Hard work pays off

Last night at soccer training I got the privilege to be captain because I worked really hard. My dad is my coach so he dose stuff different to most other coaches in para hills because if you train really well you have a chance of being captain but some other coaches make someone captain in a roster so you will always be captain. My team did a possession game  which was really good because I was moving a lot but the wild card kept giving the ball away to the other team. My dad said that possession was the thing that got me to be captain I was marking, putting players under pressure, closing down angles and marking players. My coach had to stop the game because there was no intensity, not marking players and not closing down angles. After we did the possession game we did a shooting drill when you dribble through cones then go through a gate then shoot and when I had my shot I only scored two because I am the teams goalkeeper so I had to go in the goal. When we did corners two people took them before I did and when I did I took a really good corner better then mot of the others.

First home win of the season

On the weekend my team para hills united black under 12 got our first win of the season 6-1 against Elizabeth grove. I had a good game but let one go in because it was high. My dad tried a different position for the team and the team played their positions really well and the position we played was 3 5 2 which is we have three centre backs, three centre midfields one is a defensive midfielder, 2 wing backs which are players that act as a winger and as a full back and 2 strikers. Our match was a bit easy and at sometimes hard but we played really well. The man of the match would have to go to my mate Zachary our wing back. I personally think he did his job really well because he defended really well and attacked really well. My goal kicks have really improved since I started my football career. I was taking my kicks from my the six yard box but I am allowed to put it in line with penalty spot. Heaps of people have commented on my goal kicks because last year I got my centre back to take them but now I take them my self and getting good distances on it.

Thursday Night Training

Last night at soccer training my team did one versus one or other people call it 1 on 1. We got plastic defenders that stick to the poles to use as a defender to beat by doing a faint, scissor, double scissor and more then a burst of speed after you beat the defender. My dad was explaining to the team as it was a step over but when my dads assistant coach type person said they are all doing it wrong a step over is when you put your right foot around the out side of the ball then around to the inside and what we were doing was a scissor which is when you put your foot on the inside then around to the outside. I had fun beating the defender while doing scissors, doubles and faints. After we used the technic on a real player and beat him then shoot to score. I did not get to score because the coach my dad is a really good at defending. When we moved in to the game I took chances to take one on ones like three times and I beat everyone I took on which means I am good at taking on people even though I am a goalkeeper.

Ansteys MTB ride

On Sunday my dad, myself and some people who work in the Air Force at Edinburgh. The other guys ride rode bikes most of their life so they are use to riding up roads that are steep so they picked all the fire trails which were made for motorised vehicle when they were building and maintaining the tracks. They really got in front of my dad and I. most of the climbs were really steep so we were really left behind since they are really fit and fast on their bikes. Most of the down hill parts are really fun with rock jumps, dirt jumps, burms and rock gardens the down hill parts give you so much speed if you put your gears in top you will not be able to beat the speed you are going. I got so much air once that I almost went over the bars. I like Ansteys hill because the trails are really fun but we did not climb up single trails so we did not enjoy the climb as much as if we climbed the single trails it would of been more fun. Even though we had to climb some hard steep hills the decent were fun so we had a good time. My dad and I just took our time and had fun while the others went fast even though it was just my dad and I we had lots of fun riding together. Personally I think cobbler creek was easier because we do not ride on fire trails we rode it because the others chose the way to go. I rate the decents the same because they are both fun but at cobblers it is quicker to get to the fun bits. When ever you go mountain biking just remember if you are climbing a hill there is always a down hill part to the trail.

Socceroos win over Saudi Arabia

yesterday Socceroos had a must win match against Saudi Arabia which we won by one goal. we have to win our next match against Japan to get in to the FIFA World Cup Russia. We beat Saudi by one goal which was not good because we could of got more goals which meant we go second because we are equal points with Saudi Arabia and it now matters about goal difference. The scores were 3-2 which was a terrible score because we should of got 2 penalties and got more shots on target. The referee was very bad because we should of got two penalties and we should of got like 20 free kicks. It was a very tight match because they sometimes broke through our midfield then our deface will clean up the ball and put it up the field and get a counter attack. The atmosphere was not good because Adelaide oval never gets filled at a soccer match. I thought there would of been a bigger turn out since it is a must win match plus it is Australia national soccer team that rarely comes to Adelaide with such an important match. The only two times I have seen Socceroos play in Adelaide was against a team called Tagikistan and they are not very good but the game last night was against Saudi Arabia which was very very important. I enjoyed my self watching a good game and see the goals.

short turn out training session

On Thursday we had a turn out of 8 players. even though we only have 8 players we still did a drill when there is supposed to be 3 teams but my dad who is the coach has an assistant coach so he helped. first we did a warm up where you run with the ball, juggle, do happy feet which is a ball drill when you just pass the ball to your left foot to your right foot and toe taps, toe taps are when you just tap the ball one foot at a time. the drill we needed 3 even groups we needed the assistant coach to help. in that drill their is four people on the out side and 2 groups of 3 on the inside and it is just a possession game and what ever team had the ball the the people on the outside will be on their team. that drill was all about talking like saying time to the people on the out side can’t come in and the people in the inside can’t go out so we are giving them artificial time. when we did shooting we had to try to knuckle ball which is when you kick the ball with the bone next to your laces. I took good shots but not a knuckle ball because the ball did not spin fast or much. I am a goalkeeper so I took one shot then got in goals. when I was saving shots I was dying because I kept saving hard shots plus it was cold so it stung like hell but I survived. my high score last night for saving shots was one goal because every one was in a line then took shots. it was easier having a short turnout but people miss out on training. at the end of the day I got vice captain and my dad said I tried the best but it dose not mean I have the best touch.

Tight challenge cup round with Ingle Farm Green

on Saturday all the teams that are apart of Elizabeth and districts league have a challenge cup round which is a knock out stage to win the cup. it is a draw with all the leagues combined so a division one team can be playing a division four team. I had to play a division one team but luckily I am only in division two. if we scored a penalty and shot away from the keeper we could of won or close to win. my team did well to only lose by three goals to a division one team. I was happy about the match because I made a lot of good saves and save the net from shaking because they were goal line saves. it was tight since we only lost by three goals and they are division one. my left back was the worst you could ever imagine because I would tell them to drop but he pushed up and let him run down the line and would let him run back and shot three times and they scored from those opportunities which was really bad. I was really angry at my left back because they let them score.


on the weekend my team lost to Elizabeth downs. they are top of the table but we played really well to only lose by 4 goals, the score was 3-7. the score really should of been 6-3 because someone kneed the ball out of my hands. there was one thing that the other team could not do well was defend because their defence was in my half when I had a goal kick so I would just kick it over their heads and my attackers would run on to it and take a shot. we should of got six goals but we kept missing but at least we scored some goals. I was happy that I got my fourth assist of the season. I got angry and sad because people from the other team was being lippy at me and pushing me but the ref did not see anything. they were saying stuff like I you are a bad keeper, rude joke you are a good keeper, you can’t catch, you’re slow and other rude stuff. I was not happy after the game but not about the score it was about the stuff that was said on the pitch was what hurt my feelings. one other thing that annoyed me was that after the game some of the Elizabeth players purposely missed my hand for a hand shake and say good game. over all we played really well since they are on the top of the table and and they are unbeaten from the start of the season.

round 19 catch up match

On Wednesday I had to play a catch up match against para hills west in the rain. para hills scored first in the second half because someone did not pass me the ball and let the other team get the ball and run around and score. we were under a lot of pressure but luckily one of our best players took a long shot and scored from out of the 18 yard box. when it was 1-1 it was so hard but again Connor ran up the field himself and took a shot then the keeper got a hand to it but it had so much power that he could not stop it. the end score was 1-2 so we made our third win of the season. I even got my second assist of the season but could of got  a yellow in the making of the goal. to get my second assist I took a quick goal kick that was sliding then stoped a fraction before I kicked it then I took it and the referee blew his whistle and said the ball has to be still when you kick the ball. then when he called it I said you got to be kidding me and when I said that the ref came to talk to me and he said don’t give me that adittude if I called it and you don’t agree then don’t give me atittude and that is a warning if you do it again it is a yellow. so I took the goal kick it got hight on it the went to Conner then he controlled it and ran up the field and scored. at the end of the game our team was happy since we won be para hills west would be very disappointed since they held the lead for a short time and we came back. I was happy to win another match. the end.

1 – 5 win over Para Hills West

On Saturday my team beat Para Hills West 1-5 . in the first half it was 1 all. we scored one in the first 10 minutes then they had a chance so I came out and tried to intercept the ball but I missed the ball and pushed him but lucky he did not fall or I would got a red card. in the second half we scored 4 brilliant goals but we had way more chances to score but strait at the goalkeeper. but we got the second win of the season