BTN response – Week 5

  1. The. BTN story was about a 13 year old girl called mallory whiting and she had a bad dream, and thats what inspired her to actually writing this story, she then wrote the story down the computer, the book took a year to write (its 32 thousand words) and 2 years to research,
  2.   Mallory got the idea of her story in a bad dream but she thought she would get rid of all the bad parts to make it kid friendly
  3.  Some of the challenges that mallory faced were publishing, her and her mum did all the publishing and editing.
  4. The advice she gives to young authors is resilience, she says even its a short or long book you have got to stick to it, if even if times get tough.

BTN Response – Week 4

1. The main point of the electric cars story was about people wanting more electric cars and charging stations around Australia.


2. The petrol cars took over because they were easy make and cost lest money.


3. Some of the disadvantages of having petrol is it creates pollution which isn’t for the earth.

4. The battery technology has changed because before battery’s were only used to power toys but now they are controlling real cars like race cars and all of that cars.

Guided Reading Blogging Term 3 – Week 1

In the holidays i stayed home and played my play stastion 4 with Lloyd, Judd, Sam, Feryal and Cooper we played fifa 17, call of duty black opps 3 and also Grand Theft Auto 5. Also on Friday on the first week Judd and I went to Lloyds house Since 9:00am untill 4:00pm and we just kicked the football and soccer ball around and also played the playstastion with each other and then went home.

HFCS Australian Ninja Warrior Reflection

1. When designing your course how did you use creativity?

I used creativity when I was making my course because i didnt know what type of course to do and i worked my creativity to make one.

2. What did you find challenging when planning your course?

The stuff i found challenging in our course was that my group had 9 people and everyone kept going to diffrent places then doing work so we couldnt finish it untill tuesday because on tuesday someone else came into our group.

3. What would you do differently if you were to complete this task again?

The stuff i would do diffrently next time is help the group more when we were setting up .

4. Explain how you were an active group member throughout the planning and during the activity?

I was an active group member because i was helping with the planning and setting up a little bit but mostly plannign with them.

5. When you completed another group’s course what did you like about it and why?

I liked it because at the end they asked us a question untill the time finished.

BTN – 20 Years Of Harry Potter

1. What year was the first Harry Potter book published?

The first book was published in 1997.

2. Who is the author of Harry Potter?

The author of harry potter is J.K Rolling.

3. Do you have a favourite Harry Potter character? Who and why?

My favourite character in harry potter because i don’t really watch it or read the books and he is the only character i know.

4. Why do you think the Harry Potter series has been such a success?

I think they have been such an success because they have been out since 1997 and that is 20 years so if parents watched it when they were kids they probably wanted their kids to watch it aswell.

BTN Guided Reading Week – 8

1. What is the conservation status of koalas?
The status of Koalas is b. Vulnerable
2. Approximately how many koalas are left in the wild?
There are approximatley 40,000 koalas left in the wild.
3.What are some threats to koalas?
Some of the threats to koalas is cutting down the trees and also dog attacks and cars,buses and trucks.
4.How is climate change affecting the gum leaves that koalas eat?
In the next 50 years the trees will get sea water in the leaves so they won’t be able to eat them.
5.What are some ways that we can protect koalas and their habitats?
We can protect koalas by not cutting down the trees and running them over.

Guided Reading – Week 7

1. What are the kids in the BTN story learning?

The kids in the BTN story were learning about different ways of making games and coding in general, and when they finish making there games they give it to their teachers and then the teachers would send it through to the app store and then their app would be available for anyone in the world to download down and play.

2. Explain one of the apps the kids designed in the BTN story.

One of the students were Jasper and he made an app called Boxscape and the idea of the game is to gain points and to gain points in the game you have to dodge rectangle while they’re moving around the screen.

3. What is code? Describe using one sentence.

I think coding is when you uses different letters and blocks to make something move on an digital objects such as iPads which are what the students in the video used.

4. What coding language do the kids use to design their apps?

In the video it shows that they used tablets/iPads using a coding language which is called Python but is also called puthonista as an app.

5. How many games does the school have registered on the app store?

So far the school has 3 different apps on the app store for anyone to download and play on.