St Kilda excursion reflection

On the 14th of November 6/7rg and jw went to St Kilda to do the mangroves walk, all of us had tuns of fun playing on the play ground and catching fish. I was with Jack when we were fishing and I caught three fish and jack caught one fish. After a while all of the fish swam away so me and jack had a lot of trouble trying to catch more but then we stopped.

After that, our class went to the play ground to have a play. It has changed a lot since I was last at St Kilda, they got rid of the big wooden castle and changed it to a tall metal castle with swirly slides and steep slides. But they still have the extremely big long slide but you need something to slide on other wise your clothes grip to the metal. Me, Jayden, Raymond and greg were doing parkour and we were testing how high we could jump. We jumped off these really high ropes, it was about 8 or 10 ft high so it was quite high, especially for jack. It took him a while to do it but when he did it he was fine, but when he done it his second time he face planted right into the sand, it looked quite painful but it was kinda funny.

On the way to St Kilda me and Alex saw a nice Lotus, which is a fast sports car. Me, Alex and Jack all got excited, when we went around the corner the Lotus drove really fast past us and it was really loud and everyone on the bus was all satisfied and I even enjoyed it my self.

After both classes got a chance to play on the play ground, eat and go fishing. We all went to do the mangrove walk, it was quite a walk but it was really cool and interesting because there was so many trees in weird shapes and cool plants.  At the end there was a small set of stairs, when you walk up it you can see a really nice view of the Adelaide city and a big lake with a lot of swans and birds in it.

Numeracy blogging

This semester I learnt fractions, and we also learnt angles. We learnt how to add and subtract fraction’s which was a big skill for me, but it got really easy after a while of learning it.

Some times I use my maths skills outside of school when my mum asks me random sums, some of the adding maths techniques I’ve learnt in school I use outside of school when me and my mum do maths together.

After learning angles, and finding out the names of the types of fractions helped me under stand fractions way more easily.

Ive never really been that good at maths, its mainly because I find it hard to under stand it and remember it. Teachers will teach me and ill understand, but tend to forget it really quickly which is what I have problems with, but in the future I hope that I will start to remember more because ill have to do it more maths in high school.

btn responce Kokoda track.

The story explained how our soldiers travelled a track which was very steep, muddy, and hard to get through. Some days were really hot and it was difficult for the soldiers. People are also arguing about whether they should mine it for copper left from the war which could sell for 10 billion.


They were sent to New Guinea because they needed to fight for Australia, many of them were badly injured and over thousands of people died during it.


New Guinea was part of Australia, I’m pretty sure Australia owns it. so true.

The reserve forces were sent to New Guinea because the main forces were at Africa.

They were poorly prepared for the war because they were not advanced enough for it, and also because they were reserved soldiers they didn’t have time to train.

The conditions weren’t that good, it was all muddy and extremely hot at day time, but freezing at night times.

term 3 literacy.

In term 3, I done the writers notebook digital and I had done over 1000 words it was a book about cars and street racing.

it took me a while to finish the book but when I did, it was worth it, me and jack are doing research on ballet dancing and aboriginal dancing and we are also making an iMovie in it.

The book I’m making now for writers note book is a book about car information, specifically Japanese cars because they are very popular.

I have written quite a bit of information about some cars. But some it can’t find enough information about the engine and development.


How have I used creativity this semester?

I have used creativity in my year books so far, I made sure I make it as creative as I possibly can with all my photos of friends. I also used creativity using my 100 languages with my Spanish day of the dead skull drawing that I had done, I used a lot of creativity in it because I put a lot of flowers on the skull.

Ive been a problem solver many times, when ever my friends have problems that they need help with but cant fix it them selves. I always try my hardest to help them out by thinking of stuff that will solve their problems because I know they always try and help me out too.

Or if I’m having a problem my self that I need to have a think about, ill do it and try and solve it in my head before I try it my self.

btw post, video games

  1. early video games were very simple. As they were just small pixels with not much to even to while playing the game, some all you do is just shoot rockets, or hit balls back and forward.
  2. Arcade games became less popular because consoles came out, and people were able to buy them and just play it at their own house with out going to shops to play arcade games.
  3. Some old fashion games like Zelda, Mario, sonic and pac man are still popular to this day.
  4. I think that video games will be very realistic in the future, controllers may not be used any any more and it might be swapped to virtual reality goggles or something like that.
  5. my favourite video game is forza horizon 3, because it is a race game where you can free roam around a map based on Australia. You can drive many Holdens Utes and Australian ford cars.
  6. I liked how they told us about what games were like along time ago.


What have I learnt last term, with numeracy.

Last term the whole class learnt angles, I learnt a lot of stuff about angles. Because thats what helped m with my dream house design that we had to do.

With our dream house we used our knowledge on angles that we learnt, because not many of us knew much about using a protractor and how it works, but once we knew how to use them properly we got our dream houses done easily.

I found it a bit hard at first because there was so much to do, but once I got a hang of it and knew how it works, I. was able to do it really quickly and get it done because I knew what to do.

Me being Caleb, and not being the best at angles, I was happy to learn and finally find out how to actually use a protractor and find out the names of the different angles.


sleep, btn response

it is important to get the right amount of sleep, so that your brain can store all the things you’ve learnt that day. And of coarse so that your brain can rest.

kids that got 8 – 10 hours of sleep were more likely to feel happy through out the day.

kids should be getting 10 – 8 hours of sleep a night, other wise they might be grumpy the next day.

37% of kids have a tablet or phone near them, or in reach of hand.

some kids don’t get enough sleep because their phones wake them up late at night from notifications, and they don’t want to miss out so they grab it and turn it on.

I usually get about 9 hours sleep because I go to sleep at 11 and wake up at 8

when I don’t get enough sleep, I am clumsy all day and don’t wanna do much. or I get grumpy.

turn phones off. make sure its really dark in the room your sleeping in.

blogging week 2

last semester I completed heaps of goals that I wanted to, one of my favourite goals I completed was the dream house that we all done, my house was not too big but not too small. I based my house on cars because thats what I have passion for. Some other goals I accomplished was when we done the inquiry project on ancient countries, when I done the ancient asian project I completed my goal and was happy because it was a big project.


btw, alphabet history

the btn story explained how the alphabet started, it began  3500 years ago. and the alphabet was shorter and didn’t have any vowels.

the Phoenicians lived  in the mediterranean around 3500 years ago.

what did their alphabet look like?

their alphabet looked way different from ours, and it was way shorter. and all the different letters were mixed up differently.

what did the greeks add to the alphabet?

all the greeks added vowels to the alphabet so it would be easier.

who spread the alphabet around England and Europe?

the roman soldiers spread the alphabet around Europe and England.

I learnt why there are vowels, and how it was very different, and much shorter.