Term 4 Holidays Recount

On the Holidays I went to Saint Kilda with me three cousins, Mum, ands my sister. My cousins and I went on the big slides and we had blankets after we all had ice cream. Then we went on the pirate ship it was scary it felt like I was going to fall. After we found a maze we all did it but the parents we’re talking. Then we went to Restaurant, I ate chicken.

The next day I stayed home and played some games like Roblox. I had to take a eye break so I went outside with off my cousin and his name was Andrew we played some soccer we only pass it to each other. We went inside and had some ice blocks then suddenly the internet went off . I was so board I had nothing to do so I just waited.

Then the internet came on then I continued to play my games and watch youtube. We had Dinner and went to bed.

On Thursdays I went to the shops with my Cousins and my Mum we were walking my mum told me to hold her bag so I did. Then I went on a rock then I fell I did’t know if I broke my wrist it really bad. Then we got home I went to the fridge and got a ice pack. I put it on my wrist it got better.

The next day I went to the doctors and they did’t know if I broke it or not so they told me to go to the x-ray. So we went to the x-ray then they checked it and they said it was broken. So they told me to go to the hospital. I was cool about it but when they told me to go today I was scared.

Then I went to the hospital while we were waiting my cousin farted. They finally came put me cast on then I was done with the whole thing.

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