What is an Inquiry? What is our Inquiry?

This term in St Anne’s, our learning will be guided by the Inquiry topic: How do we care for ourselves, our friends, our resources and our world? An inquiry offers a meaningful opportunity for children to have their evolving curiousities, passions and theories acknowledged and reflected in the learning program. Throughout the inquiry process, educators and the environments play an integral role in the scaffolding and co-constructing of children’s knowledge. Moreover, social interactions and learning relationships are seen as the basis of all learning in early childhood education. Through meaningful collaboration and co-operation children are therefore supported in developing an authentic sense of belonging to their communities and the world around them.

A current passion driving our inquiry is investigations into the abstract portraiture of the visual artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. This has encouraged children to express their knowledge through multiple forms of expression including collage, mark-making and designing 3D model arrangements. Throughout these experiences, the children have experimented with and explored the artistic concepts of colour, shape, symmetry, position and balance. Furthermore, the underlying theme of healthy nutrition has supported children in considering and developing meaningful understandings about healthy nutrition being one way that we can care for ourselves.

We look forward to exploring new ways of expressing our knowledge over the coming weeks.

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