Knuffle Bunny – Blog Reflection

I have a little blanket named Hippo and it is my favourite thing in the world.

I love this Hippo because my mum and dad bought it for me before I was born and I have kept it forever and sleep with it always I share it with my sister and its birthday is the 4th of the 6th of 2007. So it is 10 years old.

If I lost it I would  look for it and never give up until I found it.

My Learning Goals

  • My first goal for this year is to make more friends because I am not that good at making friends and I can improve on that by finding new friends and having friendship with them.
  • My other gaol for this year is to learn all my divine because I already know my other things like my timetables and addition and my subtraction and I can improve that by getting help by my dad and my mum and when my sister grows older I can teach her as well.
  • My last gaol  is that I really want an A or a B for my grades and not get a C, D, E or a F and  I can improve on that by working hard and not getting distracted by Fiona or Marli or any of my other friends.