I’am Austrailain Too! By Men Fox

My mum and dad both come from India in Gujrath.

I was born in India in Ananadn.

At home I speak Gujrati.

At home we eat Dar Bath, Cudi, Kichu, Kichidi, Puri, Sack Mutia, Pani Prui, Dabili, Vada Pav, Sommosas, Panner Butter Massala, Palack, Idili, Laoo, Gulabjamboo , Channa , Rajma , Dosa , Belpuri , Dolakal , Roti and Balkri.

url.jpg    This is Panner butter masala ( one of my favourite foods.)

It is importent to exept every one from every where ( My Family and friends) because I have a big family.

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partidtridge By Mem Fox Book Review

1: This book is about a boy making a old lady bring back her memory when she loses it and the boy dose not just bring any old things he brings things that they played to gather before when Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partidtridge was little and that is how Mrs Nancy got her memory back.

2: I recommend that this book is my 8th Favourite book because it is very nice and I have read the book about 43 times about now because I always borrow it in the Salisbury liybrery all time.

3:I rate this book 5/5.

I love this Book 78%