Blogging – 09/11/17

I think I’ve used my creativity this semester when I did 100 languages, during art and when I wrote all the writers notebook. When I do 100 languages its all about being creative and I think I do get pretty creative with me work when using 100 languages. During art lessons I use my creativity the most because it’s art and art is all about having fun and being creative. One more thing I use my creativity with is when I write books, I think when I write stories for writers notebook I try to be creative and think fun.

I mostly use my critical thinking when I do things like debating because its all about finding reasons to fight when and also trying to persuade someone to think about their decisions. Another thing I think I used critical thinking was the Australian Dance vs Aboriginal Dance project, when I was working on this project I tried to find ways to show my work without writing it out and just using pictures and my voice.

]I usually use my problem solving skills when we do things like the worded problems in math and even when someone disagrees and argues about it. When I do worded problems I use my problem solving by thinking of how to can fix it, try it out and if it didn’t work I would try something else and that is something I also do with someone is disagreeing with someone else. I try to working out was going on try to fix it in anyway possible.

Kokoda 75th Anniversary – Guided Reading – 8/11/17

1. In the BTN video it explained to us about what the Kokoda Track is and showing us what the diggers have done for all the Australia.

2. The Kokoda campaign was apart World War II and in Papua New Guinea the Australians were trying to hold back from all the Japanese armies.

3. The reason why our soldiers were sent the New Guinea was because the Japanese army were trying to get into Port Moresby which is the capital city of Papua New Guinea.

4. True. During the war part of New Guinea was a territory of Australia.

5. Reserve forces were sent to New Guinea because all the troops were fighting in Africa and also New Guinea was to close to Australia.

6. The soldiers were poorly prepared because they were just supposed to protect Australia in the home front, they weren’t trained very well, they didn’t have all the modern equipment and lots of them were very young to fight.

7. The conditions in the Kokoda track quite good but there is lots of copper around the place and people in New Guinea are mine around the place so they can get money.



Blogging – 01/11/17


This semester with numeracy I think I did quite good with all the work I handed in because when ever I don’t finish the work at school I would bring it home and try to finish it whenever I had the time and so far I has really helped. Some of my favourite things I’ve done this semester was making the 3D house model and doing the Who Won It game. I liked making the 3D because it was really easy for me and being able to hand it in before the due date, I also liked Who Won It because it was easy but has hard sometimes too and when I finished every game I was so happy and proud.


I think I’m not bad at literacy but I’m not the best out of everyone. Some of my favourite things I’ve done in literacy is doing writers notebook every term because we have lots of time to work on it and whenever I finish a book I get so proud of myself. Another thing I liked to do this semester was doing poems, I liked doing poems because I got to learn more about all the different poems because I didn’t even know about any poems and now I know lots more poems like limerick poems, haiku poems and also imagery poems.

History of Video Games – Guided Reading – 01/11/17

1. Some of the earliest video games made were just black and white with no colour, they were very easy to play and very simplistic and had minimum sound.

2. Arcade games became a lot less popular because when more games came out they could be played at home and people didn’t feel the need to go to arcades because they can just play at home.

3. An old game that was renamed and is still played today was called ‘OXO’ and it was made in 1952, now they renamed it ‘Naughts & Crosses’. Another old game that is stilled played was made by an English computer scientist Alexander Douglas he made the game ‘Tennis for Two’ in 1958 and in the 1980s its became more popular and was made into an arcade game.

4. I think the future in video games will be more complicated and maybe new controllers will be made.

5. I don’t have any favourite video games but I get bored I would play Best Fiends and HayDay on my phone.

6. I think the BTN video was nice because it showed us all the history of video games and some people would love to know because it does get interesting if you watch.





Guided Reading – Blogging – 26/10/17

What are some goals you’ve reached this semester?

I think some goals that I have reached during this semester was making and finishing my dream house floor plan and turning it into a 3D model for maths. I feel like the h.ouse model was one of the best things I’ve done this year and I’m very proud of it because I spent quite a lot of time and money on it.

Another goal I’ve reached this year is the amount of athletic and sports carnivals I’ve been too because last year I’ve wasn’t very into sports but this year I’ve gave myself a challenge to go to as many carnivals I can possibly go to. Last term I went to the Girls Football Carnival and during that day I feel that I’ve learnt many new skilled in kicking. tackling and etc.

My Top Five Character Strengths :

1. Bravery

2. Humor

3. Kindness

4. Curiosity

5. Judgment

Guided Reading – Sleep Problems – 24/10/17

1. In the BTN video they say its important to get the right amount of sleep because according to the Happiness Survey its showed that kids who get the right amount of sleep are usually two times more happy and feel a lot better all of the times during the day.

2. The BTN Happiness Survey found that kids who got the right amount of sleep were  twice as likely to feel happy.

3. According to the BTN video the right amount of sleep every child is 9 to 10 hours each night and go to bed at about 8 or 9 pm.

4. About 47% of the kids who did the Happiness Survey say that they don’t have enough sleep because of there phones and tablets etc.

5. They found that the light from their electronics emit make it harder for them to sleep.

6. Some reasons kids aren’t getting enough sleep is because they don’t feel safe in their home, their school and even there neighbourhood and also sometimes is could just be there electronics.

7. Every school night I usually get about 8 to 9 1/2 hours of sleep each night.

8. Usually when I don’t get enough sleep, in the morning I would be have tired, angry, sad and also sometimes stressed.

9. I think something I could do to get more sleep every night is too stop going on my electronics before I go to bed.

Guided Reading – Blogging – 18/10/17

What are the goals you would like to achieve next year in year 7?

Next year I think that one thing that I would like to achieve is to be able to read and spell more different and complicated words, work and improve more on my grammar. Another thing that I would like to achieve next year is to try to hand in my homework before dues dates or on the due dates rather than after the due date and get a lower mark. Also next year I really want to try being more organised with all my work and homework, in my writing and learning too. Another thing I would like to achieve next year is to be more healthy like playing more sports and going to more sport carnivals.


Guided Reading – History of the Alphabet – 17/10/17

1. The BTN story explained the History if the Alphabet and how it was made to be A-Z through out the years.

2. The Phoenicians lived on the far East side of the Mediterranean about 3500 years ago in 1500 BC.

3. The Phoenician alphabet was quite shorter than our alphabet now and was about 20 to 21 letters and also they had no vowels.

4. In the video Ghil’ad said that when the Greeks used the alphabet they added vowels such as A and U.

5. The Latin’s borrowed the alphabet from the Greeks and spread it around Europe and soon later England too. When England got a hold of the alphabet they added a couple more letters and bringing the count to 26 letters in the alphabets.

6. I think three things I learnt while watching the alphabet was that the Phoenicians were the first ones who created that alphabet, another thing was that England was the one who made the whole alphabet 26 letters from adding letters like J and Y. The last thing I learnt was that the Greeks were the first people who discovered vowels and added them to the the alphabet.


Guided Reading – Kangaroo Control – 26/09/17

Kangaroos are a problem in Sandy Creek Conservation Park because they are eating to much of the plants and they show that the plants are homes for the other animals and if they eat all the plants they might not grow back to easily. The problem was what David Paton and his team has been monitoring and about 15 years ago they fenced off the kangaroos and now all the plants are regrowing.

Over-gazing means eating too much of the plants and it’s a problem because if the kangaroos eat too much of the plants they won’t have enough left for other animals to live in and survive.

As shown 15 years ago David Paton and his team fenced off the kangaroos and the plants that the kangaroos were eating can grow back and now the plants are thriving.

In the video David Paton said that what should happen to help the kangaroo population and protect them is to kill some of the kangaroos.

“Cull” means slaughter (killing) wild animals.

I think culling kangaroos could help the population and protect the kangaroos, it can help by slowing down how much they eat and it lets plants have a little more time to regrow and thrive. Culling kangaroos also isn’t anything crazy because about 9 years ago in 2008 they culled some kangaroos because they had too many.

Outdoors Day Reflection

Last Thursday was Outdoors Day and I did AFL 9’s, Netball Clinic etc. Outdoors was made for getting outdoors and getting some energy in our systems for a whole day. For me it was quiet fun doing AFL 9’s and Netball.

My favourite was AFL 9’s because I got to learn some new footy games that I could actually play. During AFL 9’s the group split in half and my half played a little game of footy for about 10 to 15 minutes than we swapped with the other half and played footy games.

My last favourite was the Netball Clinic and I liked it because we learned all the different passes in Netball, learned all the rules and we got to play a game. First sat down and they went through the rules of the game than we paired up and tried all the different passed with each other that everyone uses in Netball for about 10 minutes than half way through we choose our teams and played an average netball game with the whole group.