I’am Austrailain Too! By Men Fox

My mum and dad both come from India in Gujrath.

I was born in India in Ananadn.

At home I speak Gujrati.

At home we eat Dar Bath, Cudi, Kichu, Kichidi, Puri, Sack Mutia, Pani Prui, Dabili, Vada Pav, Sommosas, Panner Butter Massala, Palack, Idili, Laoo, Gulabjamboo , Channa , Rajma , Dosa , Belpuri , Dolakal , Roti and Balkri.

url.jpg    This is Panner butter masala ( one of my favourite foods.)

It is importent to exept every one from every where ( My Family and friends) because I have a big family.

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