COVID-19 Update

27th July 2021

Dear Families,

I can now confirm that schools will be fully open for normal classes tomorrow on Wednesday 28 July. We will expect students to be at school ready to start classes at 8.50am.

As always, students should not attend school if they are unwell or are required to self-isolate/quarantine by SA Health. Please inform the school if this is the case by completing notification at Students in directed quarantine, will be provided with learning support.

We will not be offering an alternative home-based learning program unless your child is impacted by SA Health quarantine orders.

Please note that some government restrictions are in place at present and this will mean normal access to the school site by parents will not be possible during this time. I therefore ask you to follow the following guidelines if you are dropping your child off at school:

In order to keep everyone safe and well, we ask that when you drop children at school you avoid coming into the school but rather drop them off and collect them at following points:

  • The Kiss and Drop Zone by car is the preferred mode of delivery and collection because the area is under cover and well supervised by staff. This will take a while but be patient and we will get the job done safely. Tell your children to go to Kiss and Drop zone if that is your preference. The zone will be supervised in the morning from 8.30am and until 3.30pm in the afternoon. Extra staff will be deployed to guide children to their classrooms in the morning. Teachers will help children get to where they need to go in the afternoon.
  • You may drop children off and collect them at the rear gate off Banksia Court. There is a small shelter in that area and there will be supervising staff there from 8.30-9.00am and from 3.00–3.20pm. Tell your children to go to the rear gate if that is your preference.
  • You may drop your children off from the side gate near the Community Club. There is shelter nearby on the Junior Primary veranda. Tell your children to go to the side gate if that is your preference. There will be staff in attendance from 8.30-9.00am and from 3.00pm -3.20pm.
  • If you are travelling on foot and you wish to enter the school from Shepherdson Rd please drop your children at the small front gate near the Front Office. Staff will be in attendance from 8.30-9.00am and from 3.00-3.30pm.  If children are not confident parents may drop them at the front office where we will have extra staff to show them to their classroom.
  • If you are dropping off your child late, please bring your child into the Front Office.

OSHC and Alive Early Learning Centre – If you arrive at school earlier than 8.30am you may take your child to the OSHC door and leave them there. If you do not wish to enter the school, you may telephone OSHC staff and they will collect children from the front gate. ELC parents should follow existing practice unless otherwise directed by the ELC.

Mask wearing is a new requirement by SA Health that has been mentioned on in the media and students in secondary schools/campuses will be required to wear masks whilst indoors, whilst congregating and when on school buses and public transport. Primary school students are not required to wear a mask.  Staff in Primary and Secondary schools will also be required to wear masks when they are not teaching or interacting with students. Early Childhood staff and are not required to wear masks.

Some staff and students will be exempted from wearing masks for medical or other health conditions. Please provide a mask for your child but if you are not able to do so the school has a supply of masks as well. Either cloth or surgical masks can be worn by adults and students.  For guidance on how to wear a face mask and disposal of face masks, please visit SA Health’s website.

As we transition back to schooling it will take time for all of us to adjust to the new requirements stipulated by the health authorities.

Allied health professions eg speech therapists, occupational therapists etc and music tutors.

I also take this opportunity to remind you that if for any reason you have experienced financial difficulties and you are concerned about fees or other schooling costs, please contact me by email and I can arrange for the school to assist in your particular situation.

We look forward to the resumption of some routine and we and ready to welcome back your child tomorrow morning.

Kind regards,



For information about Holy Family Catholic School’s approach to online learning please visit The Principal’s Blog

20th July 2021

Dear Families,

As you will be aware, SA will begin a 7-day lockdown at 6pm this evening, as we respond to the increase in COVID-19 cases in our State.

Holy Family School, Alive Early Learning Centre and Holy Family OSHC services remain open for the period of the lockdown for children of essential workers or other children requiring care.

As always, students should not attend these services if they are unwell or are required to self-isolate by SA Health.

We expect that online/remote learning will commence on Wednesday and more information will be provided in due course. Your child will bring home with them today any materials and equipment they will need to continue their learning program.  Additional learning resources are also available at

Please be assured that our priority is keeping our students and staff safe.

We will continue to work under the guidance of Catholic Education SA and SA Health to ensure that we are doing all that we can to support the health and wellbeing of our community.

May I remind you that the school will keep in touch with you in the following ways:

Class teachers will call to enquire about your current needs as a family, post information and learning tasks in the class blogs and email from time to time.

As this is a rapidly changing situation, please refer to the following resources for the latest information:

SA Government website

SA Health website

Catholic Education SA Updates

I am sure that you will join me in praying for all those who are working to prevent the current situation from further escalating and for the continued good health of our school families and wider community.

Please find attached a document describing our provision of services during this lockdown period for your reference.



All information on COVID-19 is sourced from CESA information and the following websites:

Translated Resources:- SA Health/COVIDtranslated.