Creating Irresistible Learning with Loose Parts

As teachers and educators, we continually reflect upon our practice, observe and document children’s learning and incorporate children’s interests into the program to enable excellent learning outcomes for our children.

Over the past weeks, the teachers have been focusing on creating irresistible learning environments by providing opportunities for children to interact with a variety of materials and tools to express their knowledge, feelings, thoughts and understandings. Our teachers – Nicole, Michelle and Emmaline, along with our educators Palwinder, Namita and Alex have been researching the following question:

‘Where is the irresistible invitation? Providing environments and experiences that entice the imagination and create irresistible invitations for learning through play’.

We have been experimenting with providing a variety of loose parts in children’s play. Loose parts enables our children to explore the many possibilities of learning. Children bring to the materials their creativity, imagination, abstract thinking and problem solving skills.

As seen in this photo, Tavae has used loose parts to count and match the dots on the dice. With the dice and small wooden rounds, Tavae demonstrated his numeracy understandings and abilities – one to one correspondence when counting and matching amounts.

“Children do not wait for our permission to think. Indeed, children are bursting with ideas that are always impatient to escape through language (and we say a hundred languages) to connect and communicate with the things of the world.”  Loris Malaguzzi.