My Birthday Party Ride At Cobbler Creek

On Saturday I had my birthday party at Cobbler Creek. I had to help my dad pack the trailer with all 6 bikes for my dad, my older brother, younger brother, my little sister and I with one spare for anyone that did not have a bike to ride. It took about 2 hours maximum to set all of the bikes up in the trailer. When I got there we unpacked and then I went to the pump track with my scooter. when I was on my scooter I was going too fast I almost fell off. I went for a ride with my two friends down the fast track and I cleared all of the jumps Evan the double hump jumps. My top speed was 37.5 kilometres per hour. I went on the fast track more then 10 times and I also went for a ride on short and sweet with my dad, my uncle, brother, friend and my neighbour. It is a bit hard to climb and fun to go down. When I went down I hit every jump and went on the rock berms which was really fun and my dad got a video of my brother and I doing a jump. When I came back from a ride the whole group but two went for a hike on the Mai Tappa trail. I was not wearing sneakers so it was hard to walk in them.

Assembly R/1 MR and 5/6 DE

I think the assembly idea was good but the puns ruined the assembly and it was not that entertaining to watch. The idea of the assembly was a different type of you tube called Holy Family Tube. If the soccer game was shorter and not fast forwarded I would be able to acutely see what was happening properly. If there was no puns the assembly would of been a bit better because the puns were not that funny. If they did not copy our intro song it would of been more original and theirs was more copied. I think the dance they did was not that good because basically every class in the school does the kids bop dance tutorial. I liked the idea of the little buddies having a little cardboard computer to match the older buddies. The little buddies have a big imagination and they are creative to make the computers.

On the weekend

On the weekend I played soccer in backyard with my neighbours and my brothers. You have to pick a type of shot to take and then you and the other team has to do it as well. I won like 30 to 18 because I am a good goalkeeper and I take really hard shots. When I take long shots I put so much power in to it that it hit his hands and it goes in I had lots of fun playing soccer.


My speck of gold this week was playing outside with my neighbours. I was playing soccer with my neighbours after school. When I get home I always have do some work my mum gives me because I do not have homework. I was writing 20 sentences with words I have to include in them. When we started the game the teams were unfair in the other teams favour. We started to play and my team was down 4-0 down and then one of their players left so I scored 4 goals with my other neighbour that used to play soccer. At the end of the game it was 4-5 in my teams favour. I had fun and the score line did not reflect the game.


On the weekend I went to watch Adelaide United play against Melbourne City in the A-league round four. Before the game we went to subway to get our dinner I got a roast chicken sub with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, sweet chilli sauce and salt and pepper. When the gates open we always run to get our front row seats but we did not get them because there was a fast guy that we always race to get the seats but we did not get them this time. We went to family fun park with the X boxes with FIFA 18. I was Huddersfield and the other person was Manchester United. I won in penalties because we tied in the 90 minutes. The other guy scored first but I answered back with another one. Then he scored again but I scored again. Then we went to penalties and I won.


My speck of gold for this week is when I played soccer at school with my friends. When we played soccer  we did first leg and second leg which means fitness and recces is the first leg and the second leg was at lunch. The scores were 5-6 in the first leg but my team was loosing by a lot like 1-3 but we came back 5-6. In the second leg there was only one goal scored by me for us to draw in the game. I scored about three goals for my team and I was the player to get our first goal that gave us hope to get back in the game. We could not keep the scores tight for that much longer because they scored more goals. We had a lot of shots but we could of played he ball earlier but we did not so we conceded more from our own mistakes. My team did alright to tie.

Presentation day

On Saturday it was Para Hills United junior soccer club presentation day. I got there early so my mum and dad can help set up for the day but my mum had to go to a wedding so we were just with my dad. My friends and I waited at the big blow up balls you go in to bump people over. I stayed in them for about 20 minutes. I kept doing front flips and landing on my head and I was bumping people over when they weren’t expecting it. When I tried to get up I was really struggling but I eventually got up when I fell. When I got my tickets for free ice cream I went to get a soft serve with nuts on the top. After I ate my ice cream I was getting a drink to then go sit down and watch my sister’s and brother’s presentation. I was the linesman for my little brothers team and I watched all of his games. Everyone in the club that plays gets a trophy for participating in the games. I was very close to getting runners up best and fairest. best and fairest stays in the club but you get a little trophy to keep and the same with runners up and most improved.

On The Weekend

On Saturday my sister’s team had to play against Munno Para in the Len Spriggs challenge cup grand final. My sister is not one of the best player in the team so she dose not score that many goals but she had a good chance to score but she just could not put the ball in the net. Her team won the grand final by four goals because the score was 4-0. Someone In the team is a bit of  a hog and scored because he ran with the ball down the field by him self and he did not hold the attack. The other goal was not that good because the keeper fumbled the ball and got through his legs and our player tapped it in. Their next goal was from a free kick by Liam he lined up and took the shot and scored. Their last goal was a tap in that was really soft and not thinking it will go in. I really think Munno Para should of scored because they deserved to. The other team’s keeper was having a lot of tantrums that he let in goals.

Outdoor Education Day

On Thursday we had outdoor education day. Outdoor education day is a day when you pick four activities that you want to do to learn about stuff in that activity. There was 2 activities in the morning then 1 in-between recess and lunch. I picked fishing first thing of the day which was learning how to cast, accurate casting, furthest cast and chasing after a toy fish on a line then mr. Mcarthy reels it in so we can catch it. Then I went to scavenger hunt after the fishing. At the scavenger hunt we had to find shapes, colour things, plants, sticks, rare things in a park and we get free time after we found all of the items. I went to tent building after recess that which was not what I thought it would be like building a olden day tent with sticks and a sheet but it was a Kmart tent with that had fold up sticks and a zip and good plastic. After lunch I played AFL 9’s which was foot ball but you have zones and only the forward can score from a mark in his area and you have to pull off Velcro tags to be holding the ball but if pull off one tag you have 2 seconds to get rid of the ball but if you pull off both it is strait away holding the ball. I had a good day out side and having lots of fun.