Knuffle Bunny – Blog Reflection

I have a little blanket named Hippo and it is my favourite thing in the world.

I love this Hippo because my mum and dad bought it for me before I was born and I have kept it forever and sleep with it always I share it with my sister and its birthday is the 4th of the 6th of 2007. So it is 10 years old.

If I lost it I would  look for it and never give up until I found it.

My Learning Goals

  • My first goal for this year is to make more friends because I am not that good at making friends and I can improve on that by finding new friends and having friendship with them.
  • My other gaol for this year is to learn all my divine because I already know my other things like my timetables and addition and my subtraction and I can improve that by getting help by my dad and my mum and when my sister grows older I can teach her as well.
  • My last gaol  is that I really want an A or a B for my grades and not get a C, D, E or a F and  I can improve on that by working hard and not getting distracted by Fiona or Marli or any of my other friends.

Mo Williams : “We are in a book” and “Today I will fly”

My Favourite books are ” “We are in a book” and “Today I will fly”


This is why I love “We are in a book” because when Jerald the elephant says “BANANA” it’s really funny.


Image result for mo willems books

I love this book I rate it 9/10



This is why I love “Today I will fly” because when Piggy the cute piggy toys really hard to fly and he dose not succeed and then he understands that he dose not need to.

Image result for mo willems books today i will fly

I like this book of resilience and I give it a 10/10


This is the gallery of Mo Williams books!


Image result for mo willems book gallery

These books are “Today I will fly, My friend is sad, There is a bird on your head, I am invited to a party, I love my new toy and I will surprise my friend

Image result for mo willems book gallery






I’am Austrailain Too! By Men Fox

My mum and dad both come from India in Gujrath.

I was born in India in Ananadn.

At home I speak Gujrati.

At home we eat Dar Bath, Cudi, Kichu, Kichidi, Puri, Sack Mutia, Pani Prui, Dabili, Vada Pav, Sommosas, Panner Butter Massala, Palack, Idili, Laoo, Gulabjamboo , Channa , Rajma , Dosa , Belpuri , Dolakal , Roti and Balkri.

url.jpg    This is Panner butter masala ( one of my favourite foods.)

It is importent to exept every one from every where ( My Family and friends) because I have a big family.

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partidtridge By Mem Fox Book Review

1: This book is about a boy making a old lady bring back her memory when she loses it and the boy dose not just bring any old things he brings things that they played to gather before when Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partidtridge was little and that is how Mrs Nancy got her memory back.

2: I recommend that this book is my 8th Favourite book because it is very nice and I have read the book about 43 times about now because I always borrow it in the Salisbury liybrery all time.

3:I rate this book 5/5.

I love this Book 78%



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