I’m Australian too by Mem Fox

My mum and dad are from Vietnam and then they flew too Australia and in 2008 I was born In Australia and my grandma and my grampa is from china so I’m half Chinese and my uncle is American and my cousin is American too

I was born In Australia In 2008 march 31 and my 3 older brothers were born at Australia too

At home I talk Vietnamese to my auntie and my mum because they don’t really understand English that much and I talk English to my 3 brothers and my dad

My favourite food in Vietnam is cold rolls but I like eating others foods too


Persuasive writing-Possum magic

I think hush shouldn’t be invisible because when people try to find her like her grandma, she won’t find her because   hush is invisible. Maybe when hush is invisible she won’t make any friends because when she is invisible and she will be with one of his friends no one will know she is there.When its hush’s  birthday he can’t get any cake from the person that is cutting the cake because the person that is cutting the cake won’t see hush.

Hello world!


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