Salaam Alaikum: Languages of Afghanistan

In Term 2, we learnt about languages spoken in Afghanistan, but we focused on two which are the home languages of some of our students: Dari and Farsi and Hararagi.

Afghanistan is a beautiful country with an old culture, stunning landscapes and wonderful people.

Out students, although shy, taught us how to say a few word, for example,  hello- Salaam Alaikum.

Farsi Dari screen


Here are our students from an Afghan background:

Mohammad Hazarei, yr 3/4 ZS

Arifah Khan yr 3/4 MN

Naran Ali , yr 3/4 ZS

Irfan Amiri, R/Yr 1 MC

Fayzan Ali, yr 2 RG ( away)


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2016-05-19 12.29.55


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2016-05-19 12.30.19