Excursion Reflection

Yesterday was our class excursion. We went to St. Kilda to do some fishing with Mr. McCarthy. While on the bus I sat with Alex Huynh. Behind me was Caleb and Karan, all I did was talk with Alex and take out Oceannes ear phones while she was listening to music. At St. Kilda we sat together at a bench with shade over and sat on the floor. 6/7 Rg (My Class) were going fishing first with Mr. McCarthy, I already how to fish and how to throw in the fishing line into the water. Miss.Giannakakis paired us up with our friends. Unlucky for me I was with Adonia, Me and Adonia had a little plan to see who’s turn it would be for who. Adonia would go first and I would go after 10 minutes. Adonia didn’t catch anything but I did after 5 seconds in the water.

After fishing it was recess and then Playground time. The Playground was huge and when you’re near the sea you can feel the breeze. Me and James did the flying fox and then we some how split up when we wanted to go the giant slide. there were at least 6 slides and a lot of stairs to get to the big slide. The best part was when people were doing challenges and the challenge was to jump from the big money bars. I watched. Everyone was able to jump but Jack was hesitated, everyone peered pressured him even Miss.Giannakakis. And then when he did decide to jump he belly flopped and got winded, Rest in peace Jack.

Numeracy reflection

During this year of school our double have been practicing/learning new skills. So far the new things I’ve learnt are rounding, probability solving, problem solving, long multiplication/Division and geometry shapes. For me the hardest to really understand was long multiplication/Division and remembering how to show working out because term 3 was when I remembered while last year was when I learned how to show working out. Outside of class I didn’t really use any mathematics besides when I’m at home playing games. Thanks to my love of learning for Maths it’s gotten really easy to learn and memories. I found this semester of Maths really easy because most of the work we did this year was for the old year 6/7’s.

Btn Week 6 Indigenous Season

  • Briefly summaries the Btn Story

A school was visited by Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Lewis so that they can teach kids about how aboriginals find seasons. Indigenous people have another way of seeing what seasons were coming. So Instead of using dates to see what season is coming they use the plants, water flow, animals and the stars to find out when’s summer or Autumn. The Bureau of Meteorology made a easier way for people to find the up coming seasons with their own calendar. Kids use these calendars to find the season and up North in Tiwi They’ve got an even bigger calendar and it tells when rain is gonna come and where Animals are mainly gonna be. While in Yawuru they’ve got 6 seasons: Mangala, Marrrul, Wirralburu, Barrgana, Wiribubu and Laja.

  • Finish the following sentence: Instead of using dates to mark the change of a season, they
    follow the cycle of…

Water, Wind, Animals, rain and Stars

  • In the Kaurna seasonal calendar, what is the name of the hot season?
    a. Warltati (This one)
    b. Parnati
    c. Wirltuti
  • Winter is known as Kudlila which means…

When the earth is washed

  • Around the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory, there are 3 seasonal changes.
  • In Western Australia, the Yawur
    u people have six different seasons. Name one of them.


Term 4 Week 4 Blogging

I used creativity most this semester when we did the 6 word stories. Where I had to think of words that could tell a story.  I thought of what words I should use and smart words like from thesaurus.com. I tried to think about which picture would go with the story better for the reader to understand what the 6 words meant.

the most I’ve used critical thinking is when we were starting our debate. I researched about the topic and what ways I can persuade the audience to agreeing with me. I’ve thought of ways to really help out my topic and what could got me to win the debate. I used what I researched and used all the information I found into my arguments.

Btn response Term 4 week 4

What did the Btn story explain?

The story explained what the problems of the Kokoda track and that there may be a way we can solve the issue. Btn also explained the origin of the Kokoda track and why it was so important to Australians.

During which war was the Kokoda campaign?

The Kokoda’s track was campaigned in 1942, world war 2. Where the Australians defended off the Japanese. World War II in Eastern Europe, 1942–1945. German soldiers in the Soviet Union during a December 1943 Soviet offensive on the eastern front. German troops invaded Soviet territory in June 1941 but faced counteroffensives following the battle of Stalingrad.

Why were Australian soldiers sent to New Guinea?

Because the Japanese were attacking New Guinea and if Australia lost New Guinea then the Japanese would have the advantage.

New Guinea was a territory of Australia


True. They had New Guinea from 1940 – 1970

Why were the reserve forces sent to new Guinea?

Because all of the elite troops were in Africa and Europe so they had some young kids defending new Guinea in case of the Japanese invading.

Why were the soldiers poorly prepared for war?

Because the soldiers spent the start of the year in Africa and Europe so they didn’t expect Japan to attack New Guinea.

Describe the conditions of the Kokoda track.

Wet/Hot and muddy. The Kokoda track was hot and was wet. Soldiers were carrying over 20kg of equipment. Kokoda track wasn’t a place for vehicles so they had to ride horses instead. Many Natives were helping injured soldiers and the locals were nick named Wuzzy angels because of their hair and their generosity

Blogging Guided reading week 3 term 4

In a paragraph, what have you discovered in your learning in Numeracy

I discovered that I can handle new things okay and that fractions, percentages and probability are easy. I learnt my 14 times tables but that was out of school. And I now remember how to do long multiplication and division. I now know a lot of strategies in fun Math games like the mini Math task. I’ve learnt how to find perimeter and area better.

In a paragraph, what have you discovered in your leaning in Literacy

I’ve learnt a lot of new things for literacy like how to make a good debate, how to persuade a audience and how to make a

Btn response term 4 week 3

History of video games

Games back then were like pong now. They’re were basic and easy. They had no color besides black and white and it didn’t have much sound compared to games now. Arcade games became less popular because people didn’t feel like playing old school games when you can play newer games at home with a console.

There are some games that started off being good then started getting less popularity and then getting back into the gaming genre like Pong,Pac man, super smash bros and super mario. Too bad sonic is and will always stay at the bottom. I’m really looking into the future for games because games now are getting better and better with updates. Like Overwatch, Minecraft and South park.

My favorite game right now is league of legends. I’ve been playing this game for 4 years since year 4. This game has been able to give me a lot of friends since year 5. I really like league of legends because it not only is fun but can be competitive. There are updates everyone week so there are new things to wait for. There are a lot of different modes like ranked which is made for competitive play and Normals where you can play for fun and do stupid things. There are new game modes from friday to sunday so during that time I normally play with my friends and play the game modes.

Blogging term 4 week 2

What goals have you achieved so far?

What I’m really impressed about is my handwriting. compared to like the smart people in the class they have really neat handwriting and I want to improve my handwriting, which I did. I’m also kind of impressed with my due dates, at the start of the year I was really bad at handing up my work on time and it was really stressful, and I was scared I I thought Iwas gonna dis honer the leaf village so I improved and look at me now!


Top 4 character strengths:




Love of learning

Btn Response Term 4 week 2 Sleeping problems

Sleeping Problems

  • 1. Why is it important to get the right amount of sleep?

Its important to get enough sleep to get ready for the next day. When getting enough sleep you become. “Happier” and feel “Energetic”

  • 2. The BTN happiness survey showed that kids were Twice as likely to be happier if they had the right amount of sleep
  • 3. About how much sleep have you been getting every night?

8 hours a night

  • 4. What percentage of kids surveyed sleep with a phone or tablet near the bed?

a. 27%

b. 37% Correct

c. 47%

  • 5. Studies have found that the Tablet devices emit can  make it hard to fall asleep
  • 6. What are some reasons why kids aren’t getting enough sleep?


Btn story Term 4 week 1

History of the alphabet

  • 1. What did the Btn Story Explain?

The Btn Story explained what happen to the alphabet we have now and what has happen to it before. Like how it started and how it was made. But not answering why A was the first start of the alphabet and why it was needed to be in order.

  • 2. When and were did the Phoencians live?

The Phoencians lived on the right side of the Mediterranean sea Around 1500 Bc.

  • 3. What did the alphabet look like?

  • 4. What did the Greeks do to the alphabet?

The Greeks are the ones who added the vowels to the alphabet like A, I etc.

  • 5. Who spread the alphabet Europe and England?

Latin roman empire took the Alphabet and Spread it around England with shared it with Europe and then England added a couple more letters like J.

  • 6. List 3 things you’ve learnt about the alphabet.
  1. No one knows the real reason why the Alphabet starts with a A and ends with a Z.
  2. The Phoencians are the ones who started the alphabet.
  3. The alphabet has evolved alot from being a alphabet which didn’t even have a J then with a simple alphabet where Kindergarten kids learn.