Our Positively Delicious New Menu!

Our new canteen will be opening very soon and our new positively delicious menu will be launched on Tuesday 15th March (Week 7). All of our food is homemade from fresh ingredients in our school canteen.   All of this food is positively delicious and fresh! Do not be afraid to try something new. Some of the children at our school have already tasted our new food and have had some positive things to say about it.

‘My child refused to eat my fried rice! He only wants the one in the canteen.’ – Student’s mum.

‘Yum, the tuna bake was so yummy!’ – Year 5 student.

‘Where’s my lunch, where’s my lunch. The hot pack is the best food.’ – Year 7 student.

‘I’m so excited that the butter chicken is coming back.’ – Year 5 student.

‘My favourite thing at school is our restaurant!’ – Reception student.

Check out some of our menu items!


Vegetarian Fried Rice


Vegetarian Pasta Bake.


Butter Chicken.

IMG_7700 (1)

Hot Pack.

IMG_7699 (1)

Tuna Pasta Bake.

IMG_7698 (1)

Spaghetti Bolognese.

IMG_7697 (1)


IMG_7696 (1)

Nacho Dippers.


Beef Burgers.


Squash It Sandwich.


Positive Pita Pita Pockets.


Rainbow Wrap.


Vegetarian Noodles (Tuesday Special).


Tuna Salad Cup.

IMG_7628 copy IMG_7627 (1)

50 cent Recess Specials.


4 thoughts on “Our Positively Delicious New Menu!

  1. All these new foods look amazing Jayne and Sue. I can’t wait for the new menu to launch so I can try it all. Keep up the great work ladies and thank you for all your efforts to bring us home made food.
    Rita Giannakakis

  2. Yum! I had a deliciour Rainbow Wrap for lunch today! So yummy and filling! Can’t wait for the new canteen to open!

  3. That all looks positively delicious! You do an amazing job for the staff and students of the school to bring healthy homemade meals. Congratulations!

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