Equality vs Equity

What is inclusivity? What do you think some of the features of an inclusive policy
might be? Inclusivity means including people who are disadvantaged, disabled, LGBT, ethic minorities and Religious minorities.
What is equality? Being Equal to everyone, having equal rights, being treated equally, living equally and being able to do what other people are doing.
What is equity? Being Fair and giving certain people more things such as disabled people not able to work more money are or if one person has problems at school they get special education.
What is the difference between equality and equity and how do each contribute to
inclusion (or exclusion)?  Equality is different to Equity because it means being Equal not fair and everyone has the same thing for example everyone gets the same amount of money to start with but those who are disabled or unable to work will not receive any extras while equity will give normal people the same amount of money while the disabled and those unable to work will be given more.
Equality means everyone is equal which only works  if everyone starts the same place while equity aims to make everyone successful which could mean giving certain people more.
What is an example of a practice you could employ in the school to increase
I think we should have a equity style school where all students in a year level are given the same education and those who do education out of school should be given harder work while those who are new to these subjects should be given alot of help.

North Korea

BEFORE you watch the BTN story, record what you already know about North Korea.

North Korea is a country in East Asia.  During the Second World War Korea was controlled by Japan.  The USA gave supplies to southern rebels and Russia gave supplies to Northen Rebels.  After the end of World War 2 the Cold War started which was a tension between capitalism and communism.  Many countries were split in half which included Korea.  North was occupied by the communist nations because it bordered Russia and China while the South was occupied by the New Japan and the USA.  They went to war in the 1950s before signing a treaty but they never ended the war.  North Korea is now a very isolated country.  Even when the cold war ended North Korea stayed in the era and never left.



Who has North Korea threatened with war?

Former capitalist nations including USA, South Korea, Japan, Australia, non communist Asian countries and other Pacific Ocean Countries.


What are the sanctions?

Textile and the amount of oil they can buy.


What impact can trade sanctions have on a country?

The impact that sanctions have on the country can vary.  The current sanctions placed include food, seafood, materials, oil and cars.  Unfortunately this greatly affects the people which are innocent and don’t even know whats happening in the world.  The effects include starvation, poverty and death.  The sanctions also effect the country’s economy but it many times in the past North Korea bounced back.  They believe that the sanctions will effect their economy so much that they’ll talk again but it hasn’t worked.  They also believe that this can stop their nuclear program.


What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages are with enough sanctions North Korea could start to enter talks and could hopefully re enter the world.  Like I said before the people will suffer more than the leaders and the people pulling the strings.  People could starve go into poverty and die.

Image result for north korea poverty

Poverty in North Korea

Image result for north korea un

UN Sanctions


Image result for North Korea

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un celebrating the success of a nuclear test.

Image result for DMZ

Korean De Militarized Zone where the two Korea’s meet

Image result for thaad missile

USA’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missiles stationed in South Korea to shoot down North Korean Nukes.


Image result for Korean WarSouth Korean Military Training for a Second Korean War.

Image result for Korean War North Korea

Korean War.  Us Soldier walks around Hamhung North Korea after a US bombing.


Image result for north korean military

North Korean Military Parade

Image result for USA south korea wargame

US Marines and South Korean Marines take part in a annually held joint war-game to display it’s power to North Korea.

Electric Cars

What was the main point of the Electric Cars story?
To Prove that Electric Cars are cheaper, sustainable, Eco-friendly and could benefit us
Why did the internal combustion engine take over?
Because it was easier to produce, Cheap and could be produced and mass numbers (and sounds way nicer then battery cars) and were way faster then more electric cars.
What are some disadvantages of petrol engines?
Petrol Engines tend to use a lot of patrol and need to be refueled frequently wasting alot of money.
How has battery technology changed?
Vehicle Batteries now will last 400 Km unlike the first batteries and are more reliable and easy to charge.
What other energy sources are used to power cars?
Apart from Petrol, Hybrid engines which is a combination of Electric and Fuel are also commonly used in race cars and Civilians Cars alike.  The BMW I8 is an example of high performance hybrid engines while the Toyota Prius is an example of civilian cars.
What do you think is the future of electric cars? Explain your answer.
They’ll probably be around for awhile but will never beat the good old Petrol Engines because (most electric cars are made for civilians but are expensive as anything) they are way slower, don’t sound nice and are disliked by car lovers.  I think Hybrids are the future as they are cheaper and although they still require fuel they last longer then petrol cars and goes to electric mode.  Plus Electric cars do only 2-4 percent less damaged to the earth then Petrol and gas powered cars.
Image result for BMW I8
BMW I8 Hybrid Supercar
Image result for tesla car
Tesla Model S which is dominating the electric car industry
Image result for Fairlady Z
Fairlady Datsun (Devil) Z An Example of petrol powered cars that are now cult classics.

Blogging Digital Literacy

What do you think digital literacy is?

I think it means doing work using technology instead of using books and physical items

What are the advantages?

Some advantages are ease of access because all you have to do is search up what you need in the Search bar instead of searching through books which could take hours, you can learn how to use technology early because in the future nearly everything will include technology,  more interactive, innovative and creative ways to learn and can help children who are disabled.

What are the disadvantages?

It could be much easier to cheat as searching up any question will almost certainly give you the answer.  Cheating will be more easier with the technology we have  and being too reliant on technology can have it’s disadvantages.

Facts About Russia

1: Russia is not actually a country but a federation of many small Russian countries

2: Russia is more larger then Pluto

3: Russia is not actually a communist state but a socialist state

4: Russia is so large that no country has ever conquered it fully.

5: Russia lost over 50 million people in World War 2 and some towns have never recovered from the war.


Harry Potter BTN Response

What year was the first Harry Potter book published?

Philosophers stone was published on the 6 June 1997 In the UK and would later be published in the USA the next year

Who is the author of Harry Potter?

Joane Rowling also known as J.K Rowling

Do you have a favourite Harry Potter character? Who and why?

Dumbledore as he is a well respected man as well as being homosexual.  He deeply cares for all his students and his school.

Why do you think the Harry Potter series has been such a success?

Because it is enjoyed by all audiences old or young.


Course Reflection

How did we use our creativity?

By not copying and trying to be original making our own ideas but I think our course was a little bit to basic.

What did you find challenging when planning the course?

Thinking of obstacles but also agreeing on one thing aswell, we also took along time to agree and actually draw it out.

What would you do differently next time?

Maybe try using the whole playground or doing it on the oval with more original obstacles.

How were you an active group member?

By giving Karan ideas and setting up the course but I admit I could’ve done more to help and would’ve gave my ideas .

What did you like about the other groups course?

I liked their rope part alot as well as their hopping part and the logs because they involved alot of running and we all got tired from those parts.

History of Music Part 1 1950-1980

Music has always existed, ever since the stone ages. For the last few centuries music had mostly been classical orchestras with no singing as there was no recording technology.  However by the end of the 19th century recording technology had been invented.  Classical Music was no longer mainstream as Swing music.  During the first and second world war, music was full of propaganda about allied forces beating the enemy and often called for listeners to contribute to the war by saving food and not wasting it or joining the military.  Swing and Jazz had been dominating the music scene for 40 years.  The only other popular genre was Folk music but it found little success in the 20th century. As World War 2 invented new things were being invented and life changed.  During the 1950s Rock, Soul, R&B and Jazz were increasing in popularity.  During the Early 1950s attitude towards Black people were changing as they were slowly allowed fairer jobs and many of them went to pursue a career in music.  In the 1955 Chuck Berry released a song that would go on and change music forever.  Maybellene was one of the first songs which featured the electric guitar.  Many older people called Rock Devils music, Satan gift, communist propaganda and said that because of Rock boys were no longer polite, or wanted to get jobs in the army, and wear suits.  After Chuck Berry’s first songs many artists started using electric guitars in their songs like Ray Charles, Buddy Holly and Little Richard.  Throughout the 1950s the Americans dominated the music scene across the world.

After Elvis’s debut rock became more popular. In 1959 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Booper who were pioneers of rock were all killed in a plane crash.  In the cellars of Liverpool a band known as the Quarry men which consisted of Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison would later rise to become the most popular artists in history. Elvis Presley had recently being drafted to the army leaving room for new artists to emerge.  The Vietnam War was raging in South East Asia with many people disagreeing about the war and calls for peace.  The 1960’s were full of peace movements and Racial Equality movements which all had an impact on music.  Bob Dylan a young folk singer was part of the revival of Folk music and a pioneer of protest music.  Shortly after his debut British Artists like The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones and The Kinks were all part of the British Skiffle movement.  In 1964 the British invasion began with The Beatles debut on the Ed Sullivan show saw 75 million people tune in to watch them play.  Soon after that many other British Bands invaded America, playing in major American cities.  The Beatles were surrounded by hordes of screaming fans which could fill up 2 Superbowl stadiums.  Many American Artists were being replaced by the British with the exception of Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra and The Doors.  The Beatles after their first few albums wanted to experiment with new sounds.  Because of the release of Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band and Revolver.

Image result for Elvis presley jailhouse rock

Elvis Promoting his song Jailhouse rock

Image result for Chuck berry

Chuck Berry a pioneer of Rock

Image result for beach boys

The Beach Boys an American Band which created Beach Rock and Music

Image result for BEE gees 1960

Bee Gees a trio and band from England that first rose to fame by performing on the streets of Brisbane the would later go on to become of the most famous disco singers ever

Image result for The Beatles Ed Sullivan

The Beatles Debut on the Ed Sullivan Show which started the British Invasion

Image result for Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan was part of the folk revival and also a pioneer in protest music before creating Folk rock and he was one of the first artists to use drugs. He was also the first musician to be awarded a Nobel prize.

Image result for Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was one of the most famous artists of the 20th century singing Jazz, Traditional pop and Swing from the 1940s to the 1990s

Image result for The Kinks

The Kinks were one of the many British Rock Bands that participated in the British Invasion

Image result for the rolling stones

The Rolling Stones were one of the most famous Rock Bands during the 60s and are still performing today.

The Summer Of Love 1967-1970 was an era of hippies who wanted peace for Vietnam.  During this many people took LSD a type of drug that caused rainbow illusion and was also known as the chill pill.

LSD influenced many artists and also created Psychedelic rock which was a type of hyped up crazy rock with peace messages.  LSD also influenced many British bands like the Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, The Doors and The Rolling Stones.

Image result for jimi hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was one of the most famous guitarist in history and was under the influence of LSD while creating his music.

Image result for SGT pepper's lonely heart club band

Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band was one of the most famous albums ever created and many songs in it were created while under the influence of LSD and Marijuana.

Image result for The Doors

The Doors were one of the few American Artists who managed to fight off the British during the 60s

The 60s saw change for black Americans and also Rhythm & Blue (R&B)  music which was music mostly performed by African Americans.  During the early 60s R&B artists were mostly played Jazz, Swing and Soul music but by the end of the 20th century it expanded to hip hop and rap.

Image result for sam cooke

Sam Cooke was one of the most Famous R&B singers during the 60s but was unfortunately killed at a young age.

Image result for marvin gaye 1960s

Marvin Gaye was one of the most famous R&B artists in history originating from Motown Soul Records in the 60s and later went on to sing Disco and Modern Soul.

Image result for The Temptations

The Temptations were a vocal R&B group who originally sang soul music but would later sing rock and disco during the 80s.

Image result for Jackson 5

The Jackson Five were one of the first groups to mostly have children in it.

So much was lost and achieved during the 60s.  The Vietnam War, Equal Rights, Moon Landing and more.  In 1970 the Beatles released their last album ‘Let It Be’ and broke up which saw the end of the 60s.

Image result for let it be

Country was slowly dying and saw a decline in popularity decrease during the 60s.  Many American artists loved country music but no one would listen to it so in an attempt to revive it the fused Rock with country.  It was a major success with Southern states of the USA and became the British’s enemy as the British had near to none country artists at the time.

Image result for ccr

Creedence Clearwater Revival

During the 70s the British slowly retreated back to the Britain American artists emerged from the shadows.  Some classic Rock and Rollers like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and The Beach Boys saw some success in the 70s despite the fact their music was ageing and declining in popularity.  Some of the British such as The Kinks, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison all had hits in the 70s but it was Soul, Disco, Hard Rock and 70s rock that dominated.  As the Vietnam war and Equal Rights Protests came to an end Protest music was no longer found.  Drugs starting becoming illegal and this saw the end of Psychedelic Rock.  However perhaps the most famous song during the 70s was Hotel California.  During the late 70s Hard Rockers like ACDC and Led Zeppelin rose aswell as disco artists like the Bee Gees and Micheal Jackson.  At the end of the 70s John Lennon who was one of the only artists still making peace songs was killed and that saw en end of an era.

Image result for the Eagles 1977

The most famous guitar solo ever was performed by the Eagles in the Song Hotel California https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRiSMXFpWIg

Image result for the Eagles

The Eagles

Image result for ACDC

ACDC was an Australian and British Hard Rock Band that emerged in 1979 and would later go on to become one of the most famous rock bands

Image result for Bee Gees

The Bee Gees in the 70s

Image result for John Lennon death

John Lennons death alarmed the world

Image result for john lennon death glasses

John Lennon’s glasses on the day

Image result for john lennon 1980

John Lennon in 1980

Image result for john lennon imagine

John Lennon’s most famous song Imagine.

Image result for john lennon imagine lyrics


Blogging Reflection

How do you control your own learning?

By focusing on my work, trying to block out distractions and trying to finish work.

What goals have you reached this semester?

I think I reached my goal of improving in math and that I no longer need teachers help, also I achieved my goal of making a really long writers notebook that was long then last year.


Media Response Week 8

What is the conservation status of koalas?
a. Threatened b. Vulnerable c. Endangered
Koalas since 2012 have been placed as vulnerable.
Approximately how many koalas are left in the wild?
About 100 thousand to as few as 43 thousand are left in the wild as of today.
What are some threats to koalas?
Some of them are habitat destruction, domestic dogs attacks road accidents and bush fires.
How is climate change affecting the gum leaves that koalas eat?
As sea levels rise the salt from the water starts to kill the soil and toxins the trees aswell and can also make the leaves die or become inedible.
What are some ways that we can protect koalas and their habitats?
We should preserve their habitats, do more on climate change and prohibit cutting trees that Koala’s live on.