Special Visitors from the Archdiocese of Adelaide

This afternoon we had some special visitors from the Archdioceses of Adelaide. Father Phillip Marshall, Teresa Lynch and Denise Ritzena had a tour of our beautiful centre and then joined the children for prayer.

We sang our welcome prayer song ‘Join the Circle’, set up our prayer space and then viewed a slideshow of our learning from the week. Children then shared their specks of gold.

Liam: Join the circle song.

Arabella: Join the circle song.

Aisha: Playing with my friends.

Joel: The plants and the trees.

Tesi: Making the scones.

Our visitors then joined us for afternoon tea. We enjoyed the scones that Brianna, Tesi and Aisha made with jam and cream.

It was a wonderful opportunity to share the community and belonging we are building at Alive – Parafield Gardens.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂 


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