Persuasive Writing – Possum Magic Aaliyah Nicholson

I think that Hush had to stay invisible because she is safe and she wont get hurt.

I think that Hush had to be not invisibleĀ  because when she goes to invisible she will

be not be safe some times and when she is invisible she will be not safe when a person

step on her and the Grammar poss will be so so sad that she is hurt and she will be

sick and hurt because the person step on her and she will be hurt so so so so bad.

I think when she is invisible she will get food more times then she will

when she is not invisible.

literacy week 7

My family come from France and Adelaide-

I spek in France and Adelaide at school and at home-

I was born in France-

Heathey foods –

It is nice to accept people when they are from a different county-

France and Adelaide are pretty places plz keep it clean in dance a and Adelaide-


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