Outdoor Education Day

On Thursday we had outdoor education day. Outdoor education day is a day when you pick four activities that you want to do to learn about stuff in that activity. There was 2 activities in the morning then 1 in-between recess and lunch. I picked fishing first thing of the day which was learning how to cast, accurate casting, furthest cast and chasing after a toy fish on a line then mr. Mcarthy reels it in so we can catch it. Then I went to scavenger hunt after the fishing. At the scavenger hunt we had to find shapes, colour things, plants, sticks, rare things in a park and we get free time after we found all of the items. I went to tent building after recess that which was not what I thought it would be like building a olden day tent with sticks and a sheet but it was a Kmart tent with that had fold up sticks and a zip and good plastic. After lunch I played AFL 9’s which was foot ball but you have zones and only the forward can score from a mark in his area and you have to pull off Velcro tags to be holding the ball but if pull off one tag you have 2 seconds to get rid of the ball but if you pull off both it is strait away holding the ball. I had a good day out side and having lots of fun.


Soccer Season Is Over

Soccer season is over it is a thing to say yay and a thing to say no to because you say yes because you don’t need to go to training and games you can spend time with your family and friends and go to do another sport every couple of weeks like scooter riding or scooter riding. The other reason why it is a no to soccer season is because soccer is my favourite sport like if it was not invented I don’t know what I would be doing. Every one in the EDJSA league has finished their season but some of the lucky teams in the league made it in to the grand final of the challenge cup. My sister’s team made it in to the grand final so we will go watch the game. When there is no soccer I would ride my bike or scooters and stuff like that. We go to restaurants to have such more often because the season is over.

Last Game Of The Season

On Saturday my family and went to Para Hills United Soccer Club to watch my sister play soccer and help out in the canteen. My sister was not playing her last game like everyone else in the Para Hills United Soccer Club because her team made it in to the Len Spriggs  Challenge cup grand final. My sister is a player that goes in striker or left wing. Sometimes she will try extra hard and sometimes not hard at all. In the first half her team was beating the other team by heaps of goals. When I was not watching my sister took a touch in the box and shot it and scored when I did not even see. She was so happy that she scored on the last EDJSA round. The next game was my little brothers game against Para Hills United White. My brothers team was playing against their own club but the other team because they need two teams because of all the players that come to para hills. That game was a game to watch I was hoping that my brother’s team and my dad’s team could win. In the first half the other team scored 3 goals off my bro’s team’s mistakes and his team scored 1 goal in the first half. What they say if one team can get that many goals in the first half so can the other and that is what they did. First the other team scored a goal then my bro’s team got 1 goal, 2 goals 3 goal in the second half to get a tie of 4-4. My bro’s team was very lucky that one of the best players got the last goal ten seconds before the end of the match. For my game I had to go all the way to tee tree gully to play my last game with Para Hills United. They had a better season than us but we have beaten them once and lost once so hopefully we can get a win for the last game of the season, last game for Para Hills, being captain and for the team. They scored the first goal because in the first half we were not marking our players well at all. They scored first but we scored back so at half time it was 1-1. in the second half we scored one goal, two goals then they scored one then they got a penalty and the good thing is no one got any cards but they missed the first one but got a second because someone walked in the box when he did not kick the ball so it was retaken then scored. The scores were three all so my team had to score and that is what we did. After the fourth goal was scored a player that has never scored before scored his first goal and the crowd went wild that we were going to win and he scored his first goal. At the end of the game everyone in my team was happy to win the last game. At the home ground my brother was playing his match against One Tree Hill. He got put in striker but did not score because there was a lot of defenders that he could not get the ball past.

Reflect Assembly

I wonder how many litres of diesel you would need to travel the whole border of Australia on road.

I wonder who will win the UEFA champions league?

I wonder who will win the A-league?

I wonder who will win the EPL?

I wonder who would win the Bundeliga?

I wonder who will win the Sirie-A?

I wonder who would win the MLS?

I wonder who will win the liuge 1?

I wonder who will win the La Liga?

I wonder who will win the Primeira Liga?

I wonder who will win the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A?

I wonder who will win the Chines super league?

I wonder who will win the Indian Super League?

I wonder who will win the World Cup 2018?

I wonder who will win the European champions 2020?

I wonder who will win the Asian champions league?

I wonder who will win the Copa America?

I wonder who will win the Asian football cup?

I wonder who will win the Olympics?


My neighbour is a kid that like to ride scooters.

My neighbour is people all around me in class because I am next to them and around them.

My neighbour is a human and is very nice to a lot of people.

Tuesday Night Training

At training on Tuesday we did our normal warm up that includes running with the ball, ball rolls with both feet, happy feet, toe taps, running with the ball only using outside and outside, running with the ball inside inside, running with the ball inside outside. Ball rolls I when you roll your foot over the ball wile running, happy feet is when you are standing still and passing the ball to your left foot then pass to your right. Toe taps is when you tap the top of the ball with the top two studs on your boot. All of the running with the ball warm ups are all basically the same like inside inside is basically happy feet but wile moving, outside outside is when you push the ball square to the right then move to push it left with the outside of your foot, inside outside is you run with the ball push it right with the outside of your foot the push it in with the inside of your foot. After the warm up we moved in to a drill where you have to pass through two cones then run diagonal to the other side. (Diagram below the whole blog). That drill did not work because our players can not control and pass that well so we have very uneven cones because of people not getting there in time of all of the passes. I thought we would be able to do it very well because on Saturday we did it good and not get uneven cones. When we finished that drill we moved in to possession where there is players on the outside of the square and two teams inside so who ever has the ball the outsiders are on their team. When I was on the inside I was going in for a challenge and the other player accidentally kneed me in the hamstring and it hurt a lot but it was not torn or pulled. In the mini match I was keeper and when I called “keepers” someone took it from me twice and they were on my team. When my team got told to do a overlapping run I was keeper and I did a overlapping run with my teammate playing in left back.


Barossa Beat Us

On Saturday my team had to play the second to the top of the table and we are second to bottom. In the first half it was one Neil. My team played really well to only keep them to one goal because we are a not very good team. they only scored because it was in the six yard box playing ping pong. Their second goal was because a player was standing on the post and the ball went over him and he did not try at all to get it. The second goal I was off my line and he just got fit it in the gap. Their last goal was lucky that I dived and missed the ball and they shot and scored. I don’t think that the scored reflected how much the out field played and how much effort we put in.

Thursday Night Match Against Angle Vale

On Thursday night I had a game against Angle Vale Foxes which are fourth on the table and we are second to last on the table and my tea has not had a good season and not a good run against them anyway so it was not like we are tying on second to last. The last time we played that team we lost 2-7 we lost because we just did not play that well and we made mistakes that really costed us the game. The bad thing is that one of the best players we had was not there but this guy is not just any player he really influences the game and I wish he could play. I came in to the game like we could have a chance of winning well I predicted right but we just could not get to their goal. I was captain so I wanted to go down hill so their keeper is in the mud and so we can get good attacks. When we had a corner Zachary took it and crossed it right to Conner’s head and he put it away in the back of the net then they came with an attack and a player elbowed me in the face and they scored but surprisingly the ref called it a drop ball not a goal. Later they scored when I was not in the right position. In the second half I was playing in the mud it was the hardest to play goal kicks, drop kicks and to move because their pitch is so bad. Not that long after they had another attack they had a guy offside then he interfered with play and scored. Our linesman called it offside but the ref decided to take in to his own hands and call it a goal.

On The Weekend

On Saturday I did not have a game so I went to watch my sisters semi-final in the challenge cup. My team did not make it far in the challenge cup because we lost all of our good players from last season and the team we worked off to get in to division 1 but we went down a division because we weren’t a good team anymore. My sister got in to the grand final because her team was playing really well and surprisingly she played well as well. When my sister’s team won they were shouting their song. At 1:30 my brother was playing and he played well but some players were not playing well at all because they did not try hard. My brothers team lost 1-7.

on Sunday the A-grade were playing Unley at Unley and in the first half it was anyones game but our player got red carded for apparently punching another player that spear tackled him to the ground and held him there for about 1 minute and the ref gave him a strait red. The other team took a quick free kick and scored of it.


Thursday Night Training

Last night at training there was a small turn out because I have no game on Saturday since my team got knocked out of the challenge cup on the first game. At training we have been doing overlapping runs and diagonal runs. An overlapping run is when you are running next to that guy puts a through ball then I will run on to it. In the mini match we are supposed to do as many overlaps as you can and get 5 passes before you score.

on the weekend

On Saturday my sister played against Modbury vista 5-1 and my sister was in goals so she let in one goal but they still won. My youngest brother lost to Elizabeth grove 4-1 but in the first half it was very tight at the score with 1-0 and para hills had so many chances to score but they lost it in the second half when they gave away a free kick and let it in. When I played I was playing ingle farm white and they only had 9 player. We had to players out for two weeks each so they were not trained and ready for the game and they are also on the second to top of the table so it was not like we could win. I think I could of saved a couple of shots that went in but I did not. My oldest brother beat a team that I did not know and thrashed them badly.