Week 8 investigation

Today I investigated the sewing, I had no idea what to do until khoa helped me with it. I needed to tie small double knots and then I had to thread it through the material and in and out.

I learnt that you can make many different designs and pillows or blankets with the different materials and the thread.

I could develop my ideas by practicing some threading and watching some tutorials on youtube on how to properly use it.

I want to know if there is a limit on how big you want your sewing item to be, is it the size of a blanket or even just a simple pillow?

Next time I will continue doing sewing and I will try to finish my small pillow that I am making at the moment.


Koalas in decline

  1.  Koalas aren’t extremely endangered but they are fairly endangered, they are a native animal to Australia which is sad because we can’t let them animals go because lots of people out there love the., thankfully we have zoos to look after some koalas and keep then healthy
  2.  There are about 40,000 koalas left in the wild, which is really sad because lots on areas full of trees are getting taken down which have koalas living in there which could kill them because they won’t have any leaves to eat or any where to sleep.
  3. Koalas have lots of threats to them, lots of their habitats have been taken down or dogs have attacked them and killed them
  4. The climate would affect koalas because the shore would rise under the ground, and it would have salt in it so the trees leaves would be not edible to eat for koalas but they don’t know, so it could kill them because the high salt levels in the tree.

Week 7 investigation

What did I learn today?

Today I learned that you can make your own piano beats in garage band, when you make your own beats its better than the pre made ones because you can make any beat that you want but other pre made ones you can’t, but with the pre made ones they don’t sound that bad.

How could I develop my ideas?

I could develop my ideas in garage band by getting help from youtube or a friend that likes music that can give me ideas on beats and bass. Theres it lots of videos on youtube on how to videos for garage band so I can get expert advice.

Are there any new questions I have?

I want to know how to make your own beat but not on piano, because personally I think piano is boring so I want to make something guitar or electro dubstep my self because then I’m using my own beat, not the games beat that it provides you with.

What would you do differently next time?

Next time I will watch a youtube video and get some ideas and use it in my garage band song to make it better than last time, and also if I watch a video I can make songs made from popular people in in garage band like a cover of the song.

Athletics carnival blogging

When we arrived to the stadium it shocked me because it was really big, we had to wait in the sun for atlas a hour which was really hot and I couldn’t see much. At about 11:30 I went up to the 100 meter sprint. There was some fast looking guys there but they didn’t bother me, some where really tall too. When I finished the race I ended up coming 3rd out of 6 or 5 people, but I was proud of my self for what I done.

Once I was up to 200 meters I was silly enough to sprint and then at about 100 meters I slowed down which made me come 5th which made me upset because I didn’t want to do 200 meters any way, I was so puffed and I felt really heavy to the ground after the race finished.

When the relay came I was supposed to be 1st runner bit I swapped to second runner so that I run strait not around a corner. When Matios went to pass me baton I accidentally went out of lane and ended up 2 lanes from my original lane but luckily the judges didn’t notice so I ran and passed it to Greg and he ran gave it to Raymond and then we thought we came 4th but we came 3rd which was lucky.

After the relays I was just done, I was so puffed and exhausted. I didn’t even have a bottle so I only had 2 sips of water on the day. so when I got home I literally had like 1 litre of water and then chilled and played xbox.

Blogging week 6: Mission week

Mission week was really fun, me and Austin, James, Khoa planned to shift spots with in 20 minutes but we sold out all of our stress balls with in 15 minutes? So Austin and Khoa didn’t even need to shift into mine and James spot, so me and James just walked off and left the stall there, we knew that Austin would come back and realise that we sold out quickly. The first thing I bought was a milk shake from the Milk shake boys and it was really yummy, but no spoon which was kinda weird because it had ice cream in it.

After that I went to Ethan’s stall and tried one of isiabellas poke ball cup cakes which was really yummy, at that moment I was really full, so Noah gave me a free potion fruit juice and I got a lolly pop. Then I was just stuffed so I went on the oval and stopped the ball from going far away when people miss the cross bar in the cross bar challenge. About then thats when the bell went off and we went to the assembly.

What I want to learn about?

I want to learn about history about WWI and Times tables, because I want to learn about WWI and every what they done, weapons, tanks, famous soldiers, and how it started.

Really the only person I have to teach me about is my friend Alex because he knows all about it like the soldiers, maps, guns and more.

I also want to learn about times tables and nothing else, I feel like I should go through sessions with teachers in the school to come take me to a room and we will learn about maths and do drills, and different ways to find out the answer.

Another reason why I want to learn about WWI is because I’ve never really been that into something this different compared to other


Blogging week 5

What controls my learning, I control my working by staying focuses like listening to music or fidgeting with something because I ignore everything around my and focus of my work, because if I’m listening to music I can’t hear anything around me that can interrupt me from my work. And if I was using something like a fidget spinner I would hold it in my left hand and write with my right hand, but if I’m using lap top I would put it down and I would pick it up every few minutes.

My goals for this semester is to at least improve in my times tables because I really need help in it because I know it would be hard in high school and I don’t want to feel like I’m the only bad one, and get loads of homework for not finishing it or not being good enough. The thing is, when ever I learn maths I just forget after a couple weeks. It doest stay in my head so me and my mum have been sometimes doing in before dinner on a piece of paper.



Week 4 guided reading, media response

  1. What percentage of Australians has at least one parent born overseas?

They said its 40% because lots of Australians have had their parents or their family move from their country to Australia because they know that Australia is a safe place to stay rather than their country.

2. It’s illegal to treat anyone unfairly or to bully them because of their race, culture, nationality or skin colour.

Its definitely illegal to use racism on other because its definitely not their fault if they are asian, Australian, Indian, and all of those countries, because its not fair that some of us leave them out and only count ourselves in depending on what country we are from.

3. Where can racism happen

Racism can happen any where to be honest, depending on who you are. If you are a different culture from Australia some of the rude people might be racist and insult your country because they think their smarter than us or shouldn’t be here, well thats not the case. Personally I think that everyone is welcome to Australia.

4. Who experiences racism?

Most people that will experience it are the people that are a from a different country from the person thats being racist because it wouldn’t make sense if some one one was being racist to their own country.

What percentage of kids aged between 13 and 17 have experienced racism?

I think that all people in those ages have experienced it unless their lucky and they have no bullies in their school that do that stuff, personally I’ve experianced it and I’m 13 years old and I would think it would happen again maybe next year in high school?

Investigation week 3

Today I investigated zoo bots with matios again, we looked at all the programs that you can make it do like spin around, zig zag, skate, and reverse. We combined all of the tricks together and it took for ever to activate it.

We learnt that you can use all of the programs at the same times even at speed set to very fast, it takes much longer to activate the more programs you have because they are very small robots thats for sure. They can go much more faster than I thought they could.

I could develop my ideas by using the expert mode which is more complicated and specific with the programs that you add to the robot, like what speed and how fast it turns and spins, etc and there much more.

The new questions I have, I want to know if you can pull them apart and add new parts to it that could make it faster like wheels, or tech parts that are stronger than the original .


How does working in a group help me with numeracy?

I’ve never really been the best at maths, I’m horrible. And sometimes working in a group can help sometimes it doesn’t. When I’m doing maths and working with the teacher I am much better because the teacher can help me with methods for different sums. If I work with friends they usually don’t help me much because their much better than me and they know other methods, the only thing they can do is really give me the answer instead of helping me find out the answer. Thats why I prefer to get help with maths from a teacher because there is many different ways that they can help you find out the answer.