Investigation week 8

Today for investigations I was preserving olives again and I don’t know if Miss.Giannakakis didn’t have anything to do for us so we just did the same thing as last week. But no body went to pick the olives off the trees so we had a huge group of people filling up the jars with olives so only 4 people were able to fill up the jars one for each person. But after I smelled the olives I just gave my jar to sienna to fill it up instead. I just filled in the jars with the chili and olive oil. After we filled in our jars it was pretty obvious Miss.Giannakakis didn’t know what to do with us so she told me to learn how to preserve the wedge lemons. I did a little bit of research and I learnt that you can keep the lemons fresh by keeping them in a air tight container. Maybe next time I will be able to preserve lemons.


Investigation Reflection week 7

Today Investigated on how to preserve olives and add flavors to the olives like chili, salt and anchovies. In our school we started growing and preserving these olives so then we can sell them. There were 2 groups, preserving olives and picking olives off trees. I wanted to pick olives but after I realised there were different type of olives I didn’t want to do it so I was assigned to preserving. There were 2 buckets and we had to put them into jars, one bucket had a little bit olives and were only able to filled up 2 jars. The other bucket had twice as much olives and it had juice and guess what me and my friend had to do the bigger bucket. We had to scoop up all of the olives in the bucket and then fill the jars up with the olives. We also had to divide the juice in the 4 jars. After we filled the jars up with olives we were able to pick flavors so me and my friend just chose chili which you just put chili and lemon in the jar with the olives and then shake them up. I wonder if you can put different flavors in the olives instead of just doing 2 flavors like if you add chocolate, strawberries or vanilla extract with the olives jar and don’t place in a lemon. Do olives expire and how long can they be persevered like how long do they have in the jar? Or can we make an olives made out of pizza?

Guided reading Btn week 7

1.What are the kids in the BTN story learning?
The kids in the BTN story are learning how to code, design, develop and publish their own games on app store, they’re learning coding blocks and coding letters.
2.Explain one of the apps the kids designed in the BTN story.
I’m going to discuss my favorite game in the BTN story which was the goblin rush game. Its like the game called Balloons tower defense which is a game where the player can build these structures to defend off goblins from a castle and the only way to get structures is by waiting out for money to come in. Once you have enough money you can build structures and the structures will attack the goblins.
3.What is code? Describe using one sentence.
Coding is a different block/letter language in order to make an electronic thing happen.
4.What coding language do the kids use to design their apps?
Aberfoyle park high school have been using this program on their tablets called pythonista which allows the kids to use python coding language.
5.How many games does the school have registered on the app store?
I don’t know the list of games but i know that the school has made 7 mobile games on the app store the games include of  goblin rush, boxscape and spaceshooter which are games the kids have made.
Btn link:

Guided reading Blogging week 7

Yesterday you would all ready know that the 6/7s had a excursion to the Hindu temple (6/7 Rg, Jw, Nb) the Hindu temple was nice, it had nice cravings on the walls and doors and I liked the fact that we had to take off our shoes because since we were walking of course we had some mud/dirt on them. The mass was great the carpet was my favorite and the chairs was really comfy but what I hated was that I was sitting directly behind Mr. Winters and Mr. Winters being tall was blocking most of my view. Hindu Indian people gave us a presentation about their gods, rituals, festivals and the different types of temples there are in the world.  The second Hindu Indian who presented to us was very clear the my Hindu project, after the presentation me and my friends were given a tour around the entire temple and my favorite part was the orange juice they gave us during the tour. During the tour we stopped upon a wishing well it was simple, have the wish in your head and pour warm water over the statue my wish was to …@>!!!!?$$@#!!..$%>#%*&%@” also we had to walk back to school and I woke up this morning and my legs were sore.

Mission day Reflection Blogging

Did everyone have fun at mission day? good cause I didn’t, because 10 minutes in and almost every stall selling food and drinks were all sold out and I mainly like mission for the sweats that everyone makes but all I got was a chocolate brownie even though the brownie was really good, good job for who ever made that but that meant for the last 50 minutes of mission day all I had to do was playing super smash bros (In the library) or play Borris (Mr Bartolds and Mrs.Norris arcade) wow! My stall was sold out too so me and my friend didn’t have to do our shift but the other half of the group had to so yay! I was happy when I saw people coming to our stall (Squishy the stall with the flour filled stress balls) and I think I saw a huge line and all all of our stress balls were sold out in like 15 minutes but I’m sorry if you wanted a stress ball but you didn’t get one. The worst part was after mission day and when the people from my group who were working forgot to pack up everything when we sold out so me and my friend had to pack up everything and take it up in my locker. What was also fun but annoying was when I bought slime from 2ktv not saying that their slime was bad but it was really sticky and I tried to play with it the slime wouldn’t get off my hand and it was just a mess, I think I had to go to the toilet like 5 times because I wanted to play with the slime but I just kept on getting on my hands. Thank you for everyone who came to my groups stall and bought a stress ball because we made $13.50 and also Borris (Mr.Bartolds and Mrs.Norris Arcade) was really fun I got a lolly bag for my first game!!!

Guided reading week 5 term 2 Btn Fashion Waste!!!

Today for guided reading my group were told that we had to answer some questions relating to this Btn:            

1: On average, how many kilograms of clothes do Australians buy each year?                                                                        Australians buy at least 27 kilograms of textile and then discard 23 kilograms into landfill, and 2/3 of that discards are man made fibers that take at least decades to rot. Australia is the second most consumers of new textile said by consultant Jane Milburn and is after north Americans who have been said to annually buy 37 kilograms.

2:Why do you think Australians buy a lot of clothes?                                                                                                                       I think Australians buy a lot of cloths because most Australians get what they paid for, while Australian clothing tend to be really expensive, the clothing are usually made with a lot of high quality.

5: What impact does clothing waste have on the environment?


Guided reading term 2 week 5 Blogging

Today for Guided reading my group had to answer 2 questions in depth-detail and blog it on our page.

1: What helps you with your learning?                                                                                                                                                 I learn better when I’m given a example through a video in animation. I know that it helps me a lot because i when i was doing the diversity video for our assembly this year I didn’t know what diversity meant so I asked a teacher but I still didn’t understand so instead I looked about it on YouTube and found a video in animation so when I watched it the video did a better job teaching me about diversity so that’s my example why I think I do better watching a video

2: What goals have you reached this semester.                                                                                                                                  Well at the start of the semester this was my checklist of goals for now that I’ve finished and the ones that I haven’t finished


  • learn some bit of science (check)
  • do a little bit of history then never do it again (check)
  • read a book and fill out one slot of my primers reading challenge (check)
  • write my book for writers notebook (check)
  • teach class about science (undone)

Selling SQUISHY stress Balls!

On mission day my group (Me,Khoa,Caleb and James( will be opening our business on the 2nd of June. Our business name is Squishy and we will be selling flour filled stress balls.

You can find us on Mission day near  the flag polls and we hope you can visit us and buy some stress balls.

For more information go to our about page on our website at…

Guided reading Btn Term 2 week 4

Today for guided reading my group did btn and we have to answer these questions

2: its illegal to treat others unfairly because of their culture,nationality and skin colour  True or false?.

it is illegal for people to treat others differently because people can be harm by racism and it can hurt sometimes so the law is saying that racism is illegal to protect others from racial discrimination

3: Where can racism happen?

racism can happen anywhere like school,streets and online these places are common because all of them can have people discriminate and online people can post racial comments and videos about you and in public random strangers can treat other people differently depends on their race or skin colour

4: Who experiences racism

racism can happen to anyone. people can racially discriminate you for what you eat,skin colour,race and where you came from like for an example. A teacher asks for answers in class and people will look at the Asains and say. “Aren’t you Asain? say something.”

5: What percentage of kids aged between 13 and 17 have experienced racism?

89% of school kids aged between 13 and 17 said that they have seen/experienced racism and I’ve made a chart.

Guided reading term 2 week 3 blogging

today I have to do blogging and had to answer what I wanted to learn and when I’ve used my creativity

I want to learn chemical science like how does solar panels excite sunlight with a silicon conviction chemical under a thin layer of glass or we could learn g force like for Jules so like if I were in a car and the car was at 80mph how much Jules would I be receiving?

I’ve used my creativity in like my writers notebook or in my information report like I have this information that I’ve created in my head to so that I had a idea of what I want my information report to look like and this goes the same for my history inquiry I have my plan and I have the design I want it to be.