God’s Creation and Growing From Seed – Monday 1st July 2019

We continue to explore growth, specifically how seeds and plants grow.

Today, we placed a Dwarf Bean seed or Snow Pea seed in a container with moist cotton wool. We are very excited to see what will happen to them and how they will change and grow.

We spoke about how to care for our seeds.

Tesi: They need sun and we need to look after them so we need to wait for the sunshine to come out. They can grow and grow and be nice and healthy. We eat fruit and vegetable to be healthy.

Omelia: Needs sun and it needs some lovely sun and moon. We need to save the plants and have it safe and not tip it and everyone not touching the plants.

In group time, we discussed what seeds need to grow.


In prayer, we read the story of Creation. We talked about all that God created.

William: Moon

Tesi:  All the animals in the sea and in the jungle.

Ivy: Sun

We then said our own special prayers, thanking God for all God created for us.

Tesi: Thank you God for all the creatures and make them feel better.

Alexander: Dear God, thank you for the nature and the world and our houses and our teachers and our friends and our sisters and brothers.

Omelia: Thank you God for me.