Guided Reading Week 9 – Australian Population Future

1.What are some of the benefits of population growth?
The benefits of the population growth of Australia are the more people there are, the more money Australia gets.
2. What are some of the challenges of population growth?
The challenges of the growth of Australia is that they will have to make a lot of schools for more children and they will need even more money to make more schools.
3.Do you think Australia’s population should grow or stay the same size? Explain your Answer?
Australian  population should stay the same because more bad people could come to Australia.

Guided Reading Week 8 – Plastic Free Boy

1.How is plastic pollution having a negative impact on animals and our environment?
Because it makes all of the sea animals sick and they can die and if we litter the rubbish can fly away and it can go in the wild life.
2. How many tonnes of plastic end up in the
There is about 8 million tones of plastic in the ocean.
3. What can you do to help the environment?
I can help the environment by picking up all the rubbish I see and putting it in the right bin.

Numeracy reflection week 7

I like working with my friend in numeracy because it helps me focus and do better and my friend can help me with some mistakes and I can learn from him. My friend can also help me with getting good grades, making the work detail and finishing it at the right time so we can go to the next task.

Guided Reading Week 7- Dingos

1.Explain some difference between dingoes and dogs. Dingoes are different to dogs because dogs bark and dingoes don’t and dogs are domestic and dingoes are wild.

2. Why are dingoes sometimes a ‘pest’ for some farmers? dingoes are pest to farmers because they chase their flocks of sheep and it gets them annoyed and really angry. In the dry places and there are bush fires wild cats and foxes hide and when the dingoes.

3. What Australian state do you NOT find dingoes in? You can not find dingoes in Tasmania .

4RG fishing excursion

On Tuesday 6 of march we went on a fishing excursion at West Lakes Shore. We waited for the bus because it was late so we ate our fruit while we were waiting it took the bus driver 15 minutes to get there.


Then we finally got in the bus I wanted to sit next to Daniel and we played a game to see he could get the most waves to other people I won. The drive was for 30 minutes and I was really tired.


When we got there we had to go in a line to the shore were we were fishing . We put our bags down then we had to pair up. I paired up with Finn we had to share fishing rods but I saw another fishing rod that nobody had so I got that one and I started fishing it took hours and hours for me to catch a fish but I managed to catch 4 fish I caught a lot of fish and also one was really big but we didn’t get a chance to get a picture of the big fish because it was flopping around then Thinh tried to get it but it slipped of his hand and fell back into the water. Then it was recess I had some chips. After recess we went back to fishing then I caught another two fish but it was a long time. We fished for a long time and then it was lunch  we went on the playground then we had to stay not the cube and you aren’t allowed to touch the ground. After that the Mrs G said we should do a hanging contest Kimberly won and everyone got hurt but me. After playground play we ate our lunch and went back to fishing and then I caught another fish.

Then is was time to go home this time it was a fun bus ride Daniel brought books so we could read I wasn’t really that bored when I was reading because the book was very interesting the book was called bad guys.


Then we got to school when we were at school we had free time I played with the bay blades it was really fun cause there was more then one person playing but some people were cheating but it was fun any ways me and Terry were sharing bay blades then we packed up we had playground play we played sharks the shark has to get other people but it can’t touch silver it was fun but the bell rang then Mrs G gave us icy poles and it was very yummy.

Guided Reading Week 5 – Eyes

1.Who studies eyes?
What is short sighted? Short sighted means you can’t see from far away like you can’t see the tv.
What is long sighted? Long-sighted means it can be hard to see things close up like reading a book.
How does having eyes on either side of its head
help lizards?

Investigations week 5

Today in investigations I learn ‘t how to make slime it didn’t end good terry put to much borax in mine and mine was not very good and that was my fist time making slime it got very messy the whole class had to clean one place up and it took a long time. my slime was really bad  I think mine didn’t work well. The ingredients I used was simple glue then the food coloring then you add borax and mix it you can add soap to make it smell good but I added to much soap and that’s what made it really bad. The food coloring I used was blue its the best color. Next week I will try to learn how to make rainbow slime.