Tavae follows the dots mapping the letters in his name. He is very proud when he’s finished and asks to keep doing more as he can sense he is mastering the shape of the letters in his name

Eman follows the letters from his name. It takes a lot of concentration but he continues…

Charlie wrote her own name and showed it to Palwinder, as she did so, she realized she had left out a letter, so she quickly fixed it and proudly showed it off!

Today in home 2, children engaged in a variety of Experiences based on writing provocations based in their interest and self-identity. Some of the children focused on writing their names and identifying the letters in their names.

Outside we enjoyed playing group game ‘Wheels on Bus’ and by taking turns and sharing we are building our ‘belonging’ with group.

All the children asked to play chicken dance during group time and enjoyed dancing on the music.

Janine played wheels on the Bus’ song on her guitar during the morning group time and children were using the same context outside singing and playing together.

Links to EYLF:

Outcome 1:
Children have a strong sense of identity.

  • Children develop knowledgeable and confident self identities
  • Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect

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