Guided reading week 5

  1. Mungo Man is the oldest skeleton ever found in Australia. How old is Mungo Man’s skeleton? Approximately.

    it was 40,000 years.2. In which region was Mungo Man’s skeleton discovered? Add a map of the country.

    he was discovered at the lake mungo.

    3. How did geologist Jim Bowler find the skeleton? He did a research trip and he found it in 1974.

    4. Why were the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Willandra Lakes angry? They were angry beacsue he was special to the aboriginal people and they did’t ask them to take him away .

Week 4 Chinese new year

  1. They have a lunar calendar and it shows the full moon
  2. They put red lantern and they have dragon dance or a lion dance. They also have food like dumplings some rice and noodles they also if you go to a temple there will be food and you get to pray there but you have to take you shoes of to do it. And she there doing the lion dance they also have a loud fire work and when it is the line dance they give you a red envelope and you have to put money in it then when the lion goes to you you give it to them and they will eat but the give to the back person.

Week 3 guided reading

My body helps me speak and write because I have a voice my body and most  of the people have a voice but not that much people have voices. and thats what helps me speak. My brains help me write and my brain helps me think of new words and what to write and its help me write story I put full stops and capital letters and my brain helps me think. And it helps me think of new things to write in my story and when I’m doing my work .


my voice help me speak because I have a voice and I can say new thing and learn some new things. My brain help me learn because every time older you get smarter so do thats how the brains get more smarter and learn new things like crafting and making new things and and more new thing go to you’re brain. Like tying a shoeless or leaning divides and learn new stuff like drawing finding new facts about some animals and some dinosaur or think of new things. to make


With my brain I can also craft new like a book or a slime or a cardboard car.

My goals

My goals is trying not to get a step or try to use teamwork when I play soccer.

My goals this year is trying to do stuff that I can’t do.

My goals is trying to make new friends.

My goals for this year is try to learn new things.

My goals are making new thing out of cardboard and paper


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