Investigations Reflection – Week 6

This week during investigations I did woodwork with Judd and Aliya, we made the frame of an easel and we started and cut pieces and make a shelf so we could put paint and brushes in.

Firstly we took everything apart from last time because it wasn’t working out and so we had to take all the nails out of the wood planks and than reshaped it and nailed everything back together to make the frame of an easel type shape. Than we took a small square piece of wood and ruled lines on it so we could cut sides of a shelf and when we got to the cutting part it got a little bit complicated but by the end we cut of a piece/side of the shelf we want to make.



Guided Reading – Blogging – 06/09/17

I think digital literacy is a where you have a website or a type of intervention where you can share, find, evaluate and utilise your learning with literacy on a digital device.

I think an advantage that digital literacy has on normal literacy is that on digital devices you can research and get more information rather than looking through books.

An disadvantage with have digital literacy is that you uses more money on all the equipment and sometimes you wouldn’t think as much rather than thinking about the different problems when your doing literacy.

Guided Reading – Happiness Survey – 05/09/17

1. What makes you happy?

I think what makes me happy is when I’m around people I love like my family and friends that love me. Another thing that makes me happy is when I have alone time and just have time to myself watching movies and eating.

2. What does the BTN Happiness Survey aim to find out?

The Happiness Survey was made to find out what affects a person in there everyday life, is wasn’t just made to find out what makes people happy but was also made to find out have mades certain people sad and worried.

3. What sorts of things do kids worry about?

Kids worry about there health, family and there futures.

4. How will the survey be used to help kids?

I think the survey will help the kids because if people see how they feel they could make a video for parents, adults etc to see how the kids feel.

5. What do you understand more clearly since watching this BTN story?

I think a thing that I understand more clearly after watching the BTN story was that adults do actually care about kids well being and want to help and anyway they can/could.

Investigation Reflections – Week 7

This week for investigations I did woodwork with Aliya and Judd, today we cut the wood so we could make a shaft for the easel so we could put paint brushes and paint in it.

When we were cutting the wood it was really hard because the length was long and the width was pretty wide too. Basically we had two different type our saws and so you would use the little saw and than you would use the bigger saw.

Guided Reading – North Korea Sanctions – 19/09/17

1. Who has North Korea threatened with war?

In the video North Korea has threatened war with the United States because Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump don’t agree on certain things.

2. What are the sanctions?

A sanction is a rule that a country makes to try and take power away from another country. In this case they showed in the video that North Korea can’t sell things from the United States and the United States can’t sell thing from North Korea.

3. What impact can trade sanctions have on a country?

I think the impact of trading sanctions could ruin families, gas ,oil , clothing and etc because if everything had a stop the gas, oil and clothing prices would drop down lower and the families would have higher chances of surviving. I think it could also help adults and teens get more jobs, make more businesses and more education for everyone.


Guided Reading – Spacesuit History – 12/09/17

1.  What was the main point of the Spacesuit History story.

I think the main reason the Spacesuit History Story was made is because they could show what happened with the spacesuit and it told us more about what they can do.

2. Why do astronauts wear spacesuits?

Astronauts wear spacesuits because in space it is extremely cold and dangerous radiation.

3. Spacesuits are made of about how many different layers?

Spacesuits are made out of 11 different layers so they would have maximum protection.

4. Describe the spacesuit created by Elon Musk.

Elon Mucks described his new spacesuit creation being more stylish than the previous designs and also he got help from that made ‘Iron Men’ suit.

5. Name three things you learnt watching the BTN story

One of the three things I learnt from the story was that spacesuits can can weight 15 to 81 kilos. Another thing I also learnt from the BTN story was that a ‘gold visor’ protects the eyes when in space and the last thing I have learnt from the story was that in 2019 Elon Muck will be bringing out a new spacesuit.


Investigation Reflection – Wk 3

This week for investigations I did the same thing as last week which was nail wood art and I did again with Thuy, Vinh and Monique. Today all four of us decided as our designs to do our first initials of our names so for me I did the letter C, for They she did the letter T, for Vinh she did a letter V and for Monique she did the letter M.

Basically to make the nail wood art you would need wood, nails, a hammer and some wool (colour optional). First you could draw out your design o your wood and than start get your hammer and nails and start nailing on the lines, for each nail I would put them about 1 cm across from each other. When you’ve finished nailing all your nails into your design you start weaving the wool nail to nail. When you get to the end knot your wool and cut it off.

Overall I think nail wood art if pretty fun if you want to learn to use a hammer and when you’ve done it yourself it would be a great art work where you can use to decorate with, and if I had the opportunity to make another nail wood art I would obsoletely do it again.

Guided Reading – Teen Novelist – 22/08/17

1. Summarise the BTN story. 

I think the BTN story was about teaching everyone to write and publish and novel and they used a teen novelist to show us abutter own story and the process.

2. Where did Mallory get the idea for her story?

Mallory got the ideas from one of the bad dreams/nightmares, she told her mum and than decided to write the book but leave the scary parts out so kids can read it.

3. What challenges did she face along the way?

In the video Mallory said one of challenges that she faced along the writing process was that she didn’t know who to resolve the main problem in the book and the other challenge was to go through the publishing stages because they needed to do its of research.

4. What advice does she give to potential young authors?

Mallory’s advice was to have persistence because its the one thing you need when writing a book .


Mary MacKillop //

I think with Mary MacKillop’s saying ‘Never see need without doing something about it’ she meant that if you see something happening you should do something about it and not just watch it all get worst, or maybe don’t just look at the problem do something about it to and help even if it helping someone overcome a fair or giving someone attention and helping them with there problem.

Investigations Reflection – Week 4

This week for investigations I did woodwork with Judd, Noah, Todd and we decided make an easel and add a shelf so we can put paints and brushes in them.

First we decided too draw a design of what we wanted to build and start to get all the equipment which were wood, paper, pencils, saw and started to cut the wood and than got some nails and a hammer and we started nail in the nails and connect each piece of wood one by one.

Next time I would try to think before I do it and try to look at the design more.