My goal for next term is….

My academic goal for next term is in handwriting because I write like cursive but it’s not right cursive so there is so words that even I can’t read when I am reading my book, but I do understand. But I still have to get better because I understand my writing but if the teacher is checking my work and she doesn’t understand anything she will mark everything as wrong. I am going to practice at home.


My personal goal for next term is that I want to get better, or I mean way better at my time’s table so it’s easier for me to do my division. To improve that I am going to ask my mum to give me division sums and I going to practice them.¬†

I am Creative when……. I have used my Leadership when….

I am Creative I use my own ideas and I don’t cope an one. I am creative when I use a growth mindset. If I am saying that I am creative because I use a growth mindset I mean that when I am creative,¬† I am doing drawing and I can’t do it I will keep trying again and won’t give up.


I have used my leadership  when I am helping someone like if I am helping Aditi I am showing her to do the right thing instead of the wrong thing. I use my leadership I am showing someone that is going to do the bad thing, as I am being the leader for them I will tell them not to do that. I am a Leader of myself too because I have to lead myself to do the right thing not the wrong thing.