Investigations Reflection – Week 8

Today I made icing again and I also had to pipe on muffins with Apple and Kaitlyn.

I think a different idea I have with icing is that I can make different flavours like lemon and strawberry.

I think I could develop me ideas with icing is that we could use different things to make the icing better.

A question I have is that what are all the different types of icing and methods where we could pipe.

A thing I want to do next week for my last week is to have more different ingredients to make the icing original



Investigations Reflection – Week 7

Today for investigations I did icing with Apple and its basically making basic butter and sugar icing and making pipping bags using baking paper.

I discovered that with icing and pipping you can add different things like vanilla extract or like food colouring and when you pipe you can decorate when like sprinkles and fondant as well.

I think I could develop my ideas by making different types of icing and start to decorate cupcakes and cakes.

A question I have is that if I added some different ingredients what would happen to the icing.

I think next time I do icing I would be more patient and add little bits of each ingredient at a time so that I won’t mess anything about the icing up.

Guided Reading – Athletics Carnival // Reflection – 15/6/17

On the Tuesday was the Athletics Carnival, in the morning everyone had to come early at 8 o’clock because the bus took off at 8:10 when everyone arrived at school we all meet in the hall. When I arrived at school everyone had a little tag to show what events they had and what time they were in, after everyone arrived got their tags we started walking out to the bus to drove to the Stadium. When we arrived at the Stadium and all the schools arrived a lady called out all the schools and all the events started. My first event was hurdles and it was one of the first events so I went and I competed  against under 11’s and I came second. After I did hurdles everyone else had their own events like 400m and 800m. Meanwhile I my next event was high jump, I wasn’t really confident about high jump but I tried my best and was one of the first people to drop out. I didn’t really get mad about it but I had fun. When I was doing high jump everyone else started doing the 100m races and our school got a ribbon for nearly every race. Hurdles and high jump were quite early in the morning and my next and last event was relay and that was around 3 o’clock or I had time to eat and watch everyone else. When the relays started I wasn’t that nervous so when I ran I pasted a couple girls and my relay group came in 5th for the relays, I was proud of my group because we never had much time to practice as a group but on the day we did pretty good so I was happy. After my relay was the under 12’s and seniors our school came out with some ribbons for the relay and no one was angry. The under 12 girl came 3rd and the under 12 boys came 2nd out of all the schools, for the rest of the age groups I don’t remember who won what but i was happy but the end of the day.

Guided Reading – Coding School – 14/6/17

1. What are the kids in the BTN story learning?

The kids in the BTN story were learning about different ways of making games and coding in general, and when they finish making there games they give it to their teachers and then the teachers would send it through to the app store and then their app would be available for anyone in the world to download down and play.

2. Explain one of the apps the kids designed in the BTN story.

One of the students were Jasper and he made an app called Boxscape and the idea of the game is to gain points and to gain points in the game you have to dodge rectangle while they’re moving around the screen.

3. What is code? Describe using one sentence.

I think coding is when you uses different letters and blocks to make something move on an digital objects such as iPads which are what the students in the video used.

4. What coding language do the kids use to design their apps?

In the video it shows that they used tablets/iPads using a coding language which is called Python but is also called puthonista as an app.

5. How many games does the school have registered on the app store?

So far the school has 3 different apps on the app store for anyone to download and play on.


Guided Reading – Mission Day // Reflection 7/6/17

Last Friday was Mission Day, me and my group made and sold rocky road and chocolate dipped pretzels. Our stall was called Choc City everyone seem very interested with what we sold and ended up buying our product, we sold out in about 10 minutes.

First in the morning everyone came into class and Miss Giannakakis was on a table with all the tokens so everyone to buy it and donate a gold cost as well. After all the tokens were sold Miss Giannakakis and Mr Winters let us have time up until recess to do our history, finish up our Mission Day products or just do any work we needed to finish off.

After we had recess everyone with to the hall to have the Mission Day because the day before we were suppose to have mass but the Priest didn’t come so thats why we had it on Friday. We had the mass up until lunch so when we got out of mass everyone wanted to pick a spot for there stall so we went up and got our poster so no one could get our spot.

Straight after lunch everyone was running around setting up for there stalls and we got all out things in a box so all my group needed to was just put our products all for everyone to see and we were ready just in time. We easily sold our things in just 10 minutes so we got time to look around.

After the Mission Day hour the whole school went to the hall and had am Mission Day assembly and went home.

Guided Reading – Blogging Questions – 30/5/17

How do you control your own learning?

I think I control my learning by trying my hardest in class and if I still have work left to do I would bring it home for homework. Sometimes I do get distracted but when I notice that I am distracted I would try my best to keep working or move to a different spot and sit and finish my work alone. When I’m at home I have my own desk where my work and so nearly everyday I sit there and do my work so I don’t need to do it at school.

What goals have you reached this semester?

I think some goals I’ve reached this semester is that I’ve read more after school and more during library time and class time. Another goal I think I’ve reached this semester is that I’m more creative with my imaginary and with writing stories.

Guided Reading – Fashion Waste – 29/5/17

1. On average, how many kilograms of clothes do Australians buy each year?

The average amount go kilo’s of clothing each person buys a year is 27 kilograms.

2. Why do you think Australians buy a lot of clothes?

I think Australians buy a lot of clothes because some of our clothes isn’t that expensive and they also want to get with all the trades.

3. What is `fast fashion’? Name a country where `fast fashion’ is made.

I think fast fashion is buying cheap clothes and after a while it gets damaged easier. Countries that started fast fashion was China and Bangladesh.

4. What are the conditions like for clothing factory workers in those countries?

Some conditions workers have in China and Bangladesh are paired very little and the fabric is cheap and so the clothes won’t last very long.

5. What impact does clothing waste have on the environment?

Some clothing’s that are wasted are usually moved to the landfill and the clothes that are made from polyester take over 200 years to break down.

6. What can be done to reduce the amount of clothing waste?

People say we should buy fewer clothes with better quality or reuse the clothes to make something different with the fabrics.

Racial Discrimination – Guided Reading – Week 4

1.What percentage of Australians has at least one parent born overseas.
People have found that about 45% of Australians have at least one parent at was born overseas, people say that they reckon having that’s a good thing and I believe that too because with our country being from a different background makes everyone unique.
2.It’s illegal to treat anyone unfairly or to bully them because of their race, culture, nationality or skin colour. True or false?
It is definitely true that it is illegal to treat anyone unfairly or bully them just because of their race, culture, their nationality or the colour of their skin. But people still bully and treat people unfairly.
3.Where can racism happen?
Racism can happen mainly at schools, online and even on the streets.
4.Who experiences racism?
Everyone experiences racism because they culture, race, nationality and from their skin colour.
5.What percentage of kids aged between 13 and 17 have experienced racism?
The Australian Human Rights Commission have done a study and have found out that about 89% of students ages 13 to 17 experienced racism.