Today in religion I learned about the third sacrament Eucharist and Communion. Well you might have this question in you mind that why did I say Eucharist and Commune, well it is because there is more than one word for Communion. It does not mean that there is different meanings for it, it is just because of there is more than one word like, Eucharist, Bread and Wine and Communion. In different churches there things are a little bit different like in s catholic church there they break a wafer and in a Orthorducks.

Week 3 Guided Reading

What helped Hannah build the bionic arm?
a., Coding
c. 3D design
d.All of the above
All of the above
She used electronics.
2. What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.
The technology she used is electronics, at the begging she didn’t use that much of technology but after she did use technology.
3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?
So, this hand can do a few different grips and hold many objects; so it can obviously do a close just around something like a glass of water, it can pinch grip something – hold it nice and firm – but also with fine motor skills it can open a door.

Term 2 – Week 2 Guided Reading

1. What three things help start the composting process … a. Bacteria b. Insects c. Fungi d. All of the above, my answer is that it is all above.

2. What sort of fertilizer do the kids add to their compost? They add dried animals blood and ground animal bones.

3. Explain what worms, slugs, and other insects do to improve the compost’s texture?

Such as worms, slugs, and other insects eat their way through the decomposed matter and poop it out improving the composts texture.

4. How does compost help our garden?

It will go on our plants and will give them lots of nutrients so they can grow nice and big.

Guided Reading Wk 1 Holiday

In the holidays my friends came over and had a sleepover. There came on Saturday the last week of school holidays and went on  Sunday because my friend had school too. When they came we, so my friend’s parents, and my parents, my grans, and brother, My parents and my friend’s parents and my gran were sitting outside and having a BBC, and I, my brother and my friend were playing inside.

In the Holidays my friends came to my house from Waikerie. My friend’s name was Suklen, and her parents came and had a sleepover over to. They had a sleepover and our house. We went to the St. Kilda playground. After that, I and my friends went to Costco to buy some stuff. Then we came back and our friends went back to Waikerie.

Guided Reading Wk 1

In the Commonwealth Games

Australia came : First

England came : Second

India came : Third

The Olympics, they’re held every four years in different Commonwealth countries and this year it’s India’s turn.2

They’ve been racing to get new sporting venues finished.

My goal for next term is….

My academic goal for next term is in handwriting because I write like cursive but it’s not right cursive so there is so words that even I can’t read when I am reading my book, but I do understand. But I still have to get better because I understand my writing but if the teacher is checking my work and she doesn’t understand anything she will mark everything as wrong. I am going to practice at home.


My personal goal for next term is that I want to get better, or I mean way better at my time’s table so it’s easier for me to do my division. To improve that I am going to ask my mum to give me division sums and I going to practice them. 

I am Creative when……. I have used my Leadership when….

I am Creative I use my own ideas and I don’t cope an one. I am creative when I use a growth mindset. If I am saying that I am creative because I use a growth mindset I mean that when I am creative,  I am doing drawing and I can’t do it I will keep trying again and won’t give up.


I have used my leadership  when I am helping someone like if I am helping Aditi I am showing her to do the right thing instead of the wrong thing. I use my leadership I am showing someone that is going to do the bad thing, as I am being the leader for them I will tell them not to do that. I am a Leader of myself too because I have to lead myself to do the right thing not the wrong thing.

Guided Reading Week 9 – Australian Population Future

1. What are some of the benefits of population growth?
There are some benefits to having more people in the country and it’s not just lots of potential new friends. More people means more businesses; more buildings means more jobs; and more people paying taxes. The benefits will be that the works will make more school’s and schools and so the kids can go, and there will be more businesses and people the works will make more buildings and the more they make the better it is because there will be enough space for people to live and the works will get more money.
2.What are some of the challenges of population growth?
The challenges will be that there will be more and more people so the works will need to make more school’s and there will be terrific jams and that will be bad for our environment. There will be lots of bad things happening more accident’s and our air will be bad .
3.Do you think Australia’s population should grow or stay the same size? Explain your answer.
 I think that the Australian population should not grow because there will be terrific jaws we would not to make bigger school and it will be bad for our in environment. I don’t want more people to come to australiabecause our  environment air population that will be a big and bad effect on our  environment and that’s not good.

Numeracy Reflection

My goal for this term is to learn my fractions if we are and if we are not learning about fractions this term so I want to get better at my division because I do know division but I want to get better at it. If we are doing fractions this term when I will really like to get better at I just because I know but in between I get muddily up in division and fractions and sometimes I get muddily up with division and multiplication.

Guided Reading Week 8 – Plastic Free Boy

How is plastic pollution having a negative impact on animals and our environment?
There’s more life in the ocean than there is on land. We need to protect the ocean for the people in the future because if this ocean isn’t clean from this plastic pollution our water will not be clean.
2. How many tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean?
8 million tonnes are in the ocean.
3. What can you do to help the environment?

To help the environment we can put the rubbish in the right on.You can put it in the bin but if you are at the beach and you are eating chips and you don’t find the bin to put it in so it’s that you put it in the water you can even just put in your bag and take it home.