps Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Temple) Adelaide.  During that excursion I learned alot about Hindu and Indian culture. When we first entered the temple we were asked to take off our shoes, after that the boys and girls we separated into two sides.  The people there made a power point talked about their beliefs. One of them was to treat their idols, Mutja like humans because they believe the gods inhabit the idol, they give food to them, wash them, change their clothes, perform pray and let them sleep.  After they performed Puja they took us in groups around the temple.


Blogging numeracy

How does working in a group help you in numeracy?

It helps me when I don’t know what to do so I can ask them to teach or help me, it also helps me when we try to solve something we can give each other ideas or try to help someone that’s lost.  Especially when I’m not confident in a subject I’d try working with my friends in a group so they can help me.

When do you use your problem solving skills?

When I’m giving Change or paying someone, when I go shopping, To estimate how long something is going to take, to find out how much money I have and when I’m at school


Australian Clothing Media Response

On Average how much kilograms of clothes does an Aussie buy every year?

Twenty Seven Kilos for each person.

Why do Australians buy lots of clothes?

Perhaps because they’re in trend or they’re on sale.  The fashion industry also encourages you to buy clothes by making expensive brands go on sale and try to ship in the clothes that are currently in trend.

What is Fast Fashion?

A type of clothes that is currently trending and is quickly made and sent to stores before it goes out of style.  Typically fast fashion is made in poor and developing countries to quickly meet customer demand.  Countries like India, Bangladesh, China and more poor countries.  Fast Fashion clothes are often produced quickly and because of that they may not last long but they are bought anyway because of their cheap price.

What are the conditions of Workers making fast fashion clothes?

The pay is low and the factory is often polluted which is why they wear face masks.  They often work long hours without stopping and are not covered when they get hurt or killed in a work accident.  It’s cramped inside the factory and they can face harassment.  Work accidents are common and because they have to make clothes fast they may cut of injure themselves because of the amount of clothes being produced.

What impact do clothes have on the environment?

Although some are recycled and given to op shops 85% percent of them end up in landfills and clothes made out of polyester can take up to 200 years to break down and may end up in the sea killing fishes and polluting the water.

What can be done to reduce clothing waste?

We could try recycling clothes, using sustainable materials, we could reuse materials from unwanted clothes and fabrics or turn them into bags.  Donate it to the charities that really need it or just try to wear it out before giving it away.

Blood Donation


o Human blood is grouped into four types. What are they?

Type A has a A marker, Type B has a b marker, Type AB has both markers and Type O has neither markers.

What are the most common types of Blood in Australia?

O+ which is one of the most common blood types in the world and is also the most common in Australia while AB – is also one of the rarest blood types in the world and in Australia.

Image result for australian blood type graph

o What blood types can be given during an operation?

The blood type that can be used in a surgery is the one that’s matches your blood type as it would be useless to give you a B+ blood if you have A+ blood.

o Where do we get our blood type from? The blood type you get is always inherited from your parent so if you get have blood type O+ your parents most likely had blood type O+ or A+.

Literacy Questions

What helps you learn to write, read and speak?

Practicing reading, speaking and writing over and over helps me alot and when I make mistakes I fix them the next time I do Writing, Reading and speaking.

What do you think about the way you learn?

I think my learning is alright although at times I often get distracted and go off task and I need to try to focus on my work more



Australian Involvement in Today’s conflicts

After the Vietnam War Australia tended to shy away from Military involvement in other conflicts because of the controversy of the Vietnam war.  From 1973 to 1990 Australia had been war free and although they were still an ally of the USA, Australia established relations with both the USSR and China.  Despite all of that Australia increased it’s defense force in the country as well as retaining troops in Malaysia to protect it from attacks as well as imposing military blockades and embargoes on Fiji until it re entered the commonwealth.  During the Gulf War however Australia was part of an international military force and sent 1800 ADF Navy Personnel to fight Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.  Australia suffered no casualties during the Gulf War.  After the Gulf War Australian troops were sent to war torn countries like Somalia to keep Somalia stable and maintain peace.

After the 911 attacks conducted by Al Qaeda’s leader Osama Bin Laden which resulted in 2,996 civilian deaths over a hundred countries responded by declaring war on Islamic Extremists and radicals which was ironically formerly supported by the USA.  Australia responded by sending it’s military into Afghanistan to combat the Islamic Emirate which was a Extremist state supported by the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  In 1999 after East Timor which recently became a country lost it’s stability and erupted into a small but deadly civil war with rebels and loyalist.  Australia was one of the only nations which were sent in to East Timor for peacekeeping purposes which saw it regain it’s stability and in 2013 left.

The Islamic Emirate recognized by the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan was overthrown by Australian, UK and US forces which saw the Afghanistan republic being founded. 41 Australians were killed  The Iraq war which like the Gulf war was against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq saw the end of his regime but the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.  Lasting from 2003 to 2011 for Australia it saw 3 Australians deaths.  The recent war on Isil was started after several terrorist attacks conducted by ISIL and the Paris attack which saw over a hundred French and other nationals dead.

Image result for sasr in afghanistan

Australian SASR in Afghanistan


Australian Peacekeepers in East Timor

Image result for sydney siege

The Sydney Siege which was conducted by a Islamic Extremist saw 3 dead (including the gunman and two hostages) and saw Australia increase military involvement in the war on terror.

Image result for australian in mosul

Australian troop in Iraq training a Iraqi soldier.

Image result for Australians in Iraq war

Australian troops in Iraq

Did you learn anything new?

Some new things I learnt from this investigation was that the USA itself started Islamic Extremisism during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan which lasted from 1979 to 1989 which saw the communist goverment of Afghanistan being founded and the collapse of Islamic Afghanistan which saw many Islamic Conservatives and Extremist fight with support from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and saw many infamous terrorist get funded by the US like Osama Bin Laden and the founder of ISIL.

I also learnt that from 1973 to 1990 that Australia had been conflict free.



What did you learn in investigations today?

Today I learned about the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) which is one of Australia’s most elite regiment and one of the worlds most elite in the world.  Modeled after the SAS (Special Air Service) which was founded during World war 2 to combat the Germans behind enemy lines and is the most elite special force in the world.  Unlike the SAS though the SASR is trained to combat the enemy in jungles and deserts unlike the SAS which responds to terrorism in the UK.  Although the name suggests they’re an Airborne Regiment the SASR is also trained to fight on sea and on ground.  Troops are handpicked into the SASR and must endure one of the toughest training in the world including isolation in the dark, being waterboarded, lone wolf survival and stealth training.  The SASR since 1957 have only lost a little over 20 troops but most it’s casualties are caused by it’s intense training.

During the Vietnam War the SASR only lost 3 soldiers out of 500.

The SASR were a major contributor to the downfall of the Islamic Emirate and the deaths of many Al Qaeda leaders.  Because of recent terrorist attacks in western countries the SASR are being redeployed in Australia which caused public backlash and from the Labor Party.

Image result for SASR

SASR soldier in Afghanistan

Image result for SASR vietnam

SASR in Vietnam

Image result for SASR in sydney

SASR in Australia

Image result for SASR

SASR in Afghanistan 2012

Image result for SASR training

SASR Training