Our buddy Assembly

Our Assembly and I was reading and I wasa monkey in the play at the assembly.  It was so fun I enjoyed, it was good and my best part of the assembly was the story of Rama and Sita because I was a monkey and I was VERY scared and but I use a character strength of bravery.  I liked working the buddy class because they were funny and made the assembly feel fun.  I liked reading and saying how good teh Indian dancers were.

This is my robot YAY

hi  this is my robot it has eyes, it glows, it was SO long and we use a switch we only use paper and Pins and we use

Cords An Wires  and we Connected it into a circle then we connected my eyes then we use them it will work and that’s

about  it so BYE. I needed a battery so th electricity could go through the wires.  The electricity travels because the pins were touching.

This is my group making an Iron Man


Hi this is Iron Man it was so small.

AND WE GET TOO USE A VR I WAS CRYING on THE INSIDE because I did not get a chance because the batteries went flat.  In my Iron Man group We drew a design and then we started making it.  It looked different to our sketch.  I helped by making the neck.  When we made the arms and hands we came up with the idea of cutting holes instead of using masking tape and slid the arms through the holes.