My Holiday Recount

In the holidays I went to my cousin’s house with my two brothers and my mum. When we got there we were watching Netflix. After that we we went to a soccer pitch but we did not have a ball so we brought frisbees and we made a game up. Soon enough some other kids came and they brought a soccer ball so we could play with them. So we made teams and we played then then the game ended out as a tie and we went to penalties and then my team lost and then we did penalties again but this time we did elimination penalties.

Once the first round finished only 1 person was out so then the second round started and ended with 6 people going out and then there were only 2 people left and after 3 rounds it ended.

As soon as we got home we notice that it was already 7:00pm and we arrived at the park at 4:00pm so we stayed at the park for 3 hours. So we decided to watch a movie on Netflix. After we watched a movie we got something to eat and after that we went home. When we got home we had to go to brush out teeth and go to bed.