Nature Day

I was so excited for Nature day its like a day that was specially made for me I love nature the nature Is so beautiful I love it but when I cam to school my activities changed and I was so mad but still happy I loved nature day Its so fun even if I didn’t get the activities I didn’t want it was worth it because again I loved it first I did some photography with 4 little kids and  Mr Snell I toke heaps of photo but the photos that I took couldn’t work because the first camera didn’t have a card the second didn’t have batteries and the last one was perfect the other activities I did were AFL 9’s, netball clinic, and tent building it was so fun I wish that we had something like the every once a week but any way thats all for my blog bye.

Weekend blog

OMG I can’t believe that the crows are going to play this Friday I AM A REALLY BIG FAN I was so excited I got ready for Friday night instantly well in the week ends I  went to my uncles house and we ate stuffed mushroom and risotto and we were going to go to saint Luise ice cream but we didn’t go because of my dad he said no but I didn’t really mind like it WASN’T MY FIRST TIME TRYING AND I ITS NOT LIKE I WAS BEGGING TO GO THERE!!! But well that what I did in the week ends now so that’s all but wait I didn’t tell you about the time where I went for a nature walk with my friends It was so amazing I loved the nature and then we didn’t know that where we were walking was a redistricted  area so then we ran out of there I was amazing .


I wonder why do not have courage when we need it the most

I wonder what if time stooped for one second what wold happen

I wonder why we keep silent and do what we’re supposed to do

I wonder what if us humans didn’t make this community

I wonder if us humans can do so much good then how many people in the world are able to do so much bad

I wonder in the future will we have to pay for air because they took away the greenery

I wonder why do we wonder

I wonder what if Donald trump will kill the world and then regret it later .

Who’s my neighbor well I think that every one is my neighbor but not the ones that try and ruin the world I can name some people in my life that are my neighbor my  mum, my dad, my grandma, my grandpa, my nani masi, Akash mama, Sunju mama, Jeenu mami, Masisa mami, my Indian family, my friends, my teacher, Happy group, my class mates and me, myself, and I because I can help my self more than any one can help me when I feel sad people help me but then its my feeling for people that make me happy and I will always be happy no mater what

September 11

This was when there was a big plane crash where there were town towers both of them crashed to each other after a while from because when the plane crashed the oil made this possible because this is the most useful weapon for terrorist they can use It for anything this was 16 years before and that now that have a big memorial post in the museum that has all the letters that the people wrote before dying.

week 8

I am so mad can you believe that port power lost they would have one but they just lost by 2 points I can’t forget it wish that they got like 30seconds more then they would have won but still I’m happy because the Adelaide crows  got into the finals and anyway I go for the crows I went for them since I was  a year two I need to go to Mrs.Higgs and say go crows    but then I feel sorry for miss B I just want to say cheer up miss but then what ever I still felt bad when port lost and by the way miss b is famous.


Today assembly was amazing like amazing it was so cool I thought that I was watching a musical I loved the dances they were so fun to watch like amazing I even loved that they put a them about what you want to do when you grow up I know what I want to do when I grow up I want to be a psychologist, GP, zoologist, Marin biologist, and a mathematician I know I really don’t know what I ‘m going to do in the future like who would know maybe I will have different things in mind oh I also want to be a singer I always sing in my spare time.


on the weekends we celebrated fathers day it was so fun like amazing in the morning I gave my dad his gift and he was so happy he really loved the 2 in 1 pen that I gave him but the sad thing was that he got a fever on fathers day that’s why he is still at home not at work he says he got it because in the morning he sat and enjoyed the windy weather that’s really IDK like I told you he likes to meditate he was born to  meditate well not really but kinda I still really love him as a father he will always be the best father in the world for me.