Term 2 Week 4 excursion to the museum reflection

On Friday week 4 4RG,REF and REQ went on a excursion to the museum to learn about the Aboriginal people when we went on the bus we got to sit next to anyone we wanted so I sat with Lincoln when the bus started moving me and Lincoln played with my lego people we had so much fun with the lego people and when we got there we had our recess when everyone finished there recess we got in our groups when we went into the museum we put our bags into the room the man said to put it.

When everyone in my group we started down stairs and looked at the weapons and the mats that the aboriginal people made I was looking with Thien and my buddy Nicholas and Nicholas was running because he was so exited and me and Thien tried to stop him but he was to fast then we went upstairs The other group went downstairs Nicholas,Thien and I saw a giant octopus or squid and it was alive it was moving a little bit.

Then time was up from looking and we went to Botanical Gardens for lunch and when I finished my lunch I got to play with my friends we play camouflage, hand and chasey then we went back to the museum and went in the bus to go back to school and I sat next to Nathan and we had fun because we saw Nathan’s buddy hugging sunny then we got back and we heard the bell ring after lunch so we went inside we had meditation Nathan,Finn,Thien and I made videos how to make a ninja star,a chatter box and a crane.

Week 3 Guided Reading- Bionic Arm Builder

1. What helped Hannah build the bionic arm?

a. Coding

b. Electronics
c. 3D design
d. All of the above√

2. What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.

Bionic technology helps people do every day activities bionic technology helps people walk,see,hear and  do every thing.

3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?

The bionic arm can pet cat firmly it can open doors and it can hold a glass of water also it can hold a lot of stuff.

Term 2- Week 2 Guided Reading- Composting Awareness

1. What three things help start the composting process?

…a. Bacteria

a. Bacteria

b. Insects
c. Fungi
d. All of the above√

2.What sort of fertiliser do the kids add to their compost?

They use dry animal blood and they use ground animals bones and mix it in with dirt so they make soil.

3.Explain what worms, slugs and other insects do to improve the compost’s texture?

The worms, slugs and other insects just eat it and poop it out and it makes compost.

4.How does compost help our garden?

Compost helps plants grow and makes it heathy and happier.

What I did on the Holidays

On the holidays I celebrated my grandma’s birthday also I had a picnic  with my family friends and my grandma and when we where there we played cricket and soccer and my team won and when it was 6:00 o’clock everyone went home. The next day we just stayed home and then we went to the shops and we bought a lot of stuff. When we went to my grandpa’s house we ate lunch and dinner. When we got home we went to sleep in the morning we ate outside for breakfast. I had toast with butter and coffee and at the afternoon I went on my trampoline with my mum, my sister and my brother. Then we ate lunch then me, my brother, my sister, my mum and my grandma had a barbecue at my house we cooked pork and chicken. When we had dinner we played on the trampoline then we went to sleep.