My Father

Just recently we celebrated Father’s Day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad/Chris as he has passed on however, I would like to share some special moments I spent with him.

One of the activities that we did together was go to the Australian Football games together. My dad and supported a local suburban team called Norwood each season for about 25 years we went to nearly every game. We shared in the highs and lows of our teams wins and losses. We talked over the phone nearly every day about our teams and the opposition’s players, coaches and the past and upcoming games. Also, we would always go out and celebrate after a win or commiserate after a loss. It was a common interest that sealed a special bond between us with my dad inviting me to engage in his passion.

Another event where I would like being with my dad was family events. My dad was extremely popular amongst his and my mum’s family whether it be sporting activities with our extended families or eating and drinking around a barbecue.  I always remember my father playing tennis against my uncle who was very competitive. My father would play a trick shot, where he could get a drop volley just over the net and then it would spin back over his side of the net.  This would rile my uncle throwing his racquet much to the amusement of everyone watching.  My dad really loved spending time with his family he was a great relationship builder.

Furthermore, one of dad’s keen hobbies was gardening. We lived on a double block with a nice green lawn, hydrangeas, agapanthus, daisies and daffodils in the front yard and almond, walnut, apricot, plum, peach and lemon trees and rows of tomatoes, cucumber and tomatoes in the backyard. My father seemed to have like a semi market garden flourishing in the back of his block. In fact, he featured in a display for suburban market gardeners at the Migration Museum. I particularly enjoyed the fruits of his labour and nature’s bounty from our fruit and nut trees and plants.

Finally, my dad had great belief in God. He celebrated Mass regularly and prayed every day. His faith was passed onto to my family who are all regular churchgoers thanks to his powerful witness. Consequently, my Father influenced me in my faith, passions, utilising my talents to develop and appreciate relationships with everyone I encounter and valuing the gift of creation that can be reaped from working with nature. All aspects that embrace proclaiming the good news of God’s kingdom.

My Dad is on the right at my  Baptism.

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