KOALAS IN DECLINE | Guided Reading Media Response

What is the conservation status of Koalas?

They are currently vulnerable with approximately 40,000 Koalas left in the wild.


Approximately, how many koalas are left in the wild?

There are approximately 40,000 koalas left in the wild.


What are some threats to koalas?

Threats to koalas include; Dog attacks, Car crashes and koala habitats vanishing because of humans cutting down trees.


How is climate change affecting the gum that Koalas eat?

Climate change can melt the arctic ice caps, rising the sea levels and possibly making the gum have more toxins and making them inedible.


What are some ways that we can protect koala habitats?

People in Queensland are planning to build a huge national koala park to take in all of the koalas in need of a home and care.


Garageband Music Making | Investigation Reflection

Today in investigations, I made more music in Garageband.

The song that I made was made with synthesizers. I used the Dark Bass and Dark Chords synthesizers to achieve my ‘final boss and distorted’ song called 死ぬ which means die in japanese.

I created this song by randomly pressing buttons on the keyboard. It is 1:07. I spent most of my time trying to find out what kind of synthesizer I should’ve used.

I went through 3 different samples of 死ぬ but I settled on the one that is down in the link below. It sounds very distorted and I like the way it sounds. I think I might use it as music for boss scenes in my game franchise; Bob the Box. I’ve been trying to make ‘final boss’ music for the boss fights in Bob the Box but I never got it right. I’m very proud of myself for making this song.


Hindu Temple Reflection

On Tuesday, we went to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mari for an excursion.

We walked all the way there and it was kind of fun because Satish and I were waving at random cars to see if they would wave back at us. We did that the whole time and we also did it on the way back. Altogether, I think we got around 28 waves, 5 thumbs ups, 2 finger waves and 14 smiles. We did good.

When we got there, we had to take off our shoes, which I assume is a religious tradition to keep the place clean. It payes off, because the carpet was very comfortable on my feet. The place was massive compared to what it looked like from the outside. There were a lot of carvings on the walls and doors which were imported from India and assembled in Australia.

The people there were really nice and they gave us orange juice and chips. They also gave us a tour and taught us about their rituals and what happens there on normal days. There were a lot of activity rooms in the Temple.

There were a lot of pure and holy things in the temple, like the clothes that they put on the Gods.


Today for investigations, I did Garageband with Shivansh.

Doing garageband was fun because normally at home, I don’t normally play around with Garageband apart from that time that I had to make soundtrack for my game Bob The Box. The name of the song was Simplicity because I liked how simple it was.

I already had general knowledge about Garageband because I sometimes play around with Garageband. I liked to remake songs that I knew on garageband. My first ever song was made with the Apple loops that come with Garageband because I didn’t know how to make original sounds.

It really helped that I brought studio-grade headphones (Beats Solo 2) because if I didn’t, I would have to be using the Moki Headphones, and those headphones don’t have enough bass for making music. The bad thing about my beats were that you could hear the audio from the outside because the sound-keeping capabitilites weren’t that great.

My song was called ‘cheese.’ and I based it off of my brother’s friend’s song that was also called ‘cheese’. The song that I recorded isn’t very long and it really isn’t detailed because I had to make sure that everything lined up together so that it didn’t sound messy. Not all of it lined up because sometimes I pressed the key too early.

My Version:

Normal Version:

Guided Reading BTN Media Response

What are the kids in the BTN story learning?

The kids in the BTN story are learning how to code at their school; Aberfoyle Park High School. They’re learning how to code in the language Python.


Explain one of the apps the kids designed in the BTN story.

One of the games that the kids designed was Goblin Rush. The aim of the game is to place cannons around the map and shoot the Goblins as they ran across.

Another game was called Boxscape. The aim of the game is to get as many points as you can, and the way to get points is to dodge the orange rectangles.


What is code? Describe using one sentence.

Code is a series of different variables and values that come together and create the platform, making the game.


What coding language do the kids use to design their apps?

The coding language in the BTN story is called Python and the app that they use to make the app or game is called Pythonista. Isn’t it ironic that they’re using an app to make an app?

The most known coding languages are C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Python, Ruby and JavaScript.


How many games does the school have registered on the app store?
Aberfoyle Park High School has 7 games registered on the app store so far. You have to be a registered developer to publish your app onto the app store. Becoming a registered developer costs $99 USD ($130 AUD) a year. Apple keeps approximately 30% of your earnings of your app.

Mission Day Reflection

For mission day, my friends and I opened a stall called Flavour Bombs.

Flavour bombs was a company that sold drinks. Mixed drinks and normal drinks.

Shivansh and I brought the drinks, Noah brought some snacks and Jayden brought 120 cups. I also brought a 6 pack of Sunkist cans for us when we were on break, but we were so busy that we didn’t get enough time to have a break, so we drank the Sunkist when we sold out as a celebration. I also brought some Grain Waves and chili chips as a snack for if we got hungry.

I was having doubts about if we were going to sell well because the Orr Family Café was positioned right next to us but when I saw how long the line was during the first shift, I stopped having doubts. We had a rule where the first 3 people to come to our stall would get a free drink and would be able to get snacks from us after the shifts. I only knew the first 2 people because I was on second shift. They were Abi and Joseph.

We had a website called www.flavour-bombs.tk and we worked on that for most of the lessons that we had because I finished making the logo and banner on the first lesson. Jayden and Noah didn’t want to make a website because they thought that it would be a waste of time but me and Shivansh still made a website to put all of out details like where we were going to be. We also put some details for the Teacher on the website like how much money we would have to make back to earn profit.

The Monday after Mission day was when we had to calculate the profit that we made. Altogether, we made $120.90 and we made $94.90 profit. We only had to spend $26 because we already had some of the things that we needed lying around in our houses.

We could have made a video ad but we didn’t have enough time to make that, as we would’ve had to write a script, make sure it’s good, put the product in our ad, record the ad, make sure that it looks somewhat professional, then make sure it’s appropriate.

We could have made an app for our company but nobody would be able to download it because it takes money to put your app on the app store for people to download. It was also because we didn’t have enough time to make one. It took us way too long to find a website that we could make our app on, and it didn’t help that the internet wasn’t working properly and was being really slow.

We didn’t need to prepare things before Mission day, because we had to mix them on the spot so that the drinks wouldn’t go flat. I was kind of surprised that the drinks didn’t go flat and warm because we didn’t put them in the fridge. We didn’t put them in the fridge because we had around 10 drinks and it would’ve taken up all of the space in the fridge.

Shivansh and I also brought juice for the people that didn’t want soft drinks, but we didn’t mix them. I originally brought apple juice and orange Juice, but the apple juice was so heavy that I ended up leaving it at home.

As we were selling out, we started to lower the price of the drinks because we were running out of things to do. It went from 70c to 50c to 30c within 5 minutes. Me and Noah forgot to tally up the 30c drinks, so we didn’t count as much money as we really made.

My favourite part of Mission day was seeing all of the stores that people made and seeing all of the customers that Flavour Bombs and the Orr Family had. I made sure that we all greeted our customers with “Hi, what would you like?” and said “Bye, enjoy your drink” or “Bye, have a good day” when they left.

We didn’t end up buying the toys for the pre-orders because not all of the people who pre-ordered picked up their drinks. The only person that I saw pick up their drink was Ethan. We let him cut the line, as he was one of the first people to pre order.

Since Noah and I were on the second shift, we got to explore Mission Day before everything sold out. I didn’t end up buying anything. Jayden and Shivansh were first shift, so they explored after things were starting to clear up. Jayden bought 5 milkshakes from the Orr Family!

I brought 3 packs of chips, but I gave 2 of them away because some groups didn’t get breaks and didn’t have shifts. The chili chips went to Abi’s group and the honey soy chicken chips went to Ian’s group.



Blogging Reflection Week 5

How do you control your own learning?

I normally control my learning when we get to pick what we get to learn. I like to control my learning so that I learn things that I actually want to learn, like business and economics. My brain likes to control what I learn by distracting me when I don’t want to learn something. When my brain does this, I can never concentrate and I end up mucking around and I can’t get any input on what we’re supposed to be learning.


What goals have you reached this semester?

One of my goals at the start of the year was to learn more and better maths and I got pretty good at maths. We have been learning about fractions and how to add them and subtract them. Me and a few other people got good at this and we are almost done with the whole maths fractions powerpoint.

Another on of my goals was to write neater and in my opinion, I think that I got better at writing neater. Sometimes I scribble some words together because I get bored and intimidated by some subjects that we’re learning or tasks that we have to do.

Fashion Waste Blog Reflection

On average, how many kilograms of clothes do Australians buy each year?
Everyone in Australia buys approximately 27 kilos of clothes every year.
Why do you think Australians buy a lot of clothes?
I think that Australians buy a lot of clothes because of the heat in Australia. The heat can stain clothes and can stink them up. The clothes could also lose their color because of the sweat taking off the color and putting it on the back.
It could also be because clothes trends are starting and people are catching on to the trends like Yeezys. People could be buying longline tees because they were trendy a while back.
What is ‘fast fashion’? Name a country where ‘fast fashion’ is made.
Fast fashion is when fashion companies quickly catch on to new fashion trends and selling them at a lower cost than other companies. Fast fashion can be made by child labor in China, Egypt, India and a bunch of other countries.

Guided Reading Blogging – Week 4

What do you want to learn more about?

I want to learn more about space and coding. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of space. It’s an infinite area with infinite possibilities and infinite galaxies and planets. There could be an alternate universe to ours where we do the opposite of everything we do and we live an opposite life.

I want to learn more about coding because when I grow up and become a doctor, surgeon or engineer, I want to have programming/coding and graphic design as my side job to make extra cash for my family. I also want to make games now so then when I grow up, I can see how much I have improved and how old the technology was.


How do you use your creativity?

I use my creativity for art and literacy. I use it in literacy when we have to do Writer’s Notebook and I have to make up a story from the top of my head. I also use it when I have to describe a characteristic or an appearance of something so that it can sound like it looks awesome.

I use my creativity for art when we have to design logos or the award certificate for the Pope John Paul Cup. The way that I designed the award certificate was so that like a traditional award, it has flowers on the border. I also used the font SignPainter to type the fancy text. I had to put the Saint Thomas Goodwood School Logo and the Holy Family logo so that when the person that receives the award sees it when they’re older, they can remember the Pope John Paul Cup.