Camp 2017!!!

The best part was when my group went in the foam pit. It was really fun when I went on the trampoline and the uneven bars. My most favorite activity was the high bar because i liked doing the front flip and landing into the foam pit. But it wasn’t fun when you got foam in your eyes because it hurts and stings

  I learnt that when you pick up a yabby by holding its claws and arms together while I hold the yabby by the back where the v is so it dosen’t bite you and if it bites you and if it grabs hold of your finger you put your hand in the water and it will let go of your finger.


Something new I tried was eating hard shelled tacos because I only like soft tacos but I tried them and I liked them but soft tacos are still my favorite. They have a weird taste to me but I wasn’t going to not eat so I tried it and I liked it .


  I worked with new people while catching yabbys. We lost some yabbys but in the end we had 9 yabbys in total. It was really fun pulling the line in and catching them. I learnt that you have to keep the net under the line and grab the yabby in the net really fast otherwise the yabby can get away. It was really fun doing archery because I learnt how to shoot a bow and arrow. On the first try all three arrows hit the ground but on the second try I got two arrows onto the board but 1 of the arrows hit the ground.







What I liked  About assembly today was how the year ones set the assembly out and how they danced and sang the song under the sea because that used to be my favorite song when I was little.  My favorite part was when they were talking about stopping pollution in the water and rubbish.


Speck Of Gold:“

My first speck of gold was when I went to netball training

My second speck of gold was when I went shopping

My Last  speck of gold was when I saw my friend

My Weekend

On the weekend I went to my mum’s house. On Saturday my sister and I played netball together. We played really well at netball Because we won 11 to 4. I Got 7 goals and all the other girls got 4 goals. Some of the goals i couldn’t get it in and i kept catching it and then i got it in after 8 throws. I love playing netball it is really fun. On Sunday i went to watch my step brother play soccer.  My step brother won t was really fun to watch his soccer. After soccer we went home and ordered faster pasta and i had spaghetti bolognese it was really yummy. After that i went to have a shower then i watched the voice it was really cool and i loved it.

Speck of Gold

My first speck of gold is when i played netball

My second speck of gold was when I had a sleepover with my friend

My third speck of gold was when i watched my stepbrother play soccer

My fourth Speck of gold was when i saw my dog charlie

My last speck of gold was when i went to the park.

My favorite speck of gold was when i saw my sister.

My Weekend

On the weekend my sister came to my dads house. We went to the park together and we made slime and we watched you-tube together. On Saturday morning my dad took my sister and i to netball. When we got there we were all so exited to win. On the last quarter i tripped over someones f0ot and i fell on my face. At first it felt fine but it when i started running it really hurt so i put an ice pack on my face and sat out. Our team didn’t win though i was sad.  After netball we went and got MacDonalds and i got a frozen coke and a chocolate sunday and my sister got the same thing as me. When we got back home my sister and i went outside to play some netball with our netball ring even though my face was still hurting i felt like shooting some hoops. Then my sister and i watched Cheaper By The Dozen 2 on Netflix then we went to bed.


Speck of Gold:

My speck of gold was when i saw my sister.

Another speck of gold was when i got to play netball.

Another speck of gold was when i made slime with my sister.

My last speck of gold was when i saw my mum.


What i liked about assembly today was when they all did the dances i liked the Indian dance and i liked the Vietnamese dance.  It was funny when Annalise’s brother Ryan Norodom was talking on stage.  The other thing i liked was when they were talking in their language and some people were talking in an Australian accent. And when i gave my can of soup to Fred’s van it felt like i was helping somebody out there that is homeless or the poor people or people out there that are hungry.  I liked how the Assembly was set out and how all the year3/4s spoke and how they didn’t mess up a word only once. And that is what i liked about the Assembly.

Speck of Gold:

My speck of Gold was when i played with my friends at lunch and recess.

My other speck of Gold was when i got a fidget spinner

My other speck of Gold was when my netball ring got put up

My best speck of Gold was when my step sister won a game of netball it was 44 to 45 goals.

My favorite speck of Gold was when  i got to hang out with aannalise in OSCH.

Mothers Day

On Mothers Day In the morning i gave her my presents and made her a coffee. We went to the Hudson Circus with my sister my mum and my friend. It was so cool we had fairy floss and coke-cola. We went on the bouncy castle and it was so big inside. The acts were so cool. There was gymnastic acts there was animal tricks, clowns. My favorite act was when three motorbike riders went inside this big circle cage and there was a girl standing inside while the motorbikes raced around her in a squishy space.

speck of Gold:

One of my speck of gold was when i went to the circus

Another speck of gold was seeing my mum for mothers day

Another speck of gold was getting to see my sister

My last speck of gold was winning my game of netball


What i liked about assembly today is the set out was good and the little kids were all animals and it was cool.

I liked the national anthem and  i liked the dancing thing that they did when the year ones danced in the middle one by one  and did break dancing and spinning.

My favorite part was when the mothers day thing on the board when they wrote comments of nice things about their mum and then there was a picture of their mum and their ild together.

Speck of Gold:

My speck of Gold was when Annalise let me play with her slime.

My speck of Gold was when my dog called Storm is going to have Puppies.

My speck of Gold was when i got a Fidget Spinner.

My other speck of Gold is when i got a lunch-Order.

Week 1 Specks of Gold

Specks of Gold :

  1. I got to play with my friends and it was really fun.

2. I slept in on Tuesday and i was so happy to sleep in.

3. I bought really good slime the colours were purple and blue.

4. I went clothes shopping with my step mum and step sister

5. I went to my friends house and made up a dance routine together.




on the weekend

On the weekend/ Saturday i went to the shops with my step mum Sonja we went to wendys and we both got hot dogs and choc mint milkshakes. Then we went to get a haircut. I had the haircut and i got the ends of my hair a trim. Then after my hair cut we went to Woolworths and did our grocery shopping then after that we went back home.When we got back home i watched Netflix I watched  santa clarita diet it is a funny show. After that it was dinner we had steak with vegtables. After dinner i sat on the couch and watched tv then i went to bed at 11:00 pm.