Btw responce, space suits

  1. They are trying to tell us how they have improved the spacesuits through out the years, making them more secure for humans to stay alive inside of them.
  2. Astronauts need space suits because if not, little bits of dust travelling at high speeds could hit them, and they need to keep cool and be able to breath.
  3. Space suits are made of 11 different layers, some for keeping cool, hard layers on the outside, and they also have heating in the suit too with pipes of water
  4. Elon musk created a suit that was made to look more stylish than previous suits, but people still don’t know if it will be safe enough.
  5. I learnt that they have 11 layers inside the suit for maximum protection, and that a nasa team made space suits out of mercury to see if that works, and also that they have pipes inside the suit to cool them and heat them at different temperatures.

Btw responce: eletric cars

  1. The main point of electric cars is so that people can save money by not having to always put petrol in their car, when they can just charge it at their house, or charging stations.
  2. The internal combustion engines took over because people thought it was easier to just put petrol in the car and take off, but now people think we are running out of petrol. But they were easy to make and they were able to go really fast.
  3. The disadvantage towards petrol cars, as they burn petrol it creates air pollution, carbon hydroxide, and particles that can harm peoples health.
  4. Some of the electric cars can drive up to 400km before they need recharging at recharge stations.
  5. I really hope electric cars don’t become a thing in the future because they just are extremely ugly and don’t sound like anything, and to be honest I don’t really care if its cheaper and healthier for the environment. Electric cars are really embarrassing to the car enthusiast community because of what they are like.

Mary Mackillop quote

“Never see a need with out doing something about it”

I think it means, don’t want something without doing anything about it.

Like if you want something like help, don’t complain you need help if your not gonna try to do anything about it because nothings going to happen if you don’t do anything about it.


Week 3 investigations: wood works

Today me and Alex, Karan, Khoa were making a eazle out of wood out selfies we had to cut log planks in half and nail them together with a big square wood piece so you can lean on while your painting.

Today we figured out that if you can’t nail something in or connect it, there is a lot of different ways to fix that problem by finding out in other ways.

We could develop our ideas by maybe using teamwork with our small group because we all think differently for ideas. Or we can find some specific tools that we need to use for a intricate part we can’t find out.

I want to know, why can’t you screw something in if there is a gap in-between because apparently it could snap easily, I didn’t know so we decided not to go with that idea of leaving a gap in-between.

Next time were going to put some more nails in so its more stable, we are also going to keep the stand on the back of it more stable too.

Week 4 investigation

Today I investigated wood works that I have doing for the past 2 weeks for now on with my friends.

Today I learned that you can cut through really thick wood but it takes time and you need muscles to be able to do it.

We could develop our ideas by some of us getting expert advice from our teachers or parents that know wood works.

I want to know if their is a limit to how thick a piece of wood can be to cut it in half with a saw.

Next time were going to add a small ledge to put paint on so you can easily dip your brush in there.

Week 2 investigations

Today me Alex, Gabriel, Karan, and Khoa were doing wood building, we had a lot of fun today was one of the best investigations so far.

I learnt how to saw wood carefully and nail, nails into wood planks. We had to cut wood directly in the middle by using the measure tape .

I could develop my ideas by having a look at all the options if there was any issues, so then we can fix it. Or if somethings too hard we can use a specific tool that can make it easier

My question is “is it possible to make a small cubby house with just the items we were given?” because I wanted to make that until we were told to make something else.

Next time me and me friends are going to make a stand at the back so we don’t need to lean it on the wall. We just need to cut some wood in half and make sure it fits behind, I hope this works out.

Facts about Japan

  1. Japan was once derided by 200 small clans, that would fight to see who would rule by Japan.
  2. Japan had sold the most cars in the world.
  3. Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world.
  4. Japan was once a Shogunate not a empire.
  5. Despite the fact they lost world war 2 Japan still has a emperor.
  6. China has the largest population in the word
  7. Japan made 40 million Toyota corollas, and all of them lined up would go around the earth 2 times.

Fungi BTN story

  1. The teachers are teaching the kids about fungi mushrooms, so that they know which ones are poisonous and which ones aren’t.
  2. Fungi organisms are really important because they can break down and help a lot of animals when they eat it, or it can help plants too when they break down into small parts.
  3. There are estimated to be about 5.1 million different types of fungi species, which include water and lots of soil.
  4. Fungi has lots of other organisms to it, like yeast, and and mold which can be healthy.
  5. Not all fungi can be healthy because they can contain very poisonous stuff that can make you very ill, and not well.
  6. I found out that you can identify fungi by the shape of some of them, and the poisonous ones can be very bad for you. And they are really healthy for some animals but some can be bad.

What I done in the holidays.

My favourite memory in the holidays was when jack came to my house lots of times and I came to his house many times too. When he came to my house we walked to maccas and bought 8 ham burgers because there really small, we also got a drink each.

After jack left me house, me and my mum went up to Loxton where the river land is we went on dirk bikes and went off roading on them and it was really fun, it took a long time to start them up but we did it in the end.

We also had fun fishing, I caught a cat fish but we had to let it go because they had a dangerous spike on their back and their sides