The Yabby fishing was fun because I got to hold yabbies for the first time. Our group got 3 yabbies.

The foam pit was my favourite part of the camp because I like being able to jump in to the pit when I’m high up.

At the shep show I liked the 5:30 shep the best because it’s wool was half sheared. They had a shep race and I pulled the fence up for them to run. My group went for the mohawk shep but he didn’t win…



My weekend…

On the weekend my Mum, step Dad and I went for a five hour drive to Mount Gambier where my grandma, grandpa and two brothers lived on a farm. In the morning I went with my grandpa through the paddock and into the calf house on a quad bike to get a quad bike that I could ride on, I followed him around on it. It was fun, but then we had to go have dinner at a restaurant. I had chicken schnitzel and chicken Kiev, they were really good. The next day my Grandpa and I worked on the calves, I fed them, cleaned them and tagged them then we went home.

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