My Birthday Party Ride At Cobbler Creek

On Saturday I had my birthday party at Cobbler Creek. I had to help my dad pack the trailer with all 6 bikes for my dad, my older brother, younger brother, my little sister and I with one spare for anyone that did not have a bike to ride. It took about 2 hours maximum to set all of the bikes up in the trailer. When I got there we unpacked and then I went to the pump track with my scooter. when I was on my scooter I was going too fast I almost fell off. I went for a ride with my two friends down the fast track and I cleared all of the jumps Evan the double hump jumps. My top speed was 37.5 kilometres per hour. I went on the fast track more then 10 times and I also went for a ride on short and sweet with my dad, my uncle, brother, friend and my neighbour. It is a bit hard to climb and fun to go down. When I went down I hit every jump and went on the rock berms which was really fun and my dad got a video of my brother and I doing a jump. When I came back from a ride the whole group but two went for a hike on the Mai Tappa trail. I was not wearing sneakers so it was hard to walk in them.

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