Week 3 Languages from Myanmar/Burma

Na dam maw,

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There are over 100 languages spoken in Myanmar.

he Burmese people place great value on education, respecting and helping others.

Myanmar tops the global table for donating money to charity.


They also place great value on religion demonstrated by the over 10,000 temples they built.


At Holy Family, we have a small but proud group of students who speak Falam Chin, Haka or Burmese.

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Week 2 Language of the Week: Khmer

Chum Reap Suor,

The Khmer language is the official language of Cambodia, where it is spoken by the majority of the population, an estimated 14,494,293 people.

Language of the week


A few facts about Cambodia:

  • Half of Cambodia’s current population is younger than 15 years old.
  • In Cambodia, the head is regarded as the highest part of the body and shouldn’t be touched even in the kindest manner.
  • The iconic ancient temple of Cambodia, the Angkor Wat,  has been one of the biggest cradles of civilization.  It was the largest pre-industrial city in the world with an urban sprawl of 1,150 square miles that probably supported up to a million people.


At Holy Family, we have about 60 students whose families speak Khmer at home.

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Charlie Chicken and his friends

In Mrs Reardon’s and Miss Feher’s class the students composed their own books using various characters such as:

Charlie Chicken

Peter Panda

Sammy Snake

and Kitty Cat

They learnt that sentences in English often start with a subject followed by a verb (unlike other languages!!!)

Here is some of the students work

Mr Wallace