Mary MacKillop

Never see a need without doing something about it‘ – Mary MacKillop

In my head, this saying is basically saying ‘Help out when you see somebody in need of help’, so it basically means, help as much as you can for someone in need.

Basin Plan Problems | Guided Reading Media Response

Why have the Murray and Darling rivers struggled to survive over the past decade?

The Murry and Darling rivers have struggled to survive because of droughts. Whenever there were droughts, people would have no choice but to get water from the rivers.

The Murray-Darling Basin is Australia’s most important agricultural region because…

The Murray-Darling Basin is the most important agricultural region because about a third of our national food supply comes from the farms that are located near there.

Why was the Murray-Darling plan created?

The Murray-Darling plan was created to balance out the water usage because it would damage the water supply. They had to get all of the states to participate because whatever happens to one end of the rivers happen to the other end.

What were the important parts of the plan?

An important part of the plan was limiting the amount of water that each of the farms could take especially when the water levels are very low.

Investigations Reflection W3 T3 – 11 / 8 / 17

Today in investigations, I made a fitness game for the Positive for Life thing.

All you have to do is to kick a ball and hit a small item (log, cone, etc.) and then you win. I 1v1’d Cris in the log ball game and I beat him 1 – 0. You have 5 tries and if you don’t hit it, you lose.

Then Shivansh, Francis and Joseph played the game and Joseph hit it 4 times. World Record right there. I only hit the log 3 times. Shivansh hit it twice and Francis hit it 3 times.

Shivansh and I were doing soccer throw ins and then Scott kicked the ball and then it hit the log 1st try and then we celebrated and clapped frantically.

Everyone left and played handball illegally and then they got caught and put in the corner of shame. Shivansh and I started passing the ball and doing throw-ins.


Sideways picture of me mid-way through a kick

GEOGRAPHY – Interesting facts

ARGENTINA // There are about 3.5 Arab Argentines and over 200,000 Jews living in Argentina.

PORTUGAL // Portugal’s full area is 92,090 square kilometres (35556.148 square miles).

GERMANY // Germany’s population is about 81,147,265 people. 3.47 million of them lives in Berlin, which is the capital city.

BRAZIL // Brazil is the largest country in South America and is the fifth largest nation in the world.

URUGUAY // Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America

Investigations Reflection W2 T3 – 4 / 8 / 17

Today in investigations, I did the nail hammering task.

I made a smiley face out of nails and wool and I think it’s great. In my eyes. I made it and I’m proud of it. Someone else took out the nail that was his eye. I think Thuy did.

I ended up getting bored of the nail task so I moved to the wooden obstacle course thing. I tested out Blake R’s obstacle course and it was kind of challenging but I could still speed run through it. It got even harder when it started to rain. It went up and down and the wood rolled around and that’s what made it challenging.

In the obstacle course, you had to balance on wood logs that rolled around a lot. I liked it because there were a lot of places where it was very unstable and rolly rolly. I slipped off of a few logs that were wet and it kind of hurt when I landed awkwardly.

I wanted to make my own obstacle course but since 1, everyone there basically hogged all of the logs and 2, it started raining, I didn’t end up making one sadly. If I made one, I would have made it really hard and the logs would be spaced out a lot and you’d have to jump onto the logs that rolled around.

Then I moved to the fitness provocation activity where you had to create a game for guided fitness. I played Jack’s game where you had to throw the ball into the cone and I have to say, it was kind of hard especially for someone like me who’s aim is as bad as a blind drunk person trying to pee in the toilet in the dark.

We also made another version of it where the person holding the cone wasn’t allowed to move it at all. That was hard and it was really scary when I was holding the cone because I could see the ball going towards my face and I wasn’t allowed to move the cone.

I hope to do the easel making or the game design thing because I want to create something out of actual wood and use actual  powertools and handtools to make something for the school so when I graduate or switch to a different school, I can remember that I left a huge mark on the school.

Finding Fungi | Guided Reading Media Response

Briefly summarise the BTN Finding Fungi story.
Fungi are the clean up crew of nature. They help most animals live in some way or another. Some fungi that we know about like mushrooms, truffles or toadstools are actually some of the most important organisms on earth!
Why are fungi some of the most important organisms on earth?
Fungi are really important because they can do things that  help the ecosystem that no other organisms can do.
About how many different species of fungi are there?
There are over 5 million different species of fungi!
Apart from mushrooms, what other organisms are part of the fungi group?
The fungi kingdom has other organisms like moulds and yeasts.
Are all fungi safe to eat? Explain your answer.
Not all fungi are safe to eat. Actually, only a few species of fungi are safe to eat. If you’re going to pick your own fungi from forests and other places, you need to know the species and the identification points to see if it’s edible. This is why it’s safer to buy mushrooms from the grocery store!
What did you learn about fungi when you watched the video?
I learned that fungi are more helpful to nature than I originally thought. I thought they were just poisonous mushrooms.

20 YEARS OF HARRY POTTER | Guided Reading Media Response

What year was the first Harry Potter book published?

The first Harry Potter book was named “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and was first published in 1997.


Who is the author of the Harry Potter books?

The author of Harry Potter’s name is J.K. Rowling. She was 32 when the first Harry Potter book was released.


Do you have a favourite Harry Potter character? Who and why?

I don’t really follow Harry Potter but my favourite character was Dobby because he was cute and my favourite scene was the sock scene

Why do you think the Harry Potter series has been such a success?

I think that the Harry Potter series was successful because it was really unique at the time and the franchise wasn’t really like any other book.

Ninja Warrior Reflection

When designing your course how did you use creativity?

I used creativity when we had to come up with ways to make the course harder or more complex. We also used creativity when we started running out of ideas and ended up using some other ideas from other groups. We used creativity to extend our ideas and make it super good.


What did you find challenging when planning your course?

I found that making the challenges harder or actually challenging was the most challenging. We had to find ways to make them more original so that we could be more proud of it.


What would you do differently if you were to complete this task again?

I would add another part before the ropes part so then it would be longer and more challenging. It would probably be an aiming type part so that people would put a lot of effort into it.


When you completed another group’s course what did you like about it and why?

I liked Teresa’s group’s course because of the paint ball target thing. I really liked it because it was unique and we didn’t see that in any other course. I actually hit the blue target on the first try and I was really proud of that.

KOALAS IN DECLINE | Guided Reading Media Response

What is the conservation status of Koalas?

They are currently vulnerable with approximately 40,000 Koalas left in the wild.


Approximately, how many koalas are left in the wild?

There are approximately 40,000 koalas left in the wild.


What are some threats to koalas?

Threats to koalas include; Dog attacks, Car crashes and koala habitats vanishing because of humans cutting down trees.


How is climate change affecting the gum that Koalas eat?

Climate change can melt the arctic ice caps, rising the sea levels and possibly making the gum have more toxins and making them inedible.


What are some ways that we can protect koala habitats?

People in Queensland are planning to build a huge national koala park to take in all of the koalas in need of a home and care.


Garageband Music Making | Investigation Reflection

Today in investigations, I made more music in Garageband.

The song that I made was made with synthesizers. I used the Dark Bass and Dark Chords synthesizers to achieve my ‘final boss and distorted’ song called 死ぬ which means die in japanese.

I created this song by randomly pressing buttons on the keyboard. It is 1:07. I spent most of my time trying to find out what kind of synthesizer I should’ve used.

I went through 3 different samples of 死ぬ but I settled on the one that is down in the link below. It sounds very distorted and I like the way it sounds. I think I might use it as music for boss scenes in my game franchise; Bob the Box. I’ve been trying to make ‘final boss’ music for the boss fights in Bob the Box but I never got it right. I’m very proud of myself for making this song.