A Week in the Life – Alive Catholic Early Care and Learning Parafield Gardens

We have had a wonderful week of fun, adventure, curiosity, friendship and learning.


We moved our bodies and had lots of fun on the playground.


We love to move, dance and sing! This week we have been exploring movement to music through games and improvisation. The children loved playing musical statues, singing nursery rhymes, playing musical chairs and moving like different animals to the music.


Children share lots about their experiences, understandings and interests through drawing, painting and expression. They communicate their understanding of the world and their curiosities. Educators use this knowledge to plan and program provocations that will engage children and contribute to their development as learners and citizens.


Brianna has been saving seeds from different vegetables when cooking. We used our senses to learn more about pumpkin and capsicum seeds. The ELC is contributing to the Spring Fair which will be held at the school in October. We are going to grow some plants to sell at the Spring Fair. We had a discussion about what we should grow and in the end decided on carrots, flowers and strawberries.


Each afternoon, we share our specks of gold. These are the best things about our day. This helps to build an ‘attitude of gratitude’ and a positive mindset.


During prayer, we have continued to learn the sign of the cross. We have read stories from the bible and prayers from ‘Pray with Me’. We have shared our own prayers of gratitude and sung songs.

In mindfulness, we have continued to practice our ‘rainbow breathing’ and relaxation.


It is so heart warming to see the many relationships and friendships that are being established between children, thus developing strong emotional and social wellbeing.


Children have been exploring number to 10 this week, including:

  • recognising numbers
  • ordering numbers
  • counting collections of objects
  • matching numerals to collections of objects

Thanks for sharing our learning with us. Please leave a comment for your child if you wish. Happy weekend and we look forward to next week’s learning and wonder.














Our Visit to the MUDLA

This morning we visited the MUDLA (multi-disciplinary learning area) in the school.

The children explored and viewed the many different animals such as hopping mice, green tree frog, long-necked turtle, yabbies and a variety of fish.

Some children documented their observations through drawings.

Our friends in year 5/6 showed us Memphis, a bearded dragon. We had the opportunity to look closely at Memphis.

What can you see?

Aicha: I see his tail.

Omelia: and legs.

Will: It’s sticking to his body (the dragon was attached to Asher’s jumper)

Kanav: He’s stuck

Liam: His legs are moving.

Some of us then stroked and patted Memphis gently.

What does Memphis feel like?

Aicha: Spikey

Arabella: Bumpy

Hani: I don’t like lizards

Tavae: I didn’t touch it.

Kanav: Feeled good.

Olivia: I touched it on the back. It was spiked and rough at the back.

We love exploring our environments and learning more about animals.


Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

  • Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment

Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.

  • Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity
  • Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, enquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating