I was sick.

I had flu. I lie in my bed all week wondering WHY, WHY, WHY MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I constantly whipped and nae nae’d hoping for the flu to go away. I dream about donkey kong extracting the flu from me and an elephant named dankey kang snorting my flu away from me. I play my xbox, I played batman arkham knight, it’s a batman game



The Yabby fishing was fun because I got to hold yabbies for the first time. Our group got 3 yabbies.

The foam pit was my favourite part of the camp because I like being able to jump in to the pit when I’m high up.

At the shep show I liked the 5:30 shep the best because it’s wool was half sheared. They had a shep race and I pulled the fence up for them to run. My group went for the mohawk shep but he didn’t win…