BTN Guided Reading Week – 8

1. What is the conservation status of koalas?
The status of Koalas is b. Vulnerable
2. Approximately how many koalas are left in the wild?
There are approximatley 40,000 koalas left in the wild.
3.What are some threats to koalas?
Some of the threats to koalas is cutting down the trees and also dog attacks and cars,buses and trucks.
4.How is climate change affecting the gum leaves that koalas eat?
In the next 50 years the trees will get sea water in the leaves so they won’t be able to eat them.
5.What are some ways that we can protect koalas and their habitats?
We can protect koalas by not cutting down the trees and running them over.

Guided Reading – Week 7

1. What are the kids in the BTN story learning?

The kids in the BTN story were learning about different ways of making games and coding in general, and when they finish making there games they give it to their teachers and then the teachers would send it through to the app store and then their app would be available for anyone in the world to download down and play.

2. Explain one of the apps the kids designed in the BTN story.

One of the students were Jasper and he made an app called Boxscape and the idea of the game is to gain points and to gain points in the game you have to dodge rectangle while they’re moving around the screen.

3. What is code? Describe using one sentence.

I think coding is when you uses different letters and blocks to make something move on an digital objects such as iPads which are what the students in the video used.

4. What coding language do the kids use to design their apps?

In the video it shows that they used tablets/iPads using a coding language which is called Python but is also called puthonista as an app.

5. How many games does the school have registered on the app store?

So far the school has 3 different apps on the app store for anyone to download and play on.

Investigations Reflection – Week 7

Today Raymond, Judd, Lochlan and I done wood work and we needed to hit nails into a piece of wood. Half way threw Lloyd came into our group because Brodie left the group and done something else. All of us hit our fingers atleast once with the hammer and also got some stuck in to the wood. After that me and judd made a football out of the nails onto the wood and than we got red wool and twisted it around the nails to make it look like a football.

Raymond hit his finger with the hammer atleast 2 times and Judd, Lloyd, Lochlan and I hit our fingers once but not that hard as Raymond did.

 The End

Hindu Temple week 7

Yesturday we walked to the mawson lakes hindu temple. It took about 30 to 40 minutes to walk there, when we got to the hindu temple it was really big and we needed to take our shoes off in a little room. When we took our shoes off we went into this room where there is a stage of all the gods form hinduism. When we all sat down in the seats the boys were on the right and the girls on the left. After that thye airplayed a powerpoint what they made and showed us and that showed us a little what the temple is about.

After they showed us that we got into 6 groups and they done a tour around the place my group started up stairs and he showed us the rooms, the rooms were for learning their language and drama. Then he took us outside and it was a really good view from there.

Reflection On Mission Day – Guided Reading week 6

Today I will be blogging about mission day on friday

On mission day I was in a group called the Orr family cafe with Lloyd, Judd and Raymond and we were sellign choclate and strawberry milkshakes, spiders, ice cream on a cone, soft drinks in a cup and cookies.

We sold out of the spiders and soft drinks in about 7 minutes and that was a challenge for us because most of the people were getting them we also sold out of the milk so we could not make any more milkshakes.

We told everyone that we had no milkshakes and spiders so most of them who wanted the spiders and milkshakes just got cookies or ice cream on a cone and we sold out of 8 liters of ice cream and we only had 2 liters left when we needed to pack up, when we packed up everyone who was playing soccer on the oval came to our store and then ask us for stuff what we didnt have and we said you should of came before.

When we needed to pack up we said to the teacher that we did not go and spend our money because we were to busy so the teachers let us eat some of our left over ice cream, when we finished eating some of the ice cream we needed to go to the mission day assembly and we saw us on the video what they made and shoed everyone whne we finished that we went out for a little bit of fitness.

And then we went home.


Guided Reading Blogging Week 5

  1. I control my own learning because when I’m on the floor  I listen most of the time so I know what to do when I go back to my table and  also when I don’t know what to do I stay on the ground sometimes and when we are on the ground and then the teachers help us to get the work what we are doing.

2.   The goals I have reached this semester is making a stool for mission day with Raymon,Lloyd and Judd and that is my goal because it was really fun making it and also working in a group with my friends.


BTN Response – week 4

1. In Australia the there is a 45% of Australians who have a parent that was born overseas meaning that they were not born in Australia and most people figure that it’s a good thing.

2.But even with the law it still happens, to adults as well. Racism can occur while at school or maybe online.

3.The Australian Human Rights Commission did a study which found 89% of school kids who were aged between 13 and 17 that have once experienced racism.

Focus Questions

The way I learnt to write was by tracing words & letters until I got better. I would read books & look at words and then practice writing them. Things that helped me to write was when I was in reception I was tracing and writing until I got the word what I was trying to write.

I learnt to speak by listning to people talking and listning to music and singign along with bob the builder.

I learnt to read by looking at books what I liked and by reading the tv and stuff.

I like working with a partner and in groups because most of the time if we dont know what the answer is or something the partner or group could tell you.