Assembly Reflection

The Friday assembly today was really cool because our class was in it and 5pp where in it and there our buddies first there was the Austrailian national anthem then we had a first nation dance called a powwow dance and then the people who where acting (Riya and Eric got a puzzle) piece the next after that a few of the 5pp girls did a   dance about how beautiful the world is and then they got the next puzzle piece the someone dropped litter and the narrator said ‘what’s so bad about a little litter’ but then we had an ocean\polutian dance so on screen there was the trailer for planet blue 2 and then pollution came in took us away I was a shark with Joshua and more speaking parts including me and then the next puzzle

piece and then sea poetry and then the final dance cake by the ocean then we had the outdoor class day I did handball bird feeders and then STEM and that was my day