Sleep Problems | Guided Reading Media Response

Why is it important to get the right amount of sleep?

It is important to get the right amount of sleep so that you can be happier and healthier.



The BTN Happiness Survey found that kids who got the right amount of sleep were twice as likely to feel happy.
About how much sleep should you get every night?
You should get around 9 – 10 hours of sleep every night.
What percentage of kids surveyed sleep with a phone or tablet near their bed?
a. 27%
b. 37%
c. 47%
Studies have found that the light devices emit can make it hard to fall asleep
What are some reasons why kids aren’t getting enough sleep?
The most common reason why kids aren’t getting enough sleep is because of devices like phones and tablets. Another reason is because the children don’t feel safe at home or school.
How much sleep do you get at night?
I get around 8-10 hours of sleep depending on what I ate or drank for dinner.
How do you feel when you don’t get enough sleep?
I feel tired and angry when I get woken up and I don’t get enough sleep but I always feel tired and angry when I get woken up.
What can you do to get a better night’s sleep?
I can –first of all– go into my bed earlier so that my body thinks that it’s around 9:00PM and then use my phone so that my arms hurt and get tired, but after I use my phone, I should charge it somewhere else.

History of the Alphabet || Guided Reading Media Response

What did the BTN Story explain?

The BTN story explained why the alphabet is in the order that it is in and where it originated.


When and where did the Phoenicians live?

The Phoenicians lived in the Mediterranean about 3500 years ago.


What did their alphabet look like?

Their alphabet looked a lot shorter and didn’t have the vowels. Apparently, the Greeks added the vowels like A and U.


What did the Greeks add to the alphabet?

The Greeks added the vowels to the already existing Phoenician alphabet.


Who spread the alphabet around Europe and England?

The Latin speaking Roman Empire spread the alphabet around Europe and England. They added a couple more letters which brought the count to 26.


Name three things you learned about the alphabet watching the BTN story.

I learnt that the alphabet was created by the Phoenicians and tweaked by the Greeks and the Latin Roman Empire. I also learnt that the language was changed quite a few times.

Outdoor Day Reflection

Last Thursday, we had Outdoor Classroom Day.

Outdoor Classroom day was really fun but I think the most fun was AFL 9’s. I don’t really play, follow or know anything about Footy, but it was still fun. I think it was fun because it was running, sports and catching; 3 things that I really like doing.

I did AFL 9’s, Activity circuit, Scavenger hunt and Playground warrior.

AFL 9’s was my favourite – as I said before – because it was pretty much just having fun playing sports. Footy is fun when you don’t have to play by the actual rules. We had little velcro tags on our sides which meant that we couldn’t actually tackle people, but take out their tags to signify that we have tagged them.

Activity Circuit was also fun because we just played handball the whole time. Mrs. Norris even joined in and she was better than I originally expected! I got to sort of develop my skills in handball but I’m still not very good. Eh, who cares. It’s just a game!

The Scavenger Hunt was cool, but not what I expected. I didn’t expect us to actually find things, I thought that we had to just find things that they had hidden around the area. I found a cup before we started which I used to put everything I found in. Once I had found everything, I just started climbing trees and playing with a soccer ball that we found. Nonetheless, it was still fun.

Playground Warrior also wasn’t what I expected, but still super fun! I thought we were going to do it on the playground, but then we didn’t becuase the JP students were using it. The Playground Warrior activity was more like bridge building from camp, which actually made me really enjoy it!

Kangaroo Control | Guided Reading Media Response

Why are kangaroos a problem at the Sandy Creek Conservation Park?

Kangaroos are a problem at Sandy Creek because they are over grazing. Over grazing is over eating and the people at the park think that if they eat all the plants, they might not grow back


Why is over-grazing a problem?

Over-grazing is a problem because a lot of the plants that the kangaroos eat provide homes and nourishment for other animals in the park. The park people don’t want over-grazing to happen because then the amount of animals in the park will decrease.


How long has ecologist David Paton been monitoring the fenced-off area?

David Paton and his team have been monitoring the fenced-off area for 15 years.


What does he think should happen?

David Paton thinks that he should – although it is quite extreme – kill some of the kangaroos. There has to be a way to decrease the population of kangaroos eating the plants.


What does it mean to ‘cull’?

To cull is to reduce the population by slaughtering them.


Do you think culling kangaroos is a good idea? Give reasons for your answers.

I don’t think that culling kangaroos is a good idea because kangaroos are native animals, which means that we’re invading their lives. A better thing to do would probably make them their own garden to feast on. If that doesn’t work, they should probably do something else to it, like put repels on it to repel the kangaroos.

Teen Novelist | Guided Reading Media Response

Summarise the BTN Story.

This BTN Story is about a 13 year old girl who is writing a book who is giving tips on how to do it, and she also told people about how long it took and her experience.


Where did Mallory get the idea for her story?

Mallory got her idea from her dream. It wasn’t really a good dream, and when she told her mum, she said “That would make a great story!”.


What challenges did she face along the way?

One of the biggest challenges for her was when she had to resolve the main problem in the book. Another big challenge was to try and find a way to publish the book from home because Mallory and her mother were self-published.


What advice does she give to potential young authors?

She said to be persistent because thats what you need to do something this big and successful.

North Korea Sanctions | Guided Reading Media Response

BEFORE you watch the BTN story, record what you already know about North Korea.

I know already know that Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of North Korea and he has a double chin. I also know that North Korea is a very aggressive country and there has been a lot of war threats.


Who has North Korea threatened with war?

North Korea has threatened the US to reduce them to ashes. Donald Trump didn’t really respond to that positively and threatened them with ‘ We will destroy North Korea if necessary’.


What are the sanctions?

The sanctions are that nothing made in North Korea can be traded into the US and nothing made in the US can be imported to North Korea. A handful of other countries also have trade restrictions with North Korea. Ever since North Korea has been making the nuclear weapons, the US won’t allow textiles like clothes to be traded.


What impact can trade sanctions have on a country?

Trade sanctions can impact the amount of items that can be transferred. Sometimes people’s favourite clothing or whatever is from a country that has trade sanctions. It can also impact the way that people do things. They could have items in their home that helps with their everyday life that has been discontinued because of the trade sanctions.


What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Some of the advantages include not risking things being bugged and things and it can also keep the people safe, but some of the disadvantages include people not being able to do something because they used things from the country that has been restricted.

Investigation Reflection – 8 / 9 / 17

Today in investigations, I did PAINTING!

I created a square painting of my current username and all of my older usernames. My first minecraft username was Scar2099 and I still occasionally use that username. It also has my very very old usernames that were cringey and I don’t want to share them with the internet anymore.

I also made 2 splatter arts but I threw them away because they were very very ugly. I am still waiting on my new King artwork to dry and then I’m going to frame it in my home and I will look at it everyday and pat myself on the back for making that masterpiece and then all of my friends will be like “OH THAT’S AN AWESOME PIECE OF WORK” and then I will be like “yeah I made it”.

Blogging Reflection | Week 7, Term 3

What is digital literacy?

I think digital literacy is when people use an electronic device to do literacy. This includes stories, essays and other english things.


What are the advantages?

Some of the advantages include being able to access your work from anything that is connected to the device. You can edit it at any time, anywhere.


What are the possible challenges?

If you get a new computer, it could reset everything unless you’ve backed everything up on a hard-drive or something. Also, if your computer breaks, then thats also a bad thing because it could corrupt the file and erase all your hard work.

Happiness | Guided Reading Media Response

What makes you happy?

Playing soccer with my friends makes me happy. Calling my friends on discord makes me happy because it’s lonely and boring when I am at home by myself.


What does the BTN Happiness Story aim to find out?

It aims to find out who is happy all the time and who isn’t. It also aims to find sleeping patterns, bullying and other things that affect children’s happiness.


What sort of things do kids worry about?

Most of the kids are worrying about: their health, family, and future.


How will the survey be used to help kids?

They survey will help the kids by telling the people hosting the survey how they are feeling and it will also show how children have changed. That should hopefully help people make things more fine-tuned for the children who aren’t very happy.


What do you understand more clearly since watching this BTN story?

I understand that nobody is the same. Different things make different people happy and sad or stressed. There are things that stress people out and things that make people unhappy.

Equality and Equity | Guided Reading Media Response

What is inclusivity? What do you think some of the features of an inclusive policy might be?
Inclusivity is when you include someone who would’ve been excluded because of something like their race or gender. I think some features of an inclusive policy would be to include everyone?
What is equality?
Equality is making everybody – no matter what size, race or gender – have the same treatment. Like gender equality!
What is equity?
Equity is making everything fair depending on their size race or gender. Here an example: Shorter people get bigger stools than taller people.
What is the difference between equality and equity and how do each contribute to inclusion (or exclusion)?
Equality is making everybody the same no matter what and equity is making things fair. They contribute to inclusion by making things fair and some things equal.
Does including all people equally necessarily mean including all people equitably?
Yes, it should.
What is an example of a practice you could employ in the school to increase inclusivity?
We can teach the school people about racism and sexism, because children wouldn’t want to be something with ‘ism’ in it do they?