Fishing Excursion Reflection, Term 4 Wk 5

Yesterday we went to saint kilda for an excursion and we got to go fishing and play on the playground, after we done that we done the mangrove walk.

First of all i went fishing wiht my class and we got 1crab  and about 6 fishes we were fishing for 1 hour when we were doing that we needed to pick partners to fish with becasue there was not that much fishing rods for all of us.

After we finished fishing for 1 hour we went back to where our bags were to eat recess, after we ate our recess we went onto the play ground while the other class went fishing.

When we were on the playground we got to play on there for 1 hour Lloyd, Simon, Shivansh and I were playing on the slides and when we went down each time we would go slower becasue our shorts were getting more sweaty each time we went down the slides.

After we finished playing on the slides we went to this other thing that was a thing on a platform thingy and you needed to sit on 1 of the 4 swings that were there and spin around becasue this type of swing doesn’t go high it goes strait in a circle. When we first got on there me and Lloyd were sitting on 1 each and Simon and Adonia had the thing you sit on, on there stomach and started running and they counted down from 3 and when they got to one they would let go of the pole in the middle of the 4 swings and they would jump in the air and because simon was the lightest out of everyone that was on the swing so he went flying in the air when it was still had thing swing thing around his stomach and he was spinning in circles and everything like that.


What skills have you developed in numeracy this semsester?

This semester i have learnt how to work out worded problems and i have also learnt how to do really hard addition and subtraction and i didn’t even need any help from the teachers.

How have you applied skills learned in mathematics in diffrent situations outside of the classroom?

I have applied my skills outside of the class room playing football and adding up the scores.

What activities this semester have helped your understanding in maths?

I have helped understanding maths because of addition and subtraction

BTN Response – Week 4 Term 4

  1. The story tells you about the world war 2 and how they needed to go threw the kokoda track that it is muddy and it takes 8 days to get to the end of it.
  2. In 1942 is when they went to kokoda track to fight in the war ot pretect our country.
  3. The Australain soliders were sent to New Guinea becasue the japaniese soliders were going there to rule them.
  4. True
  5. The Australain soliders were sent to New Guinea becasue the japaniese soliders were going there to take over them becasue they needed to go around new Guinea if they wanted to go to Australia.
  6. Becasue they were not trained propaly, they didn’t have any food or water and they also didn’t have that mcuh gear.
  7. The kokoda track is muddy, wet, cold at night and really hot in the day.

Blogging – Week 4

1. I have used my creativity this semester by building the ninja warrior course in our groups last term, i have also used my creativity by making the 30 minute video on scratch.

2. I have used my critical thinking skills by thinking about maths because i need to finish it so i use my critical thinking skills for maths by working the answers out.

3. I have problemed solved by working out the problems in the word problems for maths because there are problems that you have to work out.

BTN Response – Term 4 Week 3

1. What were the early video games like?

They were not that good graphics as there is now they were really old and now they have made stuff like playstastions and xbox so you can play it at your house so not much people go to the arcade to play pac man and all of those games that were really popular now they are not that popular as they used to be.

2. Why did arcade games become less popular?

The games became less popular becasue they brang out playstastions and xbox so people could stay home and play instead of going out to the arcade machines to play.

3. Some examples that are back in fashion are Pacman people are still playing it.

4.I think the future of video games will be. old games remade and be made even better.

5. My favorite video game is Fifa because its fun to play and they bring  out a new and improved new game every week

6. I like Simon new everything about every game

Blogging – Term 4 Week 3


I have enjoyed the maths we done with the dogs that played football wiht the percentages and marks and also goals and one team ended up winning the whole finals and we needed to work it out to see who won all the games and all of that so we learnt addition, subtraction and division. And i also like it when we have to do the this thing called mini maths where we play against 1 person in 3 games and we are only finish when we have play 10 games of all 3 of the games that there are.


The thing i like about literacy is writers notebook because i like making books and everything like that and i also like it when we have to do reading in library when we have finished borrowing our books from the library so we have to read and i like doing that and listening to the teacher read the books before we borrow our books.

BTN Response – week 2

  1. Why is it important to get the right amount of sleep?

    I think it is important to get the right amount of sleep becasue if you don’t you will not feel that happy as the kids who sleep for 9 to 10 hours.

  2. The BTN Happiness Survey found that kids who got the right amount of sleep

    were twice as likely to feel happy.

  3. About how much sleep should you be getting every night?

    You should be getting 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night to feel twice as much happy as the people who get like 7 hours sleep a night.

  4. What percentage of kids surveyed sleep with a phone or tablet near their bed?

    c. 47% of kids sleep with a device near their bed in arm reach.

  5. Studies have found that the if you play on your phone,tablet or ipad so they are saying that it is hard to fall asleep.
  6. What are some reasons why kids aren’t getting enough sleep?

    Because they are playign on devices before they go to bed so it is making it harder for them to get to sleep

  7. How much sleep do you get each night?

    I get 9 hours sleep a night.

  8. How do you feel when you don’t get enough sleep?

    I feel grumpy because i am tired from not getting that much sleep

  9. What can you do to get a better night’s sleep?

    Don’t play on a device before i go to bed.

Blogging – Term 4 Week 2

The goals i have reached this semester is finishing most of my work so i don’t have that much homework as last semester. Some other goals that i have reached this semester are to get better at maths and i have a little bit.

Also when i went on a big ride at the spring fair.

  1. Zest
  2. Humor
  3. Happiness
  4. honesty
  5. Bravery

Btw Response – Term 4 Week 1

  1. The Btn story explained why the alphabet was made and why the letter a went first in alphabetical order. and also it told me about how the alphabet is different in different countries.
  2. The Phoenicians lived in Mediterranean countries in and around Europe.
  3. The Mediterranean alphabet looks like this
  4. The greek added the five vowels A E I O and U
  5. The latin speaking roman bowed it from greek and spreader it around Europe
  6. I learnt that the alphabet started in Rome. Also I learnt how the latin speaking roman spread it to different countries. and how the greeks added the five vowels.

Blogging – Term 4 week 1

What are your goals and stuff you would like to do this term to make it the best term?

I would like to go out for fitness everyday and not do any work for the rest of the term i would also like to do fun stuff in class for the rest of the term.

I would also want to have a day when it is just a whole day of free time fitness and if it is to hot we can do free time in class all day instead of going out for fitnees only if it is to hot to go outside for the whole day.