Investigation reflection week 8

Today for investigation we continued on with our last week investigation. Last week I did icing making, this week we are focusing on our piping and developing on them.

i discover that piping is really hard to pipe without a tip but with a tip makes the icing come out really good but without the tip makes it doesn’t look really good.

I could develop my idea by finding out on how to make good patterns using a simple tip and making good patterns.

There ins’t any new question I have.

Next time I would try and make the icing more thicker not watery because this time I accidentally poured too much milk and, next time I would pour in bit of milk so then it won’t be watery.


This is my evidence:

Guided reading – Koalas in decline

What is the conservation status of koalas?

Since 2012 koalas’s conservation is vulnerable species, but now koalas’s population have dropped.


Approximately how many koalas are left in the wild?

There are approximately about 40,000 koalas in the wild, because of dog attack, cars and their nature habitat is disappearing.


What are some threats of koalas?

The threats that the koalas are facing is not having homes because each yer people cut down trees which is affecting their home and habitat. There are going to be more cutting down trees in South – east Queensland which is where most koalas are living, so there’s going to be a threat to them not having home. The other threat that koalas are facing is climate changing because the gum leaves have salt water in them because of floods, and when the tree sucks in the soil which has set water in them it could cause the gum tree to die and it will make the leaves not edible for the koalas.


How is climate change affecting the gum leaves that koalas eat?

climate changing is affecting the gum leaves because the gum leaves have salt water in them because of floods, and when the tree sucks in the soil which has set water in them it could cause the gum tree to die and it will make the leaves not edible for the koalas.


What are some ways that we can protect koalas and their habitats?

In Queensland someone has suggested that they should make a koalas national park to protect all the koalas that are endanger. In New South Wales the government is going to move the gum tree away from the coast line to protect them from the salt water.



Investigation reflection week 7

Today I did icing, its when we have to make icing and pipe it onto the baking paper. I made butter icing the colour that I dyed it was lime green which was 3 drops of yellow and 1 drop of red. It was really fun and I get to know how to make a piping bag with baking paper and sticky tape.

I discover that you have to be patient to be able to make a good icing because when you use the electric whisking it makes it more smooth, but if you hand whisk it then it would become a good result.

I could develop my ideas by going on the internet to find more ways of making icing and new ways of making piping bags, and I could develop my ideas by making the icing more quicker so then I would have more time to pipe the icing.

There isn’t any question that I have because making the icing is pretty easy, but I don’t know why the sticky tape doesn’t stick to the baking paper.

Next time I would go on the internet and find out new ways of making piping bag and how to do different styles of piping. And next time I would dye the icing a new colour.


This is my evidence:

Hindu temple reflection

On Tuesday the 6/7  went on an excursion to a Hindu temple, this excursion was different to the ones I went to in the other classes. In the other excursion we had to take a bus and this one we had to walk there, but I was a fun experience walking there. When we got there I was so surprised of how big it was and for a few moments I thought that it was the queen’s palace. When we got in there the first thing we had to do was take of our shoes because it’s a symbol of respect to their Gods. We later walked into the main hall and it was really big, the boys and girls had to sit on the opposite side and on the stage was statue of their Gods. Later a man presented a presentation and it was a really good presentation with pictures and video that was related to the topic.

After the presentation a lady gave us a tour around the temple she was really kind and funny, she took us to where the womens have their food and the kitchen. Later on she showed us the classrooms and more rooms around the temple, she showed us where she taught children from 5 – 10 years old and the other classrooms too, every classroom had  pictures of their successors and the first thing they had to do when they get to the classroom is to pray. They even have snacks in the classrooms so that after school on normal days if they’re hungry they could get a snack to have. After she took us to the upstairs classroom she took us to the balcony and when I stood there in the balcony I felt like a queen. After that we meet up in the hall and took group pictures, later on we have recess because we were still on sight at the temple we couldn’t have meat so they gave us food to have. They gave us a cup of orange juice and a plate of chips or popcorn.

From that excursion I learnt that if you were a saint then your not allow to see a women’s shadow, hear a women’s voice, or let a women touch you or else they would have to fasten for 3 days. It was a great experience to the Hindu temple and we get to learn many things from there.

Guided reading – school coding

What are the kids in the BTN story learning?

The kids in the BTN story is learning how to code, twice a week at lunchtime they would come together in a special coding workshop.


Explain one of the apps the kids designed in the BTN story?

They use this app on their tablet called Pythonista. Its a really easy coding language to understand and it helps them create their own games on their electronic device. They get into groups and work together to create an entertaining and challenging games, and when they are done with their work they would send it through an app store to their teacher.


What is code? Describe using one sentence.

A code is when you use different letters or block letters to make something happen on your electronic device.


What coding language do the kids use to design their apps?

They use the coding language python to code on a app called pythonista and to create their own games.


How many games does the school have registered on the app store?

There are 7 games that the school registered on app store and anyone around the world could play on it.

Mission day reflection

Last Friday was Mission day, my group have our own business the business was called Krispie Treats. We sold rice krispie treats, in total we all made 26 of them and we made a profit $4.50 out of the treats, each of our treats cost 80 cents which is a good price in my opinion.

The treats that’s made with rice bubbles is flavoured pink marshmallow with marshmallow spread on top and the chocolate treats was made with coco pops and with white marshmallow flavoured, it was on a pop stick so then  it wouldn’t stick to your hands. Vinh’s one didn’t have a pop stick because it was too thin. It all looked really attractive and very colourful for kids.

On the day we set up our table nest to the basketball ring because it was shady there but in front of the basketball court was more sunny so we moved our store next to the basketball ring. In the morning Vinh and I were panicking when Vinh told me that she only made 8 treats because there wasn’t enough ingredient, but when Thuy came with 14 treats I was all ok because Vinh has made 8 and Thuy has made 14 and I have made 5 it was a total of 26 treats.

On the day we sold out pretty quick, we each brought one each to try them and it tasted delicious and sweet. Later on customer came and it sold out pretty well but we didn’t get to buy much things and have money left over from our token. On that day I went to the Dessert Dash store and brought a fruit salad cup it was delicious and sweet, in the fruit salad include fruits that I really like. There wasn’t many store and when our business was over, nearly all the stuff is sold out.

I really enjoyed the Mission Day.

Guided reading – blogging

How do you control your own learning? What goals have you reached this semester?


I control my learning by concentrating on my work and not get distracted by people around me.

The goals that I have reached this semester is that I have read more because I usually read a bit like one or two books but now I have read more books. In the first semester I read a bit and I have made a goal this semester to read more and now I have reached my goal.

Guided reading – Fashion waste

On average, how many kilograms of clothes do Australians buy each year?

On average each person in Australia buy  about 27 kilo per year.


Why do you think Australians buy a lot of clothes?

Australians buy lots of clothes to look fashionable, trendy and buy cheaper clothes.


What is `fast fashion’? Name a country where `fast fashion’ is made.

Fast fashion is when a fashion is trendy and that its made and sold for a cheap price. China is one of the country that made fast fashion.


What are the conditions like for clothing factory workers in those countries?

The condition for clothing factory workers are paid less and the work isn’t that great. The clothes quality are not too good which it doesn’t take long to make.


What impact does clothing waste have on the environment?

The impact that the clothing waste would bring to the environment is that in the olden days when clothes are ripped they would sew them back and now if our clothes are ripped people would properly buy new clothes to wear but not sew them. And that Australia is the 2nd consumer country of the world.


What can be done to reduce the amount of clothing waste?

To reduce the amount clothes wasted is that we could using our money to buy fashionable clothes all the time but reduce it to lesser so that we could save money and we could reduce the clothes waste.

Mission Day Marketing

Hi guys,

On Mission Day Tav Krispie Treats in that group are Thuy, Vinh and I. We will be selling Krispie Treats for 80 cents. We would be selling it in front of the basketball court.


Take a look at our business website for further information:

Guided reading – blogging week 4

What do you want to find out more about? How do you use creativity?


I would like to learn more about the galaxy because I don’t know much about the planets and I would really like to learn more about it. So then this year I could know more about the orders of the planet and more about them. The other thing I wanted to know more about is doing more inquiry so that I could learn deeper in the topic that we do. Cause usually we would do a topic and not learn deeper into it but I want to learn more deeper such s inquiry projects.

I used my creativity this year when we did the mindful drawing it helped me be creative because we had to think of what to draw and it helped me be more creative, and that lesson was really good and I really hope that we would do more of that sometimes during the year so I could use my creativity more.