Holiday recount

In the holidays I first got up and showered and I also packed my bag to go to Lincolns house. After that I had lunch and went to Lincolns house. When we got there Lincoln showed me around his house then we played with Lincolns transformers. Lincoln and I then played with his wii in his room we played wii sports when we got tired we toke [took] a rest.

After we went to play tennis then Kiara and Alica wanted to play so we went to get more tennis rackets after Lincoln and I won the game. After Lincoln,kiara,Alica and I played basket ball and the teams were boys vs girls when we finished playing we went inside and got toy swords and we fought with the swords.

After we went inside for dinner we had garlic bread,salad and lasagna after that we played on the wii again and then we had dresert [dessert]. After we went back to Lincoln’s room and played the wii then we watched a movie after we went to sleep. In the morning we went out side and we road a quad bike after we had lunch and Lincoln and Lincolns dad dropped me to my house.