Overcoming Grief

Psalm 34: 18 says:

 “The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in Spirit.”

 Recently I went to the funeral of a friend who died suddenly. I got quite emotional because when someone dies without warning there is never time to say goodbye.

 At first I felt angry seeing her two young sons and husband grieving for the loss of their mother and wife. Why had this happened and what good could possibly come from it?

 For my friend who passed as the ceremony went on my anger subsided as I could see that the people who gathered wanted her memories to be a celebration of her life. A life remembered for kindness and giving which is the cornerstone of every relationship.

 Sometimes I realise it is okay to question situations but more importantly I need to come to an understanding of what actually occurred. Such a consideration helps me comprehend the difficulties I may experience in my life and assist me in focussing on the future.

 Hence it is essential that we celebrate life as I am reminded that it is a gift from God and to be cherished for every special moment and person we meet along the way. They will always continue to live in our memories.



One thought on “Overcoming Grief

  1. I like the honesty and humanity in your posts, Michael. I almost lost someone at the weekend, and thank God she is still here.More special moments to treasure.

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