This week, the  EAL Team is focusing on levelling ( assessing)  the EAL studets’ English language. We use the Language and Literacy Levels  document which reflects the literacy demands at each level and across all learning areas. It is primarily an assessment, monitoring and reporting document for all teachers, which can also be used to inform programming and planning.

IMG_0646 2

Information Reports in R/1

Woohoo! Science is cool.

The Reception /Year 1s have planted out their pea seedlings and are now working on completing an information report. This involved brainstorming then labelling a drawing of a pea plant!! Woohoo!

If you look carefully at Shristi’s plant you can see a small pea pod!






Parts of Speech- 3/4 ZS & TD

The students continued working  on Parts of Speech today. They were split into eight groups and each group investigated  one part of speech. Each student is to become an expert in that topic to teach the others.

The best part of this lesson was the collaborative learning.




Akash is very proud of his work.


Fun with sentences

Last week, Dev, Yuvraj and Duy ( yr 1)  looked at the structure of a sentence but in a more fun way.

First, they had to work out how puzzle bits go together.



Yuvraj is starting to see a pattern: the red colour writing ( the doer) always  goes at the beginning!




Next lesson: naming and identifying the different parts of a sentence: the doer( noun), the verb ( the action) as well as linking sentences with conjunctions.

Refugees Day Dance

Many thanks to Miss Nery for choreographing the yr 6/7 girls in recognition of the Refugee Day ( June 20). The dance was performed at last week’s assembly.  The girls managed to capture the drama of those who take to the dangerous seas in search of a safer life.  Here is a shorter version of their dance.

Original music here:



Who are the refugees? Students’ answers

We asked the students who did they think the refugees were and if they would  welcome them to Australia. Here are some of their answers.

Hiep, Year 2

Thalia, Yr 5/6 SM


Lilian, Yr 5/6 SP


Ke Yu, Yr 2 G

Shantana, Yr 2