Specks of gold!

1: I am grateful for my family because if I didn’t have them then this day wouldn’t of came 😀

2:Im happy to have a school because if school was not made then I wouldn’t get as much education.

3: I’m grateful for my teachers because they are caring and helpful when I need help with my work.

4:Im grateful for having friends because they are always kind and helpful to me.

5:Im grateful to have a cat because she is cute and fun to play with every single day I love her 😀

6:I am grateful for food because they are yummy and help me to survive my life 😀

7:I also happy to have a brother because if I didn’t have a brother I wouldn’t of been board.

8: Im grateful for Mr. White because if we didn’t have him them we wouldn’t be a family in our school. We also have Holy family if it wasn’t for him!

On the weekends!

On the weekends I just stayed home and went on my laptop. I played Growtopia and Emily was online. Me and Emily played until 1 o clock. I had to go and eat for lunch… I had hungry jacks and a jumbo frozen coke. It was yummy. After I went to the park because my cousins came over. We played the floor is lava and we ate there. We playing soccer and we went on the slide. It was really fun. After they had to go and I went ti have dinner and sleep. I couldn’t really sleep because it was really Hot and the electricity didn’t work so I couldn’t use the fan. I finally slept so then on Sunday… I went to go to a restaurant with my dad and brother plus my step mum. After we had to leave at 12:15 because we went to go watch the movie Thor it was so good. After I went back to my mums and make slime. Then ate dinner fold the clothes and went to bed.

Our buddy Assembly!

Our Assembly was pretty good actually. I was really shy because I was on the screen, I was tearing with joy. My mum was looking and me and gave me a thumbs up. After that I was on the funny puns and people were laughing with a lot of joy. I loved the assembly because we had so much fun. I love my funny puns because it turned out pretty good a lot of people laughed from it. I loved the pray about kindness because it showed everyone what kindness means. I loved the national anthem because it was funny because of me. I said “Heres something better, how about some funny puns using homophones and homographs. They are word that sound the same but have different meanings. I also said “Let’s see what we can learn from Holy family tube. I was so proud because everyone was saying the Assembly was good!

My weekend!

On the weekends I made slime with the elders slime kit I made it with my friends. We made in public because it was a challnage I made only one and the we went home .I went a part it had big jumping castle but we only stayed there for 45 minutes, why because we were late and it was 11 o clock. I went to bed. On Sunday I went to china town for lunch. I had steam dumplings and chicken feet it was really good because it was like the best restaurant there. After I went to my mums house and had a little nap when I woke up it was time for dinner. We have our traditional food it’s called hot pot. It was yummy. Then I had to go bed because it was school.


The assembly is about character strength. It was really creative because they used a lot of teamwork and creativity. I love how they have teamwork because without teamwork then the assembly would of not of been that good. They give a lot of ideas for our next week assembly so I’m going to remember it. I like how they had funny humour because it made me laugh. I like when they were holding up those pieces of paper it showed that god could be everywhere with me. I think it’s a 10 out of 9!

For this Weekend

Our plan was not to go fishing this Weekend because all of this weekend we would go fishing catch some fish so we wanted to to something even more fun like going to my cousin house and going to the city with each other. The plan was to go to the city with my cousins and then we go eat. Then on Sunday My step mum, Dad and my brother and we wanted to go to a restaurant and invite our family to come and eat with us so its not just us thats going. But our other plan was going on the mountains even if it snows (I never been in the snow). Our other plan was to go and meet our cousin and stay there to meet my twin baby cousin they are so adorable.

On The Weekends!

On the weekends I was going to Paris birthday but then my dad wanted to go fishing so we went fishing. We went to lock 2 and went to lock 10. When we arrived the tried to enter but it was so slippery. We were stuck in a big pile of mud, my step mum had an idea so my dad and step mum went to get stick to put at the back to the tires. So we went to go in the car and drive back. We finally escape the evil muddy puddle. So we tried to go in there again, we were went in and yay we are going to catch. At the end of the day we caught 14 fished and we went to buy chips and a drink to brighten the day up yum so good. On Sunday I went to my twin cousins 6 mouth it was fun because we played a lot cool games. I loved my weekend. I was happy that crows won on the weekends because Eddie Betts came back I was happy because he is my favourite player in the Adelaide crows football AFL player. They won by 84. They smashed power which its a good thing.


The assembly was good. I liked how they not just used teamwork but their trying to show how brave they are. I liked how they used creativity . I think that the dance was cool but I couldn’t hear the music. My favourite part was the donut competition.

On the Weekends

On the weekends  I went to the Watermarkert. Its like All you can eat but its a different place. Its as yummy because there were a lot of food to pick and eat. I went home so full because I was hurngy and it was so good so I couldn’t stand it. On Sunday I had wake up at 5am in the morning because we went fishing. We had a competition I was boy vs girls to see who’d the most fish. Me and my step mum had to find a spot that had a lot of fishes so found one. When my step mum was getting ready I went to find a big stick so I could sit on because the floor was really wet and soggy. I found a really big fat, It was so heavy so I had to roll down. I finally rolled it down so then we were waiting to see it any fish was eating the worms. There a one and we caught it but it was a carb a big one we nearly got it up to the ground but the string broke sadly we we have no fish and my dad and brother had 2 fish. We had to change locks because no fish were coming to eat the worms. We change to lock 13 and we had to found a spot again, The spot we found was a really sunny place. My face started to burn because of how hot it was and no fish were eating at all so we had to move to lock 10. As soon as we were there we ate because we all were hungry we finish eating and set up fish were eating. my dad caught 5 all ready and was shock so my step mum went to a nice quiet fish were bitting and there were big fishes so it end and my dad caught 13 and we caught 5. The boys win.

Speck of gold and Assembly!


The Assembly was good because it was really creative and I loved there dances. I think that it had a lot of teamwork and they put in a lot of effort into the assembly.

Speck of gold

My speck is when Emily helped me with my work.

My speck of gold is when I help my mum feed my kitten

My speck of gold is when I was crying Dhyana helped feel better I I thing it was really nice of her.

My speck my is when my friends came to school and its was so excited to go back to school.

My speck is when my mum helped me with my work.

My speck is when I helped Janjeara when she was sad