To often I become focused on the action and the outcome rather then engaging in conversation and building in relationships.


 In Mark 11:12-14 Jesus curses the fig tree and says no fruit will be ever born from it.

When I reflect on this scripture I think about why Jesus cured the sick and ate with the sinners because they accepted his message of hope and knew that it was a call to change.  Whereas for the non marginalized to accept the message of change required a sacrifice to give to others and not take their life for granted.

To many times if only I had listened to others instead of working on achieving the outcome the missed opportunities of gaining the insights and knowledge that are offered are ignored to attain the goal. Like the fig tree my relationships won’t bear any fruit unless I  am motivated by the process, listen to the ideas of others and engage in the relationships that lead to the outcome rather than just focus on goal.






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