Museum Excursion 25th of may

On Friday the 25th of may my class went on a excursion to the South Australia museum, my partner was Udesh and my buddy was Aaron. We had to go on a bus which was meant to pick us up a 9:00 but I think the bus picked us up at 9:20. While we were waiting we played Chinese whisper. It was fun. The bus came so we got on the bus. I was siting at the back with Thinh, Aaron, Udesh, Fihn, Jacob, Kobe, and Billy then we sang ‘Wheels on the bus’.

After we arrived we had recess. Then we split up into two groups, After we went in the museum my group had to go on floor one we saw some Aboriginal stuff like weapons and how they make stuff. After we walked to floor two there were food and how they make fire and and cool stuff after we had to the botanical garden then we ate lunch, then we played handball. After we had to go back on the bus THE END

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