Guided Reading Week 5 – Mungo Man

Mungo Man is the oldest skeleton ever found in Australia. How old is Mungo Man’s skeleton? Approximately…
a. 400 years old
b. 4 thousand years old
c. 40 thousand years old
d. The Mungo man is 42 thousand years old.
In which region was Mungo Man’s skeleton discovered? …  Willandra Lake
Add a map of the country.
How did geologist Jim Bowler find the skeleton?
Jim Bowler found the Mungo Man Skeleton when he was doing his research about it in 1974.
4.Why were the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Willandra Lakes angry?
To do all this research on Mungo Man, scientists took him away from where he was buried and kept him in a university lab.This made the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Willandra Lakes angry because nobody asked their permission.

Guided Reading Week 4

What calendar do Chinese people
follow? Explain the answer.
The Chinese  people follow another type of calendar that is different to our calendar and the name the there calendar is Lunar Calendar that they follow, the Lunar calendar follows the moon. New Year is held on the second new moon after the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere.
What are some ways the
Chinese/Vietnamese people celebrate
their New Year
They hang lanterns to celebrate, they set of fireworks to celebrate and they even celebrate it by the lion dance or by the dragon dance.

Guided Reading Week 3

What helps me learn, read, write and speak?

I help myself learn by sitting with my friends or by myself, I can constant when the is not much talking, and when I am working woth my friends I don’t talk to them that much because I want my to do the best I can and finish my work.

I help myself read by when it is quiet  and I don’t always sit with my friends when I read because when they talk with me I get distracted but if friends are sitting with me I do say that don’t talk to me that much beause I get distracted.

I help myself write by that only constant on write instead of something anything else but sometimes I do talk with my friends for something when I am working.

I help myself speak by thinking that I can do everything being brave for speaking. I can speaking up for people in school or anywhere else, like that someone I hurting someone then I can speak up for them.

Guided Reading Week 2

last year at school I did fractions I tried so hard to learn them, and I needed to try hard because I did not  know fractions at all but and the end I did get up to learning them. I also learned about my time tables last year and I tried lot too but I only know a bit of the 12s time tables but all through I know all of my timetables.

My goals for this term

My goals are getting better my hand writing because my spelling will get better and my hand writing  so if I am writing a story I will have good hand writting it will look nice. I will try my best to get better and writing. I have another goal that I would like to get better at and that is spelling, I would like to get at these to things because the things I chossed to get better at I really do need to get better at that.

Week one Investigation

In Investigation me and my friends made a pillows by using a theard and a neald he could not finsh the whole thing because first he did not found any nealds so me and my friends went to someones class and got the neald and we stared making the pillow.  I got up to putting the stuffing in the pillow. I will finish my pillow.