Caring for our World – Ecological understandings and choices

This week, something unfortunate occurred when the head of the tap burst off shooting water off into a large puddle in the playground. When this occurred, the children were given the provocation, “I wonder what we can do with the water?”

Mason – “It could go on the plants.”

Ryder – “They (the plants) drink the water.”

Xavier – “It makes them (the plants) grow so we don’t waste water.”

Tavae – “It drinks them (the water) and the sun helps them (the plants) grow too.”

The children made made further ecological connections to the term inquiry and our ongoing focus on spirituality.

Imogen – “The plants are God’s creation. If we don’t look after them they would die and he would be sad.”

Olivia F – “God also created the water so we can’t waste that either. That’s why we use it to water the plants. It makes them grow.”

The children demonstrated their problem-solving abilities whilst suggesting creative and innovative solutions which turned a problem to a success. We are proud of the children and the way they were able to use their own evolving knowledge to care for aspects of our natural world.

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