• What do you think digital literacy is?

I think that digital literacy means that you are able to use the digital device’s ability’s to communicate or use sources’s information.


  • What are the advantages?

The advantage of digital literacy is that we could use it’s ability to do stuff on digital device, and other advantage is they could be more social on digital literacy. The student could learn more skills and tolls.


  • What are the disadvantages or Challenges?

The disadvantages of digital literacy is that the student might know more than the teacher and they could cheat on work without the teacher knowing.


Happiness Survey – Week 7

  • What makes you happy?

Something that makes me happy is that my friends and family are there for me when i’m sad.

  • What does the BTN Happiness Survey aim to find out?

BTN is having a Happiness Survey to find out how your going with things and how they can make things go better.

  • What sorts of things do kids worry about?

The things that kids worry about their health, their future and their family.

  • How will the survey be used to help kids?

This survey is used to help kids by how they can make thing better.

  • What do you understand more clearly since watching this BTN story?

I understand that lots of kids have been bullied for years and thats’s a really sad thing to hear. And this BTN story is saying that are lots of kids that are happy and lots of kids are sad.


Investigation reflection week 7

What did you investigate today?

Today I investigated painting, I painted a scene of grass and the sky in the back ground.


What sort of ideas/new learning did you discover?

I didn’t discover anything new, but when I cleaned my paint brush with water made the paint go watery and ti wet my artwork.


How could you develop your idea?

I could develop my idea by painting a painting that has a more complicated because most of the scene is quite easy.


Are there any new questions you have?

There isn’t any new questions I have because painting is quite easy.


What would you do differently next time?

Next time I would make the painting more harder and I would dry the paint brush after I wash it so there’s going to be no water on my artwork.


I didn’t get to take any photos because I had to clean the table and after I lost my artwork.



BTN and blogging

  • What is inclusivity? What do you think some of the features of an inclusive policy might be?

I think that inclusivity means that stuff are included in something. I think in a  inclusive policy is laws that you follow.


  • What is equality?

Equality is when you share things out equally to each other.


  • What is equity?

Equity means that when everyone of you would have to get the same thing. Like in the picture the equity is everyone get to have the same thing. In the picture the dad didn’t need anything to stand on and he already could see the view. While the littlest boy need to see the view with two crate so everyone got to see the baseball cricket game.


  • What is the difference between equality and equity and how do each contribute to inclusion (or exclusion)?


The difference between equality and equity is equality is when you guys share the same amount of things but one of you might not be able to have much rights even though you guys share the thing. And equity is when you guys are all equal and no one has more powers than the other one even though one of you might not get it.


  • Does including all people equally necessarily mean including all people equitably?


Yes, because everyone should have equal amount of rights as the other people.


  • What is an example of a practice you could employ in the school to increase inclusivity?

I don’t really know but when my friends and I play handball people comes up to us and ask if they could play, and we always let them play when though they are tough to win.



Investigation reflection week 2

What did you investigate today?

Today I investigated how to make an arm knit scarf, this activity was in the art room which is next to the old canteen.


What sort of ideas/new learning did you discover?

I learnt that making an arm knit scarf is really hard to do because the art room was very noisy when I was doing it so we couldn’t hear what the lady was saying.


How could you develop you idea?

I could develop my idea by going on Youtube to find a better video that is easier to make


Are there any new questions you have?

There isn’t any questions that I have.


What would you do differently next time?

Next time I would try and find a quieter spot to do this task because I couldn’t hear the last that was teaching us how to do it.

Here is my evidence:

Guided reding – The basin plan

1.) Why have the Murray and Darling rivers struggled to survive over the past decade?

The Murray and the Darling rivers  have struggled over the last decades because in the mid 2000s we had the worst droughts that have been recorded so that have made a big impact on the rivers.

2.) The Murray-Darling Basin is Australia’s most important agricultural region because…

The Murray-Darling Basin is Australia’s most important agricultural region because 1/3 of our food comes from the Murray darling basin.

3.) Why was the Murray-Darling plan created?

The Murray Darling plan was created because they wanted to make sure that people don’t take too much water out of the river.

4.) What were the important parts of the plan?

The most important part of the plan is making sure people don’t take too much water out of the river.

Guided reading – Electric cars

1.)  What was the main point of the Electric Cars?

The point of the Electric Cars is that there would be no petrol tank and it makes less noise.


2.) Why did the internal combustion engine take over?

The internal combustion took over because they were cheaper to make, they are easy to fill and that they could go really fast.


3.)  What are some disadvantages of petrol engines?

The disadvantages of petrol engines is that when the petrol burns down it makes carbon dioxide which could harm people’s health


4.) How has battery technology changed?

The battery technology has changed by driving longer without needing to charge your car.


5.) What do you think is the future of electric cars? Explain your answer

I don’t really know much about cars but I think that the future electric cars would be great because you don’t need to waster much money on petrol and it’s also really good for people’s health. But I mean there is a good side about it and there would be a bad side of it.

Guided reading – Teen novelist

1.) Summarise the BTN story

This BTN story is about writing a novels and how young children have already started to write novels


Where did Mallory get the idea for her story?

Mallory got her idea from her dreams that was suppose to be scary but she left it out so it would be great for kids.


What challenges did she face along the way?

The challenges that Mallory face was when she couldn’t figure out how to resolve the main problem in her book and going through the publishing stage.


What advice does she give to potential young authors?

The advice that she give was how long your book is it still going to take time to finish. You got to keep trying as many times even though you have fail many times.

Investigation reflection week 3

Today we had to continue on with the same activity that we did last week last week I started making arm knitting scarf, and this week I have done lots.

I discover that knitting a scarf needs patient  because if you rush it, it wouldn’t  become good looking. So have to have patients to be able to finish this task.

I could develop my idea by finding more ways of knitting a scarf

I don’t have any new question for this task because it’s really easy to make but takes lots of time

I wouldn’t do anything differently next time because my scarf looks really good already, but I’m sure that by next week I’ll be finish with the scarf.


Take a look at what I’ve done today: