Library and Music

We recognise the role of context and environment in children’s learning and therefore we will extend children’s learning experience into the wider community through connections with the school and wider school community.


Eamann, Tavae, Omelia and Xavier wanted to visit the library today. We read the book ‘Baa Baa Blue Sheep’ by Tony Wilson. It was a story about sharing, compromise and belonging.

What did you like about the story?

Omelia: I like the blue sheep.

Eamann: the baa baa black sheep.

Tavae: the wool.

Xavier: the black.

The children then chose their own books and read them with each other and Nicole.


Liam, Shruti, Arielle, Aicha and Tesi attended a music lesson with Mrs Crisp in the school. We learnt about the ti-ti ta rhythm (using the song ‘Cherry Beets’), and practiced different beats with their hands, feet and instruments. We did lots of singing and movement!


Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners