My goals for next term

My goal for next term is getting better at me grammar Like putting full stops and capitals letter and try not get a step or a focus and put stuff in the bulid and get better at time tables.

My personal goal is to get more creative and make a 3D cube and a 3D rabbit

Reflection Week 9

I am creative when I make stuff with my friends and my top character strengths is creative and it is my first one and make studs with my friends and last night I made a fake ps4 with my cousin and we made a fort and boxes.


I use leader ship when I play soccer and when is use teamwork in handball and in soccer and when I playing a type off sport



Guided Reading Week 9 Australian Population Future

1.What are some of the benefits of population growth?If we have more jobs we get more money and people can make schools then kids can learn.

2.What are some of the challenges of population growth?more traffics and more accidents and they have to make more buildings and builders could be tired and maybe they have to build more stuff but they can’t.

3.Do you think Australia’s population should grow or stay the same size? Explain your answer. it should grow because more people can Learn new thing and get jobs and get more money to make more houses for the homeless people.

My Goal for Numeracy

My goal for numeracy is learning something new and learning how to say something fast like 2×2=4 and you have to says fast. My goal for numeracy is learning how to do fractions and I want to say all of my timetables really fast. My goal for numeracy it how to count up to 3000.

Guided Reading Week 8 Plastic Free boy

1.How is plastic pollution having a negative impact on animals and our environment.

It could harmed the animals and they could choke one of the plastic bag and turtles think the plastic bag are jelly fish then they eat it then they could Choke.

2. How many tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean?

There are 8 million tonnes in the sea because people are not putting there rubbish in the bin and they are throwing there rubbish on the floor

3. What can you do to help the environment?

Buy not throwing stuff on the floor and help pick up rubish and don’t litter.

Numeracy reflection week 7

When I’m with in a group of three it makes me not nervous but if I’m in a hole (whole) group it makes me nervous and if I’m with a partner if help us think of stuff and we use teamwork like when I had to do it with Leon he help me think of ideas  then we did it and he thought of putting in some pictures so I did it then and working with a partner it help me think of ideas to make like me and Lincoln was working together then he said lets make holes then we can put the luncher (launcher) in then it can spin. In numeracy Udesh  helped me count the number and we use team and when I did’t have enough room to right more he said just right out of the page so I did then we counted the tens then units and hundreds then I was done so I help udesh add them up.

Week 7 Guided Reading

1.Explain some difference between dingoes and dogs. Dogs bark and dingoes growl and dingoes are wild and dog can do tricks

2. Why are dingoes sometimes a ‘pest’ for some farmers? They chase sheeps and attack them.

3. What Australian state do you NOT find dingoes in? You can not find dingoes in Tasmania

investigation Week 6

Today I made a my own beyblade with Lincon Fayzan and Kaiden Lincon made a working one but mine did’t go out well it could only spin a little not that much so at first it couldn’t spin then ancon gave me a idea put holes in it then put the launcher on then it work.

Guided Reading Week 6 eye

1. Who studies eyes? Orthodontist studies peoples eyes

2. Briefly explain how monocular vision works. it works makes you see more better and sometimes and can get double vision

3. How does having eyes on either side of its head help lizards? because it helps it see stuff like when a animal wants to eat it it will know what it coming the It could run away

Fishing Excursion

Yesterday we all went on a excursion and it was fishing so we waked out of our classroom then we had to wait for 30 minuets and we ate out fruit there the the bus came.


When we got on the bus I chose my spot then Billy wanted to sit next so we did. Then Shylah and Mia told lets play game and it was who can get the most wave in me and billy cheated we had no waves but we told Shylah we we had 4 but we did ‘t but they did’t felt for it.


so we arrived when we sat on the grass the Mr Macarthey set up the fishing rods for us, and I was with Udesh. Udesh used his own fishing rod we kept on fishing but we did’t get any yet Udeshes mum helped us to then Udesh dropped the line down then he gave it to me the I saw a fish coming toward the bait then I pulled up the I got one and Finh help me take the fish out of the hook then Finh took it out then I told Mrs G to come so she did the she took a picture the I put it back in.

Then we ate recess I ate some chips then when we all were done eating we were about to go to the playground but we did’t then we fished after we when to the playground then Mrs G told us who can hold on the longest so we did it all fell excerpt Kimberley and Udesh they were trying then udesh fell down the Kimberley won then we went back to fish. Then we had lunch I had a sandwich then went back to fish, Udesh was fishing and me and Leon were trying to catch a start fish we saw two Leon got one then I got the other then we put it back in the I came back to Udesh the we went back on the bus.


When we were on the bus I let billy read book and l Terry then we made it back to school the we ate ice creams.