Kokoda track – week 4

1.What did the BTN story explain?

The BTN story explains the history of the Kokoda Track where hundred of Australian died in New Guinea, and how important and memorial that place is. Every year hundreds of people come there to visit the Kokoda Track which is ninety six kilometre long and remembering those who died there.

2.During which war was the Kokoda campaign?

In the 1941, the war was at Kokoda Track.

3.Why were Australian soldiers sent to New Guinea?

The Australian soldiers was sent to New Guinea to protect New Guinea from the Japanese soldiers. For the Japanese soldiers to get to Australia they would need to invade New Guinea first so Australian Government decided to send the reserve Australian to go and fight at the Kokoda Track.

4.New Guinea was a territory of Australia. True or false?


5.Why were reserve forces sent to New Guinea?

They sent the reserve forces to New Guinea because the Japanese were invading that place, and the reason why they do that was because they would need to invade New Guinea to get to Australia.


6.Why were the soldiers poorly prepared for war?

They were poorly prepared was because that their job was to protect the home front not other things.

7.Describe the conditions on the Kokoda track.

The conditions at Kokoda Track was really bad. During the day time it would be hot and at night time it would be freezing cold. The track was really hard to walk because it was muddy and that track would take about 8 days to finish.

Blogging week 3

I think that I have learnt more maths because last term I leant more about angles because I used to think that there are only, right angles, obtuse angle, reflex angle and full angle. Last term I learnt that there are more angles too, such as interior angle, congruent angle and more.

I think that I have also got better at english because I have read my work out loud every time I get up to 100 words. I have found lots of places that should have full stops, and there are some places that don’t need full stops but I put them there. So I think that proof reading is really helping me in writers notebook.

History of video games – week 3

1. What were the early video games like?

The early video games were all black and white, simple and minimum sound.

2. Why did arcade games become less popular?

Arcade games become less popular because people could just sit at home an  play them instead of going out to play it.

3. Give examples of video games that are back in fashion?

Some back in fashion video game is pinball machines, driving simulators and more.


4. What do you think is the future of video games?

I think that the future video game would be better because video games right now are already good, so int he future it would be better.

5. Which is your favourite video game? Why?

my favourite video game right now is league of legends because I could play it with my friends after school. It is a competitive game, where there is lots of game mode that you could play. There are normal game mode where you would vs other players in the world, and get better at it. While there is another game mode where you would vs against bots, you could pick to vs beginner bots or intermediate bots which are hard to beat.

6. What did you like about the BTN story?

The things that I like about the BTN story was that it was about video games, because me myself like to play video games too, which made it more interesting for me to watch.


What goals have your reached this semester? And what are your top 5 character strength?

The goals that I have reached this semester is getting better at my communicating with other people in 6/7. I used always stay in my friendship group but this semester I feel like I have know a bit more about people in 6/7  and have made more friends. I feel like knowing more friends is a good thing because if one of your close friend isn’t here at school you would still have other friends to hang out with.

From my last chapter strength survey I think that my top character strength was teamwork, but I can’t remember the other four character strength.

Sleep problems – week 2

  1. Why is it important to get the right amount of sleep?

It is important to get a good amount of sleep because you would be more happier and more healthy. The you get a good amount of sleep then your brain has the chance to rest and store all the new thing that you learnt that day.


The BTN Happiness Survey found that kids who got the right amount of sleep were ________ as likely to feel happy.

The BTN Happiness Survey found that kids who got the right amount of sleep were twice as likely to feel happy.


About how much sleep should you be getting every night?

You would need to get at least 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night


What percentage of kids surveyed sleep with a phone or tablet near their bed?

a. 27% b. 37% c. 47%

Studies have found that the ____________ devices emit can make it hard to fall asleep.

Studies have found that the notification devices emit can make it hard to fall asleep.


What are some reasons why kids aren’t getting enough sleep?

One reason why kids aren’t getting enough sleep is because they have device in reach.

The second reason why kids aren’t getting enough sleep is because they would get notification while they sleep and it make them want to wake up and text back.


How much sleep do you get each night?

I get about 10 hours sleep each night


How do you feel when you don’t get enough sleep?

When I don’t get enough sleep I would feel tried at school and I would want to fall asleep.


What can you do to get a better night’s sleep?

The things that you can do to get better sleep is turning your device on power off or do not disturb.

Blogging – week 1

What do I want to get out of my last year of primary school?

For my last year of primary school I want to learn more english and grammar because I always put a conjunction at the front of the sentence. I really want to learn more of that so I could be ready for high school and knowing what I’m writing for my high school teacher.

The other thing that I really want to get out of this term is to learn more spelling because there are lots of words that I don’t know how to spell but my friends know.

That all the thing I want to get out of this term before I go to high school.

History of the Alphabet – Week 1

  1. What did the BTN story explain?

The BTN explain why the alphabet begin with an A and end in Z, but they didn’t end up knowing why. They even explained where they got the alphabet from and when, they added more words to the Phoenician’s alphabet.


  1. When and where did the Phoenicians live?

The Phoenician lived there for about 3500 years ago which is 1500 BC. They lived next to the Mediterranean Sea.


  1. What did their alphabet look like?

There alphabet looked like this:


  1. What did the Greeks add to the alphabet?

The Greek add vowels to the alphabet


  1. Who spread the alphabet around Europe and England?

The person that spread the alphabet was the Latin Roman speaking country, they spread the alphabet to England and Europe.


  1. Name three things you learnt about the alphabet watching the BTN story?1. I know who made up the alphabet
  2. I know who spread the alphabet until now
  3. I know why the alphabet have to be in order beginning from A to Z

Behind the news week 9

Who has North Korea threatened with war?

North Korea threatened war with is United State of America.


What are the sanctions?

A sanction is basically a rule that one country made up to rule or power over the other country.


What impact can trade sanctions have on a country?

The impact that trading sanctions have on a country is that when they don’t trade you something it could affect the people and the government.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantage of a sanctions is that you get to buy stuff from other country and the disadvantage is that if they don’t give you stuff then the people would have no stuff or supply.

Kangaroo control week 10

  1. Why are kangaroos a problem at the Sandy Creek Conservation Park?

The problem about kangaroos in Sandy Creek Conservation Park is that there are too many kangaroos, and that means that they are eating too much. The problem is that the plants that the kangaroos are eating provides home and food for other animals, and if the kangaroos eat too much they might not grow back.


  1. Why is over-grazing a problem?

Over grazing is a problem because when there are more of them they start eating too much, and the plants that they are eating provide home and food for other animals.


  1. How long has ecologist David Paton been monitoring the fenced-off area?

David Paton has been monitoring the fenced – off area for 15 years ago.


  1. What does he think should happen?

He thinks that kangaroo should be kill to stop the population from growing, and the plants that’s being eaten.


  1. What does it mean to `cull’?

Cull means that we have to reduce the population of an animal.


  1. Do you think culling kangaroos is a good idea? Give reasons for your answer.

I think that culling isn’t a good idea because imagine kangaroos as us human, if a country has too many people would they go killing people. Kangaroo has a life and so do we, so we should fine another way to get rid of them out of our country.

Last Thursday outdoor day – blogging

Last week Thursday we had an outdoor day which we stay outdoor and do activity. My first activity was the ninja warrior with Mr Elder, it was an activity outside out of school. It was a thinking task, we had to climb over a chain thingy, throw three hopes into a tea ball stand and we had to climb onto this thing on the play ground. Our group ended up getting all three of the task and we got three smaller mats.We worked as a team to get across the ground without touching the ground, while bringing the big blue mat with us. Our group has won that task and I was proud of my team.

The next activity that we did was netball, netball was always a fear to me after Harmony Day. This time I got to learn how to play netball and it was very fun learning the skills and teamwork in netball, I learnt that you need to run into space, and call for the ball so your teammate know that your there. But I really enjoyed it.

After recess, I had AFL football and it was on the oval. I was playing as centre, and it was easy playing as centre. I really don’t like playing as the three backs because I don’t really know how to kick a football properly. But I really enjoyed it.

After lunch, I did photography with Lily. We had to take pictures of our favourite person, favourite place and a favourite thing around the school. When we were walking on the oval, Lily was like hey why not take a picture of our shadow that would be cool, because one of my favourite person is Lily and so does she. For our favourite thing we went to Mrs Stam and Mrs Monaham session and we took a picture of the wool thing form under the tree and it looked amazing. For our favourite place we took a picture of the blossom. I was a fun day though.